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Fain, arata bine :)




Looks really nice. Very clean. Good job ;)

nice and clean. good job

@kharkovyy , @webtunes ..

Thanks.. I apreciate your feedback :)


I apreciate your feedback. The server is UP.. slave :)

Nice work, very neat layout. Great colors, great everything. Any plans to take it to WordPress?

Hello @Danielhaim3,

..and thanks for your kind words / feedback based on the template.

Regarding to bring this theme to WordPress.. I don’t have any problems – only to draw the theme for the a blog magazine / news.. the big issue is that I don’t know how to make this theme for WordPress.. technically speaking.. coding.. programming.. so :|

Looks great but unfortunately it doesnt work !

The rounded borders does not show on gmail,evolution or thunderbird.

Is there a fix ?

Edit :

Sorry just realised that i’m a dumb* and that the backgroud is white. Can I fix a background color ?

Hello @djpate,

First of all.. thanks for purchased the file.. and I hope to be a useful template ;)

Now, based on you feedback.. I don’t know exactly on wich background color you mean? But, if you want to change the bg color of the template.. please follow * body bgcolor and * div background-color from top.

Or if you want to change the bg color from the corners table, please follow the * td box section ( on that corner box ) and change it here * td width=”700” bgcolor=”#FFFFFF”

I hope this answer to be a resolution for you. If not, please contact me on my email.. based on the ThemeForest direct message.

Kindest regards, Alex

Beautiful template. Simple is exactly what I was looking for.


Thank you and I’m glad it helps you ;)

You now where can i find tutorial for add the template in mail(apple) ? :/

Hello Johann16,

Hm, I think you will need to find la apple mail hellp files, or tutorial.. but I don’t know, I’m not a Apple user,

could merge it to wordpress?

@3dtage, sure, you have full acces to the HTML file,