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I seem to be having a few issues when installing:

1) Once I downloaded the zip file, I extract the contents and am given 4 files:

- _Documentation - _Plugin - _Source - Main

I log into wordpress and install the Install_zip.zip file in the Main folder without any issues (as per the documentation).

Once it installs, I activate it without error.

Here is where the issue comes:

In my wordpress navigation, the menu item at the bottom is: “Plugin Starter Pack Options”...this is where it deviates from the installation instructions in the documentation…

It is also worth noting that the menu item has a broken image icon next to it…

Once I click it to edit this theme I get all options underneath each other with no way to upload images and tons of broken image links. It looks like it cant find the CSS and images directory.

I am running wordpress v3.3.1…Not sure if this could be the cause of the issue (compatibility issue perhaps)?

Any reason what could be causing this? Looks like a great plugin, just wanting to get it to work. :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi. Love the theme. Thanks. But I’m having a problem. When I insert an image gallery onto a page, the thumbnails display correctly, but when you click on an image, I get a blank page that says “undefined”. I would really appreciate your help. I have tried setting the “click image link” to link to the file and to the attachment page and both give me the same “undefined” error. Thanks in advance for you help!


Could you please send me an e-mail? ;) I will send you repaired functions.php filed (I missclicked one character so sorry about that).

Thanks for noticing I will update it right away.

Ok it’s updated so you can just reupload it again ;)

How do I send you an e-mail? What’s your e-mail address?

Never mind. I’ll check out the update. Thank you.

Np ;) (by the way you can send me an e-mail by clicking on my profile and at the bottom left, there’s contact form ;))


I want to purchase this theme as a mobile version for my wedding photography and film site. The only problem I have is displaying the images. Does this template have a slideshow or gallery option?



Unfortunaty it doesn’t right now.

Should you have any further questions feel free to ask.

on homepage layout > Latest news count

it can’t be set to 0 post.

It can’t it will set it back to 3 by default, but you cen edit it through editor.

in home.php look for :
if (get_option('acera_blog_perpage'))
     $blogpost_per_page = get_option('acera_blog_perpage');
     $blogpost_per_page = 5;
and edit it to:
if (get_option('acera_blog_perpage'))
     $blogpost_per_page = get_option('acera_blog_perpage');
     $blogpost_per_page = 0;
Now if there isn’t any number set or you will set 0 it won’t show any posts.

request contact form features

users have many typo on mobile devices can you please add the check/confirm email address function in contact form or even a simple captcha?


The contact form already checks if everything is right (through php). But I could this shouldn’t be problem. However I am not at home right now so it might take a little longer to update.

Hi xRicrdx

Thank you. but for some reasons. the contact form stills sent if i put “abc” in email…

Well that’s a bit weird, I’ll have a look at that.

I really want this theme. Do you think I could use this plugin to add a gallery to ur theme?



Thanks for your interest ;)

It should work, however I am not 100% sure, since this is based on jQuery Mobile framework, which doesn’t use ordianry document.ready function to run scripts after document is loaded, so I think it would need some modifications, but maybe I am wrong and it will work like charm ;).

I could update this theme with image slider, but I do not have much time these days, so it might take some time before it’s updated (3-5 days)

sorry for too much questions. because i’m setting it up. Is there way i can change the loading text or picture?

the original looks low-res and bad font.

Thanks example: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3844025/loading.jpg

You can edit one of the css files (lightOrange, lightBlue…) or you can place it into code integration in theme optios

Is that possible to hide the loading text and just showing the rotating icon? thanks

yes, I think the easiest way is to set h1 to display: none; like this:
.ui-loader h1{
  display: none !important;

Got mine done.


Thanks for all your help xRicrdx

By the way you reply to questions faster than any other developer I’ve ever encountered on Themeforest.

Thanks, I am trying ;)

Btw it looks nice, good job ;)

And don’t forget to rate this theme if you like it ;)

Thanks it would be great if you could do that I think you would get a lot of sales. I have analysed all the available wordpress mobile themes and I am sad to say non of them fulfil the requirement of having a good navigation and a touch slider gallery.

I look forward to your update.

I will try to do my best, but I am not promising anything ;)

Looks like you have 6 ratings. I’ve given it a five star rating three times but every time I rate it it doesn’t show up. You would think after I rate it it would show up but nothing happens.

Heh, thanks for that ;) maybe it will update after some time ;)


I re-uploaded the functions.php file. Thanks for updating the image “undefined” error. It works now if you want to insert a thumbnail, click and open an individual image. If however you use the built in wordpress “insert gallery” option, when you click on a gallery image, I am still getting an “undefined” error. I am trying to use the “mobile gallery” plugin. Just search plugins for “mobile gallery”, there is only one plugin with that name. The slideshow starts, but when you go to exit the slideshow, you get the “undefined” error.

I will have a look at it tommorow.

Sorry guys for slighty delayed updates, but I am currently kind of busy with school so it all takes a little longer ;)

I also noticed someone was looking to add a confirm e-mail address field to the contact form. I actually already modified the code to do this on my site. I am happy to e-mail you the code if you want.

Anyone reading this comment other than the developer, do not contact me directly. I am not going to hand out code to someone else’s site. If the developer wants to incorporate my code he is free to do so.

Could you please send it to me? I will add it into next update, would save me a lot of time thank you in advance.

BTW I love envato community ;)

Vimeo shortcode has problem

Hi, the vimeo shortcode is not working . it just show the black screen on mobile. desktop version shown tho. thanks

Thanks for noticing, i’ve tested it only on my android phone which worked but on my ipad it doesnt so i’ll repair it in next update

Hi xRicrdx! Thanks a lot for this nice job. I only have one issue when using with the plugin Device Theme Switcher: If I activate the plugn and set my configuration, the theme shows what I want (the menu as selected in Custom Menu). When I switch back to my desktop theme and set device to Breathe, the menu shown is all my webpages, like if the theme is not getting the custom menu I selected when activated (hope you will understant).

Whats the solution?



Hi for this you can check Enable Custom Navigation in Visual (logo, favicon) tab and there you can exclude items that you don’t want to show in your menu.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask again ;)

Really like the theme, one problem I’m having:

When I use a device theme switcher all categories get excluded from my menu, leaving only pages.

Any thoughts?



You can create your custom menu using Wordpress menus, but be sure to disable Enable Custom Navigation in Theme Options > General Settings > Visual (Logo, favicon)

But if you want to use different navigation for your mobile theme and you are using this little option in theme options, you can’t add categories into menu. However if you are using it this way, I could sent script tommorow, which will also add option to add your custom categories into the menu.

Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask me again ;)

Thanks for your quick reply, I would really appreciate you sending me that script you mention :)

Ok so I’ve just uploaded it, it took a little longer than I expected, so sorry about that ;). It should be up within few hours, however If you want I could send it to you right away, just send me an e-mail ;)

I’m using WP 3 .3.1.

The switcher I’m using is: WordPress Mobile Pack

Here’s the URL : http://pastorsara.com/

Hi, I am sorry if this is a redundant question but I have my desktop theme set up exactly like I want it. I installed your theme to be my mobile app. I tried setting up the WordPress Mobile Pack and the other one you suggested but when I go to my page on mobile it shows up completely off no graphics show up just grey background and all my links that ever were created. The worst is that the short codes from my theme show up.

Do I have to switch my desktop theme over to your theme to set up what I want or is there another way to adjust the settings? I am afraid if I switch anything over my current theme settings will get disrupted.

Thanks, Gina

Hi Gina,

At first I would like to appologize for the delay. Now to your questions: At first try to redownload and reinstall the theme. Do you have active both plugins or just one at a time ? (You should install only one of these plugins). You can manage what links you want to show through Theme Options (Which you can setup after activation this theme or using included plugin) go to General Settings> Logo (Visual, favicon, menu) and there enable Custom Navigation at the bottom of the page and choose which pages you want to hide, this way you can have different pages on your mobile and desktop theme.

I don’t think that should be a problem, however I haven’t tried it yet. And as I have mentioned before, you can install included plugin and set theme options through that plugin.

Should you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask and please let me know if that worked ;) (here or by e-mail)

Jan Simecek

Hello before I purchase this theme I have a few questions, can I use this for a blog, I looked at one of the sites that was posted in the thread and it was mainly pictures for what looked like categories. look forward to hearing from you


Yes you can use it for your blog website, it will show your posts like you can see it in preview in Blog page.