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But my Navigation is Vertically and not Horizontal, As it is in the Design?

I am sorry about that last comment, there’s indeed verticall navigation. For that please use menus in theme options and make all pages in depth level 1. (all links acts as parent link)

Hmm.. ok but i have this Menu Why?

Could you please write me an email with your css included ? it seems like something has broken up. I am sure we will figure this out right away.

I’m interested in this theme but I’m wondering how would it look like if I had more than 4 nav items or my nav item names were a little longer. Is it possible to see a mobile demonstration before the purchase?



Thank you for your interest.

About your question: by default, when you have more than 4 items, it’ll jump on new line so it will look like this.

I am currently working on new version, where I don’t force width 25% for every menu item but align them in the center, so it will scale better than current solution. (Should be up in one or two days ;))

Should you have further questions, feel free to ask.

Jan Simecek

I just purchased another Wordpress theme on Themeforest as well. Can I use your mobile WP template as well for the “mobile version”, not “Desktop version”? Is that really possible? How can I do that?

Yes it can be easily done using one of many plugins. I’ve provided a video tutorial on how to do this using one of these 2 plugins (Device Theme Switcher or WordPress Mobile Pack)

I bought the theme last night and have not been able to get it to display any of my featured image headers right. I have tried fiddling with the_post_thumbnail function and it will not really let me resize it so that it looks right.

I am really disappointed and would like a refund. When it said that the theme was well documented that was a joke. There is some documentation in the code but dedicated documentation is very sparse.

The free WordPress mobile theme included in the switcher displays better than this.

Very disappointing.

I have since bought another theme and am moving on, I do not have a lot of time to fiddle with the code otherwise I would have coded it myself. That is what I paid for, so that I would not have to do a lot of customization.

I am really starting to think that uploaded files are somehow corrupted, I am really sorry to hear that. I am actively working on new version which should be up in next one or two days. It won’t be any like this theme but will have better documentation and all the bugs will be fixed. Also I’ve been working on new theeming framework for past 5 days so please, give it one more chance after update is up. If it still won’t refil your needs, I’ll be happy to give you refund.

Once again sorry about that.

Jan Simecek

Hi! Just wish to say thanks for this great theme. Just a quick question though (It’s very minor)... Is there any way to automatically resize images in blog posts to 100% width ( Like with WP Touch Pro ), besides correcting each image individually? I noticed some of my larger photos go over the edge.

Thanks again,


Don’t worry dude, I got it sorted. Just had to put some code on the stylesheet.



Hi that thing is fixed in an upcoming update which is currently waiting to be reviewed, I think it should be up in few hours so you can just redownload your theme and all of this is fixed + some really nice new features ;)

Is there a way to have a different navigation menu for the mobile theme than the one I’m using for the desktop theme. I am using Kingsize theme from Theme Forest. Also, for some reason my images are stretching vertically. Can you explain or fix?

ok for the images could you please add this line into your css? (you could use the code integration tab in theme options, be sure to check custom css)
max-height: 100%;

That didn’t fix the vertically stretched images and when the theme option plugin is active, it causes the screen to blank out after clicking update on pages.

Well, that’s very strange, I’ll have a look at that and update it tonight, so hopefuly fix will be up tomorrow. Or send me an e-mail and i will send you fix as soon as possible.

Thanks for the report and sorry about that, but as much as i try to figure all the bugs out before relese, sometimes they can slip through.

I installed your plugin Breathe_Theme_Options and got this message in WordPress.

“The plugin generated 4 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin”

Is this a big deal? Have you seen it before? I’m assuming this is not the actual switcher. You still need those plugins to run the desktop and the mobile theme at the same time right?

Also where’s the code in your theme to get rid of the dates for every post? Where would I go in appearance > editor to edit that out if I want? It’s annoying to me WordPress still doesn’t have a simple option to get rid of the date because not everyone wants people to know the exact date of every post.

I Haven’t seen this problem so far, but I think i know where the problem is. So if you will send me an e-mail I can send you fixed plugin in few minutes or you can wait until tommorow (I’ll update it right away).

And you don’t have to have this plugin active all the time. You can just activate it when you want to setup theme options or you don’t have to use it at all. All options will be saved because they’re stored in the database.

About the date, In Blog page template (page-blog.php) delete this line:
<span class="date-info"><?php echo get_the_date(); ?></span>
It should be there 3 times, so hit F3 copy this into search and delete those lines ;)

I hope I answered all your questions, however when you have any further questions feel free to ask ;)

Thanks for your fast reply. I’m working my way around this theme and may find my own work around. Don’t go freaking out about that bug and fixing it on my account I’m still using a really old version of WordPress. That might have been it.

What’s the oldest version of WordPress that someone can get by using with this theme? I can’t update my WordPress because I’m still running php version 5.1.6 and it won’t update until I get 5.2.4 or higher. So I’m stuck right now with this until I update. I think my server hasn’t updated their .php maybe?

Also I just made a new Portfolio test page and it’s not showing up when I click on it (it is on the front page though). It’s giving me one your “error loading page” pop ups.

And what WP version are you using ? You mean that protfolio posts are shown at the front page but the page itself doesn’t show up ?

And where does the _Source file go? Or the files that are inside of it? In your instructions you say to just install the zip file through WordPress but inside the zip file I downloaded from here it had _Source, _Plugin and _Documentation so it wouldn’t install that way until I separated the files and just installed the breathe file with Filezilla.

I made an mistake there and repaired it riight away (but not yet uploaded because I am adding some new features to options panel). However you can install it the wordpress way, but you have to add to zip the breathe folder and install this one. So sorry about that.

I’m running WordPress version 3.1.3.

And yes I mean portfolio posts are shown on the front page but the page itself doesn’t show up. I get your error message.

Do you have a page with portfolio page-template ?

Oh ok. Thanks. I think that’s it.

No problem ;) Feel free to ask again when you have any problems, I will be glad to help.

Is there a SoundCloud shortcode?

Unfortunately there isn’t, but I could add it in and upcomming update, no problem with that ;)

I think this might be a bug. Twitter is showing up at the bottom of my portfolio test page but not Facebook or Google+. I’ve tried adding it with short codes and also selecting the radio buttons in Portfolio page theme options. It shows up on the desktop version of this theme when I’m building it but when I check to see if it’s on the Mobile they’re not there. Only the Twitter button shows up. And I’ve cleared the cache on my mobile.

I’ve just tried it on my phone and it worked perfectly, however on my brother’s phone It’s showing only G+ and twitter. I think there’s a problem with script that generates facebook thanks to Ajax page loading. I will have to find some workaround. Thanks for noticing, I will upload and update tommorow.

For those who want to know. Looks like SoundCloud doesn’t work even when you use their embed codes. But I did get a message from SoundCloud (with your theme on an Android) saying something to the effect of, “Oops. SoundCloud doesn’t work with your browser. We’re working on it”

So it looks like it may work we just have to wait for SoundCloud to get up to date.

xRicrdx – Did you get the update on the social media buttons up yet?


I am still working on it. Yesterday it was already a little bit too late for me, but if noting goes wrong I could get it working in an hour or so. I will update it right after I’ll finish it (but it could take a little longer until it’s reviewed)

Sry for double

If I get this up and running today I’m giving it five stars. Even though there’s a few bugs this is the best looking mobile theme on ThemeForest.

Thanks for that, very much appreciated ;)

Ok I’m running into a problem. I chose Portfolio as my Homepage Layout and I installed both switcher plugins and tried them out. When it’s set up to use my desktop theme for desktop and mobile for when someone looks at it with a mobile I am unable to control what goes in the menu. My only menu items are Portfolio and Home. But when I switch the theme in WordPress to run Breath as the main theme I get to choose my menus. But that’s not going to work because PC people will see your Breath theme on their desktop.

What appears as menu items when the switcher is set to PC/Mobile are any pages I have in WordPress. Like if I create a page called Test that will be in the menu along with Portfolio and Home.

How do I control the menu? And what’s the point of having Portfolio in the menu if you are already looking at the Portfolio page as a Home page on the mobile? I’d like to add (or remove) any menu item I want when I use your theme with the switcher. If I can fix this one problem I’m done.

Yes you are right, I noticed that yesterday that if you use Device switcher it will not switch your custom menus to your mobile menus. So in this update I’ve added option to exclude pages you don’t wont to show on mobile theme. Also I hopefuly fixed the bloody facebook button, I have to say after 5 hours searching on the internet I really hate facebook now ;)

The Update is currently waiting for review so it should be up in few hours ;)

What size image does the Custom stripe background have to be and do you know what color hex your default dark brown header/footer is?

It doesn’t really care what background you will yous because it will repeat, but the stripe has 10px height and 100% width. The header and footer have also texture background image (but in photoshop it’s #2f2f2f)