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What is the optimal post image size for the theme?

Hello, optimal min-size: width: 415px and height: 315px

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hello, you need unpack this package and upload only folder with the theme via ftp, you can use FileZilla for this! in automatic mode theme must be in zip archive!

Your theme is a shit :

Just take look at how nice with site content after install:

I would like to get full refund as this is not the same quality product as on your photos

can I upgrade to wordpress 3.6?

Yes, why not)

I have tried setting up middle section on the homepage. Whatever I do it seems to be messed up.

Please have a look:

Open Text tab and delete unnecessary tags – pre

Thanks, also is there a shortcode for 1 latest post but showing the whole post in the middle?

no, sorry)

Hi, Suggestion: It would be nice to provide a review and buddypress version if possible, because this theme has a beautiful design.

no buddypress support, sorry)

hellow i have one trouble… i insert image in post from media and it dont align to right into the text… how can i fix it?

and one more question how to make home slider 10 slide now 6 is maximum

Hello, 1) i see it’s align right now? 2) Open options folder -> options_theme.php and find code: array( "name" => "Home slider number slides", "id" => $shortname."_feat_slides", "type" => "select", "std" => "", "options" => array('2', '3', '4', '5', '6'), "desc" => "Select the number slides."),

change 6 to 10, but it’s not designed for more posts)

Theme is compatible with WordPress 3.8?

why jetpack is not working on this theme? what to do?

Maybe it’s cause conflict, hard to say, but i not answer for all plugins!

if you wil try to fix it in uptade it will be good jetpack is good plugind and many developers use it :) thanks i hope you will fix it )

I need your help.

Some time ago, I bought you theme “Breaking News”, for Amoran, a neighborhood association in Belo Horizonte, Brazil ( It’s very good for our necessity, and it worked perfectly, until a few days.

But, when I needed to change the image slider, it just stopped working. Since, no image appears. I’ve tried everything, but I can’t restoring the functioning.

What I have to do?

Thank you a lot!

I sent on your email!


Really like the theme. Am using child theme so can make changes. Your theme supports 2 menus.

But wondering Is it possible with this theme to add an extra side-menu on certain category-pages?

And if so, how could I go about this?


I did buy it! Could u pls advise on this? thanks

Item Purchase Code: b68fea78-0e1b-41f7-b6e5-1460d394cfb5

Apologies, you are right! You may delete my qs! thanks

This theme has been featured here: :) Thanks for this amazing theme

Dear RoyalwpThemes, How can I set up the same as your three column demo?

Dear sir, I already sent to yr email. Pls check and support. Tks.

Thank you so much Mr. Royal3

Is this theme compatible with the most recent wordpress platform? Also can I set all posts/pages to 3 column?

Yes, support.

Default 3 column, but manually for every post you can switch on 2 column, so yes 3 col possible ;)

Lastly the top section that shows up on every page is it on default or can I choose not to have it on the posts?

You mean disable Featured area in single post? Go to the SIngle post tab and turn off option Featured area

Hi, i’m interested in your template. I would like to know, is the template available in Italian? Thanks.

Hi, yes, you have special settings for translation theme ;)

Can you tell me how to do that? Is it simple? I also need the administrator page translated. Thanks.

Just need to write your own words for every element in the Option panel, example: Breaking News you write Latest news etc. for all other words ;)

Hello, I have some problems in

1.- When I write a post I usually have a lot of problems to write tags, It’s impossible.

2.- Sometimes the layer TEXT doesn’t works and I cant insert codes.

3.- When I desactivate all plugins it works correctly, but I need a lot of that. I don’t understand that because I use those plugins in other pages like based in a Flat News template.

Hello, i can’t help you if some plugin causing this conflict you must deactivate it!

I doesn’t work well without plugins, the charge images system is confusing. Please, give back my money.

Theme can’t support absolutely all plugins, also this is very old theme! ThemeForest does not refund money!