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I’m trying to preview this on my mobile devices. Specifically samsung galaxy s3 and nexus 7 and I get an error saying android_asset/webkit not found. So just a heads up!

Point is I can’t view your theme on my mobile devices

Strange, but theme normaly works on devices, so what your email?

Nevermind it now works. Adobe edge inspect probably glitched sorry about that.

When I try to place a shortcode on my homepage it doesn’t display properly. It shows up weird as if it was an iframe window.

I found an annoying bug. The twitter doesn’t work most of the time on all my websites. I have been using third party plugins for twitter because of it. Please fix the internal theme twitter.

Please also fix the plugins. I get too many errors from them.

Thank you.

Tell me you email!

Is there any way to add pagination to the latest posts homepage widget?

My child theme is begin ignored (rather the style.css edits to the child theme). Any suggestions? I can not share a link as this is on an intranet.

Hello, can tell me your email?


Could you help me? Now i set up breaking news theme. but whenever i visit to my site “element does not exist in dom! ” show. Could you let me know what i should do solving this problem…

Hello, you can show on your site?

Has anyone successfully created a child theme using this theme? The developer is not familiar with the concept of child themes and could not offer any help.

As a workaround I have copied the header.php file into the child theme folder and had to add the following line (in case anyone else is having this issue and needs some kind of workaround – albeit not a perfect one)...

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”<?php echo get_stylessheet_directory_uri(); ?>/style.css” media=”all” />

... like I said, not perfect, but this seems to be the only way I know using this theme.

Thank you

This theme forces me to use the list short code. In other words I can not use this… <ul><li>foo</li></ul>

...and expect to see standard bullets. Nor can I use an order list to see numbers. In fact for ordered lists I see no solution – no way to have a numbered list.

Can someone tell me if I’m missing something?!

I sent on your email all instructions!

Hi, I’m VERY tempted to buy this theme, just a couple of questions before I do..

1. Can the sidebar be 300px width? And with the 3 column layout?

2. Can the slider/Latest Events etc be removed from posts and pages, while keeping them on the front page only?

Many thanks for your help.

Hello, 1. Not designed for this) 2. Of course!

Hi, How do I remove the link to your website on the footer?

Hello, you have email? i will send you instructions!

I really like the look and feel of the theme, but there are only two things that tell me not to buy it: first: a review system is very important for me. And another great feature would be a tabbed widget to add to content for categories, reviews and more.

But it´s a really nice theme, congrats

Hello, you can use plugins for this things! ;)

thanks best support

Can I integrate with this BreakingNews WP theme widget for WP Business Directory ? TNX

Hard to say i not work with this plugin, you need simple single page for this plugin? then it’s possible i think!

Hello! My friend purchased and installed this theme. I’ve doubts.

1) How can I put content like the theme preview into the “div#home_content”? Tks!

obs.: the website is . I just put content at the sidebars, but the home don’t follow the preview’s design.

Thank you. It solved 50%.

Now, the Home Page is not aligned, and it’s aparently weird.

( ) sorry about all of these questions!

Need insert code in Text tab! delete all unnecessary tags, like: pre etc… write at once on my email:

Okey, sent! Thank you

A nice theme you provided to us. But i have an issue. Suddenly my text editor stops displaying visual (wysiwyg). The visual tab on the editor is grayed out, only the html part of the editor is working.

I am not a novice, you can see what i did with your theme at Please help me as my client is on my neck.

can u help me fix it, if i give you my login details ?

Good day Mister, I have sent you my details, hopefully can you do it for me this weekend ? thanks in advance.

Hi, i bought this theme and i have a problem: Feature is broken, why?

Hello, can be many reasons, try select another category, try select another slider, also check what in all posts will be set up post thumbnail!

Please, help me!!! I bought this theme, the site is, but i can’t insert box under feature! Look the home please, tell me what’s the problem! I want to see website like your in demo!

Hello, what box? you mean home content shortcode? you read documentation how to configure theme? write at once on my email:

For example how can i make longer news ticker? In horizontal i say (look at Now i write you on your mail, thank you

but it’s not my theme)

Please, Help me check my backend again, I already gave u an access. the theme option is not displaying well, what can be the issue?

oh i hv seen the reason…its a plugin. Please does any one know how i can know the exact plugin doing this ? please help me guyz, After disabling all plugins, it started to work again. i re enabled one after the other still i couldnt locate which plugin.

Sorry, but i not answer for all plugins, write in support of this plugin!)

i dont know the plugin causing these problem. How do i locate the plugins.

you need disable plugin one by one and check when you disabled something plugin