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GPBKAT Purchased

While I know you’re not open to people making multiple feature suggestions, I thought I’d still point out one more…

Currently, for ‘featured images’, your theme crops the image ‘somewhere in the middle’ making for a very unattractive display. (Unless the image dimensions are specific to the theme, but most of us design our images for proper display on social media)

In future updates could you code the featured images to display from ‘the top of the image down’ (the way Facebook does)? (Ie: No matter how tall an image is, when Facebook displays it, it is from the top down.)


Thanks for the suggestion. I will consider it for a future update, but I cannot guarantee that it will be included.

Question on behalf of a mutual client: I would need to create a child theme for the Braxton theme. So far, they have been using the default theme. What would be the process to save current settings and make sure that they are applied to the child theme? I did not configure the original theme, and I would rather not have to go by trial and error, switching themes back and forth until they look the same. Thanks. :)

Note: they are using version 3.0.1 of the theme, if that makes any difference.

Hi aelia_co,

Unfortunately, in order to receive support, you will need to be a confirmed customer. Please submit a ticket at the Support Centerand provide a valid purchase code and I’ll look into this for you.

Actually, I wouldn’t need support, just a link to the documentation concerning the import/export of settings feature. If such feature doesn’t exist in the Braxton theme, then there won’t be much to discuss. :)

Hi aelia_co,

The theme comes with documentation, but does not have any import/export feature other than the default WordPress feature.

Your theme has too many SEO rich snippet bugs. Fixed it as soon as possible

See these screenshots

1. 2.

Hi letusreadquran,

The theme uses other SEO best practices with regard to headings and HTML structure. As I mentioned, I do plan on including Rich Snippets into the theme, which is all I can offer at this point.

Your choice ….. till then the rating remains ZERO from my side … Its been 3.5 years and still theme is not compatible with Google Rich snippets and because of this issue this theme has very bad SEO impact in Google SERP.

Hi letusreadquran,

You purchased the theme knowing that the theme did not come with Rich Snippets, so I’m not sure why that would factor into your rating of the theme. Please consider adjusting the rating if the theme is updated with Rich Snippets, though. Thanks!


GPBKAT Purchased

I had my programmer make some of the changes I had requested in earlier posts. It has made a difference in how the site looks and navigates. I do hope you’ll consider them for future updates, as they were simple changes:

1) Thumbnails display from the ‘top down’(vs the current theme cropping the images in the middle)

See here:

2) Category name above post titles now links to that category’s archives (in the current version of braxton, that is not ‘hot’.

see here:

3) We also implemented the JetPack ‘Related Posts’ module with has resulted in far more page views vs the theme’s ‘You may also like’, since ‘you may also like’ doesn’t display thumbnails on mobile.

Now, if we could just get Theia Post slider working properly, this theme would be 100% Perfect! :)


Thanks again for the suggestions and I will certainly keep them in mind for a future update.

Merhaba Etiket sayfaları mobil uyumlu değil. Google dizininde etiket sayfaları bozuk nasıl düzelte bilirim?

Hi Kuafordeyim,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into this for you.


srusmi Purchased

When we tried to post some replies in topic of our wordpress site which builded with braxton & bbpress, we found that the replies can’t be shown, please refer to this:

How to fix that?

Hi srusmi,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into this for you.

Bir sayfanın yanlarına reklam koyabilir miyim?

Hi Kuafordeyim,

You can place ads in the sidebar. Please make sure you have read through the documentation (located in the /documentation folder of the original zip file you downloaded from Themeforest), which will guide you through the setup process and explain the features of the theme. If you have any specific questions after reading through the documentation, please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll be happy to help.

When you gonna make new update of this theme? We’re having lot of issue with latest version of wordpress, also the theia post slider plugin.

Hi lemoryora,

I do plan to update the theme soon, but I am not aware of any conflicts with the latest version of WordPress. And the latest version of Theia Post Slider will be included in the latest theme update as well.

Hi, i really like this theme but would like to make a request. In the upcoming update it would be great if you could make the related posts section mobile-friendly, meaning that thumbnails are displayed on mobile devices as well as desktop ones.

Hi Dado_Prso,

I will look into this, but I cannot guarantee that it will be included in an update.

On your theme demo: Infinite scroll loads the last 7 items with the style ’.split-img’ and ’.split-text’ rather than the first 11 items ’.home-list-img’ and ’.home-list-content’. The styling is off for the last items.

Is this a bug? I would like to buy the theme, but need that fixed first. :)

Hi UrbanAesthetics,

That is just an issue with the demo that I’ll look into, but that layout is working just fine when I used it on the main site. And if you run into any issues like that, I would certainly work to resolve them.

We wish to have our home page look like this version as displayed in your live preview – YET there appears to be no choice for this in our system. We only have: - small in navigation - left of leaderboard - wide below leaderboard


Hi nikki_ernst,

Unfortunately, your support has expired. If you would like to continue to receive support, you will need to renew your support or this theme via the Downloads section of your Themeforest profile page.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hello there,

I have a problem with the fly menu. In the fly menu, the feed / rss / click codes appear. It’s also the same mobile version as the desktop version of the top menu.

Link to my website;

Please take a look at the top menu.

Hi astrologyist,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into this for you.

Hello This is a pre purchase question. Is it possible to change the pink colour of the theme including the title font. I would prefer to use black and white. Also my title is longer than Braxton but I noticed as you scroll down the Braxton shifts to the left side. Is it okay to use a three word title in my blog? Also the font would not be in Italics

Hi chibabyz,

You can easily change the primary (pink) color from within the Theme Options. And the title is a logo file, so you will need to provide your own logo graphic, and it can be as large as you want for the standard view, but when you scroll down, you will also need to provide a smaller logo for that area which can be a maximum of 185×54.


wesbuck Purchased

Great theme, but can you add php support for the footer area? It says “Here you can enter any text you want (eg. copyright text)” but nothing shows with this ?php echo date(“Y”); ?

Hi wesbuck,

Unfortunately that is not a feature of the theme and while I do offer to perform small custom changes, this would require more than just a short fix. So it is something you would have to modify on your own or get a third party to help you with since I am unable to provide this level of customization to all of my customers. Sorry for any inconvenience.


wesbuck Purchased

Thank you. I think it would be useful to have php processing built in to the theme in the future, but I can put it in my footer easily enough.

I have just done the update to version 3.03.0 but now get the following error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mvp_share_count() in /kunden/ on line 34 Could you advise what the problem might be?

Hi madiba-magazin,

Please submit a ticket at the Support Center and I’ll look into this for you.

Pre-sale question

Is there any option or maybe you can guide me to change the post silder with the responsive fullwidth header? If it is possible, definitely will buy this theme. TQ

Hi hafizmdrahim,

Unfortunately, that is something you would need to modify on your own.