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it could be added to a wordpress theme?

Hi thanks crmpartners, but Im sorry until now there is no plan yet to make it into a wordpress.

Hi thanks crmpartners, but Im sorry until now there is no plan yet to make it into a wordpress.

My browser keeps crashing I am running firefox 13. As Firefox is the most common browser will you update for up the most common browser versions and updates. I though that when it said firefox it would be all updated versions. Firefox always asks to update and people update so what are you doing about this. I really like this design and want to use it but if it just crashes everyones browser whats the point right?? Every landing page on here is firefox 3 and 4 and those are ancient if I am running firefox 13… Is there something I am missing here and why does my browser keep crashing when I have my site open with this landing page??

Woa..easy man :-) Have you contacted your server provider? and what’s the answer?

They said it’s you… you say its them I am stuck. I think it’s them because same files and it didn’t happen with your server. I have re-installed firefox lost some files. It even crashes on my phone and on other computers on other networks all on firefox it didn’t crash wit ie.

Hi, e48mark11. This template is now ready for Retina Display devices. Enjoy! :)

What is the process to install this on a website? How would you change the background options?

Hi Fudman..This item included 6 various styles. Put your choise to your hosting then it will load the index.html.

Hi, how hard would this be to change the “sign up” box to an email contact form?

Hi, thanks thegooser123.. I think its not hard, you can just edit the form and change the PHP registration file with your own PHP contact.

It’s showing that the bandwidth is exceeded in the preview.

Thanks for letting us know!

Yes my friend, you’re welcome. Come again in 1st July then it will have been fixed. Im sorry for this inconvenience, Im working for the server upgrade now. Thank you,

Hi tinypint, its now can be accessed, check it out :-)

Hi, is there any reason not to use to “Camera slideshow” instead of “Diapo”? Diapo is no longer supported…

Hi, t2service.. thanks for purchasing :) Ok I will implement the CameraJS on the next update.

Regards, xWisnux

Hi, t2service. This template is now ready for Retina Display devices. Enjoy! :)


Great theme.

Question when a user fills in the SIGN -UP form and hits the submit button, a blank white page appears. Is it possible to either keep them on the same page or display a SUCCESS message? Not so keen on just displaying a blank white page.

Many thanks.

Thanks for purchasing and for the question, Im going to make it for the next update. ASAP! :)

The placeholder text (in the form fields) is not working in IE9.

Looking at your themeforest preview in IE9 the placeholder text is missing and on the files I have uploaded.

Any quick fix you could offer for this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Muppy,

Im going to fix it on the next update. But if you want to improve it yourself maybe this could help: https://github.com/mathiasbynens/jquery-placeholder

Thanks mate!

Hi xwisnux,

there are missing files/folders in the .zip. When I try to open the index.html in each style, I find 4 errors in the JS console log. 2 errors are 404 Not Found, for css/handheld.css and themes/default/theme.css, and 2 errors are about _registerInternalEvents method in jquerymobile, and VideoJS.setupAllWhenReady() method. Please fix as soon as possible.

Ouch, thanks for the report I will check it soon. Anyway you can just delete the line which contain css/handheld.css and theme.css, I think it won’t affect the template.

Please be patient because Bravia is in progress of being updated into responsive bootstrap version :)

Thanks for purchasing Bravia, have a nice day, endelab!

Hi endelab,

The Bravia is now on responsive bootstrap version. Download it! :)

Can the form easily be setup to shoot and email with the info to set email address?

You’re welcome! anyway I can’t find your purchase badge, do you plan to buy this sometime, or…. :)

Yes more then likely this weekend.

Thank you very much, if you need any support please just contact me.. :)

This theme is nice but be prepared to grow a beard customizing it. Serious you should consider making the main elements everyone will change a lot easier to customize. Like Logo…

Wow,thank you so much ram1234. Thanks for purchasing and for the advice as well. Maybe I can fix that issue for the next update. But sure the buyer will still get any support from. Thanks, anyway have you give rate for Bravia? ;)

Hi, I bought this theme but I need your help. I need to use a form with more fields. If this is not possible, can I use a mailchimp or aweber form? How can I achieve this? Please reply ASAP it’s really very urgent for to solve this. Thanks

Hi Allspy, please just discuss it on email.. send me email to: xwisnux@worksofwisnu.com

Thank you :)


You probably misunderstood me; I do not need any customization work. What I need is for the theme to work as it should.

When someone sends an e-mail it should receive a “Thank you” or a “You’re already subscribed” message in the page and have the oportunity to return to main page and not be redirect to a white page. I think that this is a problem with the template you are selling here.

I appreciate that you fix it.


Hi Allspy,

You can follow my suggestion on the email to make it. For the template itself, maybe I will fix it/add the features on the next update.

Thank you.. :)

Hi xwisnux – can you provide me a little info on the same question from allspy 5 days ago.

I am just looking for the most efficient way to have the user get back to the homepage – I know i can just call header() function – but want to show the user success.

Thanks so much for the great template

Hi deltadecisions33,

What I told to allspy is just like what your thought, to call header() function. And shared this reference: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16616250/form-submit-with-ajax-passing-form-data-to-php-without-page-refresh

Thanks for purchasing my template. :)

Hi There,

Great Theme love it.

I trying to get the video working.

When I install my youtube video it will play for like 5 sec maybe and then move right into the next slide and cuts out the video .

How do I fix that ?

Hi startup6,

Thanks for purchasing my item! :)

The default setting for slideshow should be stop when you click on the slide. Here is the diapo slideshow plugin documentation link http://www.pixedelic.com/plugins/diapo/. Make sure the value of pauseOnClick is set to true.

Hi. Can I refund? I thought I could use this for my wordpress website but seems like I can’t. Thanks