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Does this mobile theme support mp3? I’m a musician and want to be able to showcase my songs. Thanks

Hi, not dirrect mp3 player, however soundcloud iframes work ;)

Could you give me an idea of how that works, looks? Thanks

You would have to upload all your songs to soundcloud and use their iframe code, but I just realized that soundcloud doesn’t provide this for mobile devices. So this will not work unfortunately. So there’s no way to add MP3 right now.


I bought your theme, and it is superb! Thank you.

I have two questions:

1) is it possible to have a personalized home page? Currently the man is this: http://untourauboutdumonde.com/ While I would use this one: http://untourauboutdumonde.com/accueil/

2) When I’m on my blog page, menu does not stay active (blog should be blue), can you give me a solution? http://untourauboutdumonde.com/category/blog/

Thank you in advance,

Hi, I’ve just sent you an e-mail so be sure to check that out ;)

Hello, I need help, when i published a new post using YouTube short code… the video duplicate in post.

Also i need to know what the size for the thumbnail image? Because my thumbnail image didn’t fit.


Hi, the thumbnail uses Height: auto (so you can have unlimited height image) and width is set to max-width: 330px so anything below this value won’t fill up the content.

You want to hide the video and show it only as featured video ?

Thanks, No no to hide it, when i insert any kind of videos it show as featured and in post, i want to hide the video in post. Because it show 2 videos 1 in featured and the second in post field.


could you please send me an e-mail? I’ll send you files with new shortcode that you can use to hid these kind of things.

Love it. Question how did you get that mobile phone emulator of the preview page? I have been looking for one?

Hi, it’s custom made one ;) Simply download somewhere an iphone picture, cut the screen area in photoshop, save it as PNG and then through the absolute position place an iframe instead of the screen area ;)

So this is a true mobile website, the page are customizable not just blog post?

Hi, yes there are Basic Page templates and you can also create any page you want.

Hi again. With the menu/navigation, I’m trying to add a blog category to it, however once you click on the new menu link, all the blog posts (regardless of their category) show up, rather than the ones for each designated category.

Can you offer some help? Thanks.

See – http://www.vacantengaged.com/1/

Oh, and when I try to go to page 2, there’s the little box that says Error Loading Page. Thanks again,


Scratch that last one. It’s all sorted.

Still having trouble with the categories in the navigation. Thanks (o:

Hi, I am sorry for the late reply, but do you still experiencing these problems? In that case please let me know through our support site or by e-mail. Thanks.

Does this support most mobile phones? I tried a few other Themes similar to yours and they failed in these areas:

- do not support embedded post images (in a post).  Something so simple is not scaled properly?  They run off the screen.   We have step by step tutorials and so there are many screen shots taken and inserted into the the Posts.  Does your theme scale the images so they fit in mobile screen (responsive)?
- Adsense Ads do not appear when using the most popular Adsense plugin QuickAdsense.    This plugin works with WPTouch and other mobile themes.  Have you tried?

Hi, image in the posts should scale properly for mobile devices ;) but I am not so sure about the adsense plugin, it may or may not work because of jQuery mobile, the $(document).ready functions sometimes don’t trigger. I haven’t tried it yet, I’ll try that when I get the chance ;)

okay let me know asap

Yep, worked for me.

403 Forbidden on the preview site …

Hi, thanks for the info, I’ve just change my hosting provider for faster and more reliable theme previews and unfortunately the transition to this server is a little bit slower than I expected ;), but it should be up in few hours ;)

Hi, this mobile them looks really good! I have one question: when i use WPTouch there are some shortcodes from my desktop theme shown on mobile view. Can i be sure that this won’t be so when i use this mobile theme of yours?

Regards, Donna

Hi, this problem can’t be unfortunately solved in any mobile theme. To fix that you would have to create the same shortcodes as on desktop theme. Some of the shortcodes may work but a lot of them won’t.

We are using WordPress Mobile Pack to switch our main site over to the Breathe theme for mobile users and cannot get a different menu to launch. We have tried modifying the header.php file but can’t get it to use our mobile menu system. Can you help us?! We purchased the theme a few days ago. Directions are quite helpful! Thanks!

Hi, have you tried using Custom Mobile Menu through theme options ?

Hi, I bought your theme and have installed it and have tested it using the device theme switcher.

The home page works perfectly on my iphone however as soon as I click on a page link or a new post it goes to a blank page with a ’:-)’ and that is all. Please can you help?

The website is allarsenal.com – please email me on allarsenalblog@gmail.com and I can arrange a time to activate the theme for you to see?

Cheers, Matt

I have just sent you an e-mail ;)

1) Is there a way to add a link to the full desktop version of my site? 2) When I click on any link on my page (menu category, read more, etc) it takes me to a blank page with smiley face at the top left.

My site is http://www.theconscioustip.com/


Hi, I think the best way is to create a text widget, place it in the footer and write there a link to your home page.

Or you can place this link in footer.php on line 89:
    <a href="http://www.theconscioustip.com/">Desktop</a>

Or you can use Plugin Wordpress Mobile Pack which has this functionality built in ;)

Hi, I am wondering how to change the font size on the menu. Test site is here: www.jwimedia.com.au/gryphons

Thanks – Tom

Hi xRicrdx, bought the theme and I am pretty happy with it. I am using “Team Booking” as bookable calendar. Everything works fine, but: when you want to BOOK it doesn´t show the reservation POPUP. So: are POPUPS supported? Have a look at: http://mobile.balancehair-muenchen.de/termine Thanx in advance for HELP. NICE JOB WITH THE THEME!

should i update the new version? itlooks totally different from the demo