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Nice work mate,good luck !


Thanks Vicky ;)

very cool, I would have liked a WordPress theme :)

I know :) Still too early for that :)

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thanks! ;)

Any chance of converting this to Wordpress ? This would be a total “madness” ? If , so any approx. date ?

WP might come in September.

Good design! Good luck :)

Good design and will buy it if you release html version. Can we expect it soon?

Hi anosh, thanks for feedback. I hope that HTML will be released sometime by end August maybe, but can’t tell for sure. Thanks for understanding.

The best News design on TF period

Well thank you (blushed).

Make a Wordpress version and watch the sales ticker go to the sky :nerdy:

;) Thanks!

please make work in wordpress :)

WP is essential, sales will go through the roof.

Nice work mate,good luck ! I want to html version.

When will the html version ?

I hope end August or so. Make sure to follow me for updates. Thanks.

Really nice work!

Glad you like it. Cheers.

Not really ;)

html version please