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Hi, great for the work in progress. Let me know when you find a solution for the portfolio linking issue!

I have to say I don’t have any mobile phone right now in my hands, so it might take a little bit longer until I can test it, sorry about that.

First, I have to say, this theme has a lot of potential! Simple but effective: two criteria I like for mobile websites.
Quick question: I really like the idea of displaying a featured article on the homepage. but it only works if I set “Home Page” as the homepage layout. Do you know how I could change this so that I can use the featured article with “Portfolio” as a homepage?
I made business cards with a QR code for a networking event coming soon. I wanted people to be able to scan my card and quickly see who I was (featured article) and what I do (portfolio). Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!


I will make a page template which will show it with portfolio posts, it should take only a couple of minutes so if you will send me an e-mail i can send it to you right after it’s done ;) (also I finally have a mobile phone so I will try to fix that problem that you mentioned earlier ;))

Fantastic! I sent you a message with my email address. I’m glad you finally have a phone :) Let me know if you need anything regarding the portfolio issue! Looking forward to hearing from you.

EDIT :: Found the code to zap in the functions.php. All is well.

Hi! I currently use this as my mobile theme and another theme for desktops. The desktop theme has sidebar widgets, which show up at the bottom, under the social icons on this theme. Any way I can remove it? I tried deleting this line -

<?php if (!function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) || !dynamic_sidebar(‘Footer Widget’)){ ?>

- but that comes up with an error.



Hi, you can also disable it in theme options -> foooter section ;)

I ticked the box but it still showed. But it’s all good. Thanks for the quick reply.

I’ll check that out ;), but I am glad you figured it out ;)


Nice theme, can it work with woo-commerce plug-in? I am looking for a mobile specific theme that works with woo-commerce.

Let me know, thanks


From what I am aware, the woo-commerce plugin is using just categories to sort those items so it shouldn’t be a problem here ;) However it is maybe using a different styling for post-formats, so maybe there could be little problem with some post format’s. But all other things should work ;)

also can this theme run together with my main site theme

Ideally I would like to have my woo-commerce plug in database feeding the products into my main site and the mobile site


From what I am aware, the woo-commerce plugin is using just categories to sort those items so it shouldn’t be a problem here ;) However it is maybe using a different styling for post-formats, so maybe there could be little problem with some post format’s. But all other things should work ;)


I received these notices…? Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in ***/htdocs/hiina/wp-content/plugins/Breathe_Theme_Options/acera-options/options/acera_options.php on line 8 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at ***/htdocs/hiina/wp-content/plugins/Breathe_Theme_Options/acera-options/options/acera_options.php:8) in ***/htdocs/hiina/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-mobile-pack/plugins/wpmp_switcher/wpmp_switcher.php on line 506

After activating Breathe Theme Options plugin. There is no white space.

And Device Theme Switcher is doing same.. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in */htdocs/hiina/wp-content/plugins/Breathe_Theme_Options/acera-options/options/acera_options.php on line 8

Could you please send me an e-mail? I’ll send you modified one which should hopefully work ;)

WPMP switcher cannot set cookie. headers already sent..

please help :)

I have a few issues.

1.) I am using a plugin light box plus, and whenever I link to an image that is hosted on my domain, I get the “undefined” page after it is clicked. When I link to an image hosted on a different domain, it works fine.

2.) Shortcodes do not display in the featured article. It appears as the text for the shortcode ie [contact_name]john doe[/contact_name] displays on the featured post as “[contact_name] john doe[/contact_name]” instead of the function it is supposed to.

3.) Also in the homepage layout, I would like to display 0 news posts. Currently, the least you can select is 1.

Please help me resolve these issues, and I think you have a really nice simple mobile theme!

Ok so the problem is that jQuery mobile (On which is this theme based on) doesn’t support plugins which uses document.ready jquery function and colorbox does. I’ve tried to find workaround for that but nothing so far, the ajax page loading is causing the problem. I will try to find more about this, but it doesn’t look good so far unfortunately :-/

However it’s weird that you are still getting the undefined error, it should redirrect you tu full image page.

Ok. I understand, but why does it work when an image is located on another domain? Does that make sense? If I put an image link from any random website, it works perfectly, but if I try to put that same image on my own server and domain and link to it, that’s when I get the undefined thing after clicking on an image.

You mean that colorbox is working with image url ? or you are just not getting undefined error on this ono?

Can you also figure out how to make it so the “more” link actually displays? It doesn’t seem to function properly in your theme at all.

The break where I insert the “more” link works, but no link to the post appears.

That’s by purpose, to show readmore rename this in page-blog.php:
<?php the_content(''); ?>
That’s by purpose, to show readmore rename this in page-blog.php:
     <?php the_content(''); ?>
     <?php the_content('Read more'); ?>

I’m having one problem: when I click on a main menu link to a category I get all posts, not just those in the category I selected. Any idea what is going on?

Could you please send me an email? I will send you edited category page, which should hopefully fix this


Is there any way to customize the top menu items so that they don’t take up half the screen? I only want News, Previews, Reviews, Contact :)

I also want the default landing page to be the blog style as I own a news website.

Also, can I change that overlay colour on the homepage from orange to black, with white text?

Thanks, Daven


With the navigation, there is no problem with that, it’s the same navigation just like in every other wordpress theme so you can add/edit/remove pages from the menu. And you can set blog page as home page through theme options.

There’s a grey theme available, which you can preview here, however changing a text and background shouldn’t be a problem but changing buttons is a little bit tricky ;)

Thanks for the reply! And what’s the difference between this $30 theme and the $8 template? I can’t afford anything over $10. :(

the 30$ is a wordpress theme, if you are not familiar with this and you are familiar with editing html pages, I would suggest to go for the 8$ theme ;)

Hi. I’m using a different theme for the desktop version that has a portfolio. If I use this theme using a theme switcher, will it be able to use the current portfolio or do I need to build a special portfolio? Some of the portfolio items are using video. Thanks.


yes it will, in case your portfolio items are using some special custom post format names instead of ,,portfolio” it might not work at the start but this can be easily customized (I would be glad to help you with that)

About the videos, video post formats are generated by searching for the first video URL in the text, so as long as you are not using some custom fileds for video URL , this also shouldn’t cause any problems.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask again ;)

Hi, before I buy, can I change ‘Blog’ and ‘Portfolio’ Headers in to something else. I want to change ‘Blog’ to ‘Guides’ and ‘Portfolio’ to ‘Top 10’s’ – can it be done easily?


yes, you can change it to whatever you want, it’s just page names, that can be changed easily ;)

Does this support threaded comments?

Hi, no it doesn’t.

Hi xRicrdx, I am currently using your theme for a new project. I want to be able to allow comments on the portfolio pages. I managed to get the comment form to show on the portfolio pages, bu the form keeps erroring out when I try to send a test! Please help, I am stuck. Is there something I am missing in the settings?

Hi, I’ve just sent it one more time, I hope now it will get through, sorry about that ;)


Just got around to trying those new files you sent. Still does not work. I can get the comment form to show when I remove the ”!” from in front of the <?php if (comments_open()): ?> in the comments php. Otherwise it all shows that the comments are closed.

When I hit submit, I get a yellow box saying “error loading page”. Sent you a direct email on this so you can take a look.

Please help. I really need to get comments on the portfolio pages working. Thanks so much! -Daimian

Hey, I’ve just sent you an e-mail so be sure to check that out ;)

I am using this theme for the first time alongside a desktop theme rather than having it’s own subdomain for the mobile version. For some reason, my pages are showing up along with the blog posts in the “latest news” portion of the homepage. Is this normal? I just want to show blog posts there not pages

Oh sorry about that, home.php ;)

This is what I am able to find in home.php:

$loop = new WP_Query(array( 'post_type' => 'post', 'paged' => $paged, 'posts_per_page' => $blogpost_per_page ));

could you please send me an e-mail? I’ve realized that there’s more that one of these lines so I will send you a whole file, I think it will be easier ;)

I’ve also noticed that my footer widget isn’t showing up. How do you edit the widget area when using both a desktop theme and your theme as the mobile?

Ok cool! I’m going to try and do this for another site. I hope I figure it out!

Just tried to insert the code into a different desktop theme, and when Breathe is the active theme, the footer widget shows up correctly.

When I have the other theme active, the desktop theme widgets show up, and the “footer widget” shows up in appearances > widgets, but it doesn’t show up when Breathe is mobile.

well that’s strange, are you sure that you have copied that into functions.php ? Some themes may also use the Footer Widgets name already so this can cause the problem. You can try to rename this to something different like Footer Mobile Widgets, you’ll have to do that in mobile theme’s functions.php and in footer.php, just look for Footer Widgets, I can assist you with this in case you are not sure what to do so you can send me an e-mail or leave me a message on my support site.