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I supposed to buy iconix by mistake i purchased Bravissimo. Is there a way i can change the theme.

Hi Johann,

I have the same issue with the pictures in the sliders not showing as #ace2296 had (I guess). Could you write what the solution in here what you did for him, so you don’t have to answer every single one who have the same problem?

The slider post is found correctly, but no picture is shown…

Kind regards, Niels Kristiansen

Has anyone had issues with IE8 ? My slider images, and my Testimonial widget both have IE8 issues. The first panel is fine, but subsequent panels lose their shape and are greatly enlarged. Has anyone else encountered this? I’ve messaged the developer, but I thought I’d ask here as well.

BTW – I had problem with slider images not showing. I believe it is because of the timthumb plugin that automatically resizes the image. I stripped out the code and my images appeared.

Ok, I’m begging now… I’m having terrible problems in IE8 . Is anyone else?

I’ve totally ripped out the original coding for the homepage slider and added a simple fading images script. Still, in IE8 , my first image is fine but subsequent images appear zoomed out. I’ve checked the obvious – images are proper sizes, no timthumb. I’m just baffled.

I believe I found a similar problem with the QP-Testimonia widget. Again, IE8 only. The first panel is fine, but subsequent ones lose their formatting and they become too wide. I was able to fix that one by setting the width.

Please, anyone else?

Anyone get the slider to work ??

This is my site so far using 3.01 and looking good, just did’nt manage to get he slider to work yet, that i need help did not understandthe settings needed., but…..........

is the developer still supporting this theme? i’ll buy if yes

You can write me an email and I hope I can help you

Does anyone know how to expand the width of the dropdown menus? I’ve looked in the css files but must have overlooked it.

thanks poe

I am having SPAM inserted in posts on my website. From what I read on many forums that might be a theme vulnerability. Is this a known issue? can you help me with it?


I had the same problems with the slider. I updated the jquery script to the latest version and that seems to have fixed the problem.

do not buy this theme if you want support. i have sent 3 emails over the past few months not one was replied to. I can not get the slider to work or the portfolio.

I have the same problem with the slider. It doesn’t work. Where is the developer to support us?


I wrote two nice Emails and didn’t get an answer so far. I wrote that Email from the Email Account as follows:


We urgently need your assistance.

What’s the reason that the developer isn’t active anymore? We can’t contact him by e-mail or this forum.

We also need your assistance!


I am still hereand sorry for not anwer your mails.

Pleasewrite again.


live preview not working

Could you bring back live preview. They are not working, still.

This theme uses the timthumb script. Is this script up to date? Media Temple will not allow the timthumb script unless its the most up to date version found here.


I have a site using bravissimo down presently and i need to know if there has been an update to the file on themeforest.

Not good.