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Perfect theme! Good luck with sales!

Thank you very much !:-)

Nice One, looks beautiful on my iphone.

One suggestion, add a QR code with preview link in the item description, it will make easier for users to see.


Thank you ;) will add it right away.

Awesome! Displays perfectly on my Droid3.

One question.

Is this meant to be a standalone plugin for wordpress, or can this be installed in an existing site along side other plugins?

OK maybe two questions.

How about some screenshots of the other themes, 6 in total right?

I wish you well with sales.

Thank you.


I am glad you like it;)

About your questions:

1.) This is just usual wordpress theme so you can use it as standalone template or you can redirect to it from your Desktop template using, for example simple plugin like this one

2.) I have to say, i kind of forgot about these things, I’ve made an update for theme preview so it’s currently waiting to be reviewed ;) but for now you can preview other themes in html version here

Thanks again and if you have any further questions feel free to ask ;)

Love this theme! really well done. Is there a way to set the theme options when the theme is not activated? This would be for the situation when I have a desktop theme, and then a plugin which activates your theme when viewed from a mobile device. Thank you very much.

Hi, i am glad you like it ;)

unfortunately you have to activate this theme to set theme options. I have a look at it when i get home but i am not giving it much of a chance. :-/

I figured as much, but I have sometimes seen it possible to set options for mobile themes through simple plugins, since they are very rarely activated by default. So I thought it was worth a shot to check. Still a very well done mobile theme.

Thanks again and sorry about that. ;)

Hi, To change the menu do I have to code that myself into the header?


Hi, the nav menu is showing all pages by default but if you are using wp custom menu, you can currently display it in widget area only, but i am planing to bring support for this version tonight, so if you could wait for a while it will be there :-) (so sry about the delay with this)

Does this theme support adding video to the homepage?


There’s no support for this currently (it could be done easily using shortcodes, i’ll maybe add it in next update) but for now you have to use default iframe tag ;)


I have just purchased this file and It does not work on my theme.

I have done what is required and get errors saying undefined page.

Please email me privately to explain what I maybe doing wrong.

I have BuddyPress installed.



Unfortunately this is a Wordpress theme not BuddyPress theme, so it would need a lot of modifications to the source code to make it work. I don’t have any experience in buddypress so I am no able to help you with this.

Once again sorry about that.

Should you have any further questions feel free to ask.

Hello just bought the theme today and it looks great. Im having trouble though. Ive customized it like i want it to. In Chrome it works like its supposed to. But in firefox and my iphone it has trouble loading pages. Whenever i click on a link, i get a blank page. When i look in the url (iphone) I see there was a hashtag included (#) which is causing the problem. It gives me a blank page. In firefox the hashtag gets removed but still gives me a blank page. Only chrome seems to work well.

Dont know whats going on and what causes the # in the url. Can you help me out? Website is www.bashbeautiful.com and the theme will only be shown for mobile devices… thnx

Nvm, it was Jetpack plugin causing the problem!

Well I am glad you made it ;)

When you have any other problems don’t hesitate to ask.

...will repot on progress.

Sorry…but this theme is broken. I get SAMPLE PAGE as broken and one part on top of the other….just doesn’t look good. I mean…if the navigation isn’t working properly…any suggestions? I just spent $20, and can’t really use it. Thanks for any help on this.

I am not really sure if I get the first part right but here are some suggestions.

For broken pages:

Please try do download whole theme again, maybe there are some broken parts because of download.

For navigation:

Please use wordpress custom menu in theme settings and use only level 1 depth (all pages as parrent without children)

If this doesn’t work for you, please e-mail me with further information. I am sure we can get this working.

Once again sorry about your trouble

Just wondering how easy it is to add my own custom theme – in addition to the 6 you provide. Can I just add a new folder that contains the required files (css/images) or do I need to take one of the existing ones and modify it?

Also, are all of the colours just based on CSS or are there images that would need modifying as well?


Hi there,

I’ve tried to make it easy to theme for feature use. So basically all you need to do is:
  1. create css file with your styles (I suggest to copy the base from css files that are included and then customize it).
  2. then create folder in /images/ which has to have same name as css file, there you can customize images (there are only images like bg textures which you can completely overwrite and some icons that can be colorize using ,,color overlay filter in photoshop”. I also provided psd file for share icons that are in footer so its easy to customize as well.)
  3. After you’ve done all of that, simply add one line to class.my-theme-options.php like this [yourfilename] => [themename]
Then you can simply choose from select in theme options your theme and you are ready to go ;)

If you would like to buy this theme and customize it on your own, I’d be happy to help you with that (when you have some problems or questions).

Should you have any further questions fell free to ask.

Perfect. Thanks for the quick reply. I will probably be buying this soon for a project I’m working on.

I noticed in another comment you suggested a particular plugin to be able to handle the desktop/mobile switch. Is that a plugin you’ve used/tested with this theme? Would you need to access the admin menu from a mobile device to be able to edit the theme options (since that is when it is active)?

I know this isn’t really about your theme, but I’d like your insight on it.


Hi again,

I’ve provided tutorial on how to switch this themes using 2 plugins (WordPress Mobile Pack and Device Theme Switcher) one of these gives you more options to set.

About theme options, you can set theme options also on desktop but the mobile theme must be active (as main theme). So if you would like to set theme options, you can just switch mobile theme as main theme for a while a then switch it back to desktop theme.

Very Nice Theme. How can i edit the Footer with Social Links? Facebook, Twitter and other?


There are currently 4 icons (dribble, facebook, twitter and rss) that you can edit via theme options.

You can also add your own icos (source psd included, but you will have to hardcode it into footer.php nothing hard though). I am planning to bring up support for custom icons in next version.

Should you have any further questions feel free to ask again.

Ok, thanks. I have a other Head Theme. The Mobile Theme i need only on Phones, iPads … !!

Now, i can activate the Mobile Theme and then can make the Options? What is when i deactivate the Mobile Theme? Have then all Theme Options? :)

Yes if you are using one of those plugins that I recommend, theme settings will be saved and showed on mobile devices ;)

Ah yes :) cool! THANKS !!

You’re welcome ;)

And the last Question, how can make Navigation horizontal?

There is currently no option for that, will be available in next update

i have a question. i already have a live website on wordpress, but i want a mobile version of your template for only mobile users who view it on their mobiles. how does that work?


I’ve provided tutorial on how to switch this themes using 2 plugins (WordPress Mobile Pack or Device Theme Switcher) one of these gives you more options to set.

So basically you can customize mobile theme options, then activate your desktop theme and then set up one of these plugins to redirrect from desktop to mobile theme on mobile devices ;)

I’m sorry to ask again. But what is a desktop theme? I already have a live wordpress theme (but different one from your mobile theme site). So all I have to do is install your plug-in and modify from there?

I ment desktop theme as your regular wordpress theme and yes all you need to do is just install this as regular wordpress theme and then set up one of those plugins to redirect to mobile theme on mobile devices ;)

But it won’t override my current theme right? Basically I still want my current theme but a different theme for only ‘mobile viewers.’

Exactly, it’s just like when you are switching themes.

And what happen if my current website is just mostly xhtml/css based but not on Wordpress? What would be the steps for that?

You could maybe use some script to redirect from html page to mobile site (different folder for example), or I could suggest to use html version of this theme (you can find it in the description)