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Thanks for the awesome and quickly (real time support)

Yes, always

Hello! Good theme!

Thanks, don’t forget vote for this theme! ;)

can i use specific posts in the feature slide of the home page?i mean if i want to show only particular posts such as post id-302,307,476,898 etc.is this option available in the theme?

can you please tell me the process of adding posts to the slider?is it tag based or manually added slider or any other?

ok, tell me your email )

please fix the demo page, i want to see more but it doesn’t really work on next pages. thanks,

I do not understand what you mean, which pages?

can i use image slider in category pages?for example if i have movie reviews category.when i click on that category in a menu that page will be open.can i insert this slider in the that page.see the following page i want the slider in the starting of the page. http://royalwpthemes.com/breakingnews_two_column/?cat=3 .can i do this?

what you mean?)

2) Possible only if he will not conflict with other plugins-can you explain this?

it’s easy if you install plugin (slider gallery etc) and other scripts working no correct this conflict!)

kindly ans my ques.can i insert 728_90 ad at top right instead of current ad format?

only static banner not rotator! I will tell you how to do it’s easily

Added Translation tab in option panel-that means can i translate the total site to other languages such as google translation.if yes can i add all the indian languages to this option such as hindi,telugu,tamil,urdu,kannada,malayalam etc?

Yes you can translate theme words and phrases, more 40 options! yes support all languages!

Hello, is that theme work with WordPress ?

Yes of course


Please let me know where can I find this plugin? I need this, hope you will help me.


if you can send me that with same design please.

email : ali.erfan30@yahoo.com


Sorry, you bought my themes? i not give my styles other people’s :)

Any good for a blog?

Yes suitable for the blog) also wait my new theme will be available soon – SuperChanger!

What will that be like?

Magazine/News theme, but you can use it as a blog

Purchased, downloaded zip. while installation zip, it gives … “style.css not found” error. Please help…..!!!

You need unpack this archive and install folder with theme!

are there step by step instructions for this theme

my page looks nothing like the screen shots. for example, my navigation is listed top to bottom down the top left of the screen, instead of left to right across the top.

You install BreakingNews Package – it’s not a theme! unpack this archive and install theme form BreakingNews folder ;)

fixed it! Thanks. Also, how do I activate the top widget in the middle column? This is the space between the top widget in the right sidebar and the home page featured slider.

Just insert second widget in top sidebar )

I installed the demo xml file, but I do not get the same design There is a need presenting an installation video

Content upload success, next you need read documentation, set up very easy!

Can show on your site? also write on my email: royalwpthemes@gmail.com

Nice template. Have a client that is interested, but wants Buddypress installed as well. How does your template accommodate Buddypress?

Not tested, and does not include support

I really want this theme, but it has .mo and .po?


No, better, Translation panel, you can easy translate all theme words!

Wonderful, I’ll buy. thank you

Friend. I’m trying to adapt this theme to my need, but I can not. How to use the central widget [pages] in ‘Home’? ...

In panel widget only options are to Top, Right and Left … And the center?

I am foreign and I used the google translator to communicate.

I am awaiting. Urgent. Thank you!

In the description of the site is mentioned four areas Widget? But in reality there are only 3 … Top – Left – Right …

Where is – Centro -??

I’m having this problem.

No, top, left, right, footer – in three column theme! in two column – only 3 areas. please write your problem on my email: royalwpthemes@gmail.com

hello, is possible to know if an html version of this template is available to buy? (no wordpress)

thanks in advance

No HTML version!)

When I create a post and add tab or toggle short codes, they don’t wrap to the content space.

Read documentation, also if you have any questions write to my email: royalwpthemes@gmail.com