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Really nice work you did on the coding! Really happy to see it was accepted on ThemeForest!

Good luck on the sales!

- Daniel Sandvik

Thanks mate, appreciate it!

Thanks for the collaboration!

It’s got a lot of promise. It will be good to see more jQuery interaction, such as sortable tables with pagination, ajax driven login, etc. Keep up the good work!

Also, how is the modal implemented? Will it allow for easy implementation of multiple modals on one page or is it limited to a single modal on a page (many admin panels have suffered from the latter).

Hi and thanks for your comment and suggestions!

The modals are implemented in inline containers with modal class and unique id. That makes their use unlimited.

I love it! Looks really great!

Thank you! I’m glad you like it.

Hi, the demo is down, would really like to see it in action. Thanks

Hey! Everything works fine here, is it still done from your side?

maybe this goes over my head a little..and this is why im trying to put the peices together.. So what situation would you use this? Like if you had a client who you designed the wordpress design for..and this is for them to use to login and post to..and not mess with the design?? correct :) tRYINGA to see the big picture

The general idea is to have fully designed & front-coded backend part, which u can integrate on your favorite CMS , normally a custom one.

A bit dark on the menus.

Thanks for the comment!

This can be tweaked with a fast CSS move.


I have a multi-authors WordPress blog.

The default back-end is a bit too classic and technical for users.

I am wondering if this admin skin supports multi-authors? (Not multi -sites)

My members (authors) should only be focusing on writing articles and read announcements and change profile etc… They should only be viewing their own posts, comments, media, profile whereas Admin (myself) can view all users’ posts, comments etc… Users should not be changing any settings, plugins etc…

Also, I am using Theme My Login, is this compatible with it?

This admin skin plugin will not cause any conflict with the theme (front end) that I am using right?

regards, Will

Hey, Will!

Unfortunately this template contains only a html/css/js code for a standalone admin solution. It’s not a WordPress admin theme.

Thanks for your comment!