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So,beautiful!Like it :)

Thank you so much :)

Great Template. GLWS :)

Simple and very nice. Good luck :):)

Thank you!

great work friend! Realy nice!!!! ;)

Thanks Tam! :)

Great theme ! Good Luck :)

What’s the major difference between this one and Bliss. Both of them are lovely but now can’t decide :)

Can you also show tumblr posts style like you do with Bliss? Like have the all posts content show on home page without having to click “more reading”?

Yes, you have total control over the continue reading button. You can turn it on/off, you can enable the “Show excerpt” feature to only show a summary of the article or you can show to whole thing. All controlled through the theme options.

thx. i’m sold :)

Hi there, great theme! When you say the theme is “Easily translatable” – what do you mean by this? I would need it in both English and Portuguese. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

We mean that using a plugin like localization is very easy and there are but 69 strings that you need to translate yourself in order to get it fully Portugese (along with a Portugese WordPress of course).

To use the theme with multiple languages, you can purchase the WPML plug-in for WordPress, the theme currently supports this, but we are working on further support, so it’ll be Multilingual in a few updates hopefully (depends on the response speed over at

If you don’t want to pay for the plug-in you can also use qTranslate, it’s not as advanced but it’s free :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Nice theme ;) But menu at header doesn’t work with WP 3.8

Sorry about that, we have fixed this and will release the update tomorrow. In the meantime you can rename your menu ‘primary’ and it will show up :)

Best Regards, Arnar

I’m having the same problem with the menu using 3.7.1.

Terribly sorry, we fixed this and have put the fix in the update due tomorrow, in the meantime you can rename your menu ‘primary’ to fix it :)

Best Regards, Arnar


Hi I can’t figure out how to update the icon colors as well as the read more button color… looks like the theme color options in the theme editor are not working properly in WP 8…. I know this update was just released so I can be patient. I also had an issue when entering custom css all the settings throughout the theme settings were changed to a value of “a”. So I had to go back and restore default styles and start over. Now I’m entering custom CSS in the WP editor. -Just a heads up, otherwise I love the theme.

Hey, to change the colors of each post format go to Theme Options -> Post Formats and edit the colors and icons there :)

As for the Custom CSS, that’s an uncomfortable bug, I will take a look at this right away! Thanks for letting us know about it!

Best Regards, Arnar

Thanks Arnar, yes I had found the post format area after posting this. Another thing that seems to be giving me issues is the menu. WP is saying that this theme does not support native menu’s. Is this an issue with the new release or is there something i am missing in the setup? Thanks again

Ah yes, we’re working on a fix right now, I’m going to put in an update as soon as I can. In the meantime you can rename your menu “primary” to fix this issue :)

Just a heads up – the demo link crashes on iOS 7 – safari and chrome – (ipad early retina version) – probably not the theme itself, but a working memory issue as you’ve embedded the theme in your theme browser. Other authors have got around this by also supplying a direct link to actual demo itself – not embedded in theme browser.

What is the direct demo link?

Looking forward to crinkles being ironed out as this is a beautiful theme.

Ah I see, we’ll put up a QR code and a direct link for those in mobile devices, here’s the direct link for you to check out :)

Thanks for the heads up!

Is it possible to have the menu fixed instead of floating/scrolling? I can’t see this in the demo.

Yes, you can have the menu static at the top so it won’t stick to the top of the window when scrolling or fixed at the top like in the demo.

It’s controlled with a single checkbox in the theme options page.

Hey, Great theme. I just wanted to check if I can remove the sidebar from almost all of the pages, is that possible ? On a side note the customizer on demo site is broken, it does not let me select the options from dropdown.

Oh, can you make the navigation bar behave like it does in your theme ‘Particle’ ? That would be great, I’d immediately buy the theme if you can verify those 2 mods

You have full control over the side bar on all pages and posts.

The customize works fine on my end, what browser are you using? Try the demo page directly, the live preview here on TF loads the demo in an iframe.

Do you mean let it disappear when users scroll down and reappear when they scroll up? It’s not included at the moment but it can be done.

Theres an issue with the flickr widget on sidebar length > Post Length

Check for example and scroll to bottom.

Ah, it’s the sticky sidebar giving us trouble there, thanks for letting us know, we’ll work on a fix :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Hi there. I love theme. It’s exactly what I’m looking for in a new blog theme. I have a couple of concerns, though.

1. The theme demo is loading really slowly across multiple devices (laptop, iPhone, iPad), both over Wi-Fi and a wired connection. I ran it through Google PageSpeed and it’s coming back with a score of 61, which Google considers bad. Are you working to correct these fixes? If so, how, and when can we expect an update?

2. There isn’t a “Contact Me” page in the demo. Do you have a contact form built into the theme, or do we have to rely on an external plugin for a contact form?

3. I noticed the newsletter signup widget in the footer. How does that work? Does it integrate with services like Constant Contact, MailChip or Campaign Monitor? Or does it simply add users to the email that WordPress automatically sends out when a new user signs up?

Hey there, thanks for the kind words first of all :)

1. It’s loading slowly because of the iframe (the top header) and the customizer to the left. Mobile devices really hate fixed things (things that stick) so we are going to optimize the page specially for mobile, you can also go straight to the demo itself with the QR code provided in the description here to test it out, we are always trying to up the performance of the websites but it’s really difficult with WordPress being what it is, and how it loads the javascript and CSS, but like I said, we are always checking for solutions on how to improve the page insights score, most of those notices are because of WordPress itself though, and we aren’t even allowed to mess with them here on ThemeForest (understandably because that might mess up some plug-ins as well, though they may work great for the theme). It’s always difficult to get the top score when we have to think of every possible thing our customers could be using our theme for as well :) We do recommend you install a Caching plug-in though, like W3-Total-Cache for a better performance, that can help significantly.

2. We don’t have a Contact Form, but I’ll throw a Contact Page in there, we won’t be building a contact form ourselves because of the variety of plug-ins that aim specifically for that and frankly they will always be better than what we can provide simply because of the time we have. We can however, style the forms and that’s what we’ll do :)

3. The Newsletter widget in the footer is speaking to straight to MailChimp, it’s really easy to use and all you need to do is have your API key from Mailchimp ready and then select your mailing list. Maybe we should advertise it as a Mailchimp widget rather than a Newsletter widget, thanks for the heads up :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Hi Arnar,

Thanks for the detailed reply. I appreciated it. When I had ran the theme through Google PageSpeed, I didn’t use the iFrame version. I used the one that was directly from your site. But thanks for that information. It’s not a huge problem for me but something I wanted addressed. Glad to hear you’re working to improve it nonetheless.

Another thing: Am I able to customize the social icons that show up under “Share This” at the end of a blog post? Some of them I wouldn’t need and there are a couple I’d like to use instead, like Pinterest.

Thanks again! Look forward to hearing back from you.

You can disable them all, Pinterest isn’t there at the moment, but I’ll add it for you and put it in the next update after the one I’m putting in right now, it shouldn’t be too much trouble :)

hi there, i sent you a couple of questions a couple of days ago on the support page but no response yet.


Hey there, sorry for the late responses, we’ve been buried with support and updating our themes. I’ll get right on it :)

No worries. I will be patient :) You might want to view this theme using Internet Explorer 8. The sidebars appear at the bottom of the page, just like on mobile devices :)

We actually don’t support IE8, but I’ll take a look at that anyway, no harm in making it work in IE8 as well, thanks for letting us know! :)


I just have a few questions before I purchase the theme:

1. Is it possible to move the left sidebar in the blog post to the right?

2. I really like the five column layout but I would prefer to make the left and right margins bigger. Is it possible to change the margins in the “Pintrest” styled layout?

3. Do you provide a child theme to make extensive customizations?



1. I don’t understand the question, we just have predefined widget layouts (Left side, Right side, no sidebar) so if you wanted it on the right side, simply choose “Right Sidebar”. We have widget areas specifically for Posts, Pages and Home area :)

2. Yes you can adjust the width of the whole website with an option in Theme Options, that’s how we did it in the demo.

3. We are updating the theme with Child support right now and will be putting in the update as soon as we finish :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Ok, thanks for the response!