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Congratulations, you have some great work! :)

Thanks :)

Just what fits for my project. I’ve been searching for this for months. Thank you!

Cheers, glad you love it.

Great work. Waiting for the WP version to buy it, for sure!

Congratulations, Waiting for the Html version to buy it

I’m waiting too :) Thanks!

html versions and when

When is the html version?

Great work ! Would be awesome for WP version. It’s absolutely what I’m waiting for. Do you have some precisions when this will come out ?

Hi there! I planed to release it sooner but due to some unexpected work I had to put it on hold for now. Make sure to follow me on TF and stay tuned for updates. Cheers!

When is the html version? Please

Can’t tell for sure, sorry :/

Any news regarding the html version? :)

In the works ;) Release date TBA. Follow me for more updates. Cheers.

Html version? please

If all goes by plan, yes.

I do not want to jostle but there is something new? :)

We’re late again, sorry :/ I really can’t promise when but it’s in the works. Homepage is done already.

Wow, like everyone else on here, please get this out as a Wordpress Theme. I guarantee you will have the hottest news theme around. Very much like this psd Design. Hope this is done not soon, but now. Very nice work!

Sure, sure, I know, everyone is telling me that. Working on HTML version and I hope it will be released soon. Cheers!

Hi, do you Heave mayby *html?

Not yet.

When will the html version ?

When will the html version ?

Hi, do you Heave mayby *html?

Not yet, sorry :/

When will the html version ?

Started new dev, latest info is 20 days I hope.

Hi When will the html version ?

Hopefully in couple of days.

I’m waiting for you

Almost there :)

html ends when?

What about WP version, you said it will be done in September last year :D I’m still waiting for this. Your earning with wp would be go up to sky

First thing first, HTML version coming soon.