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One more question:

Is it possible to move the search widget into the header?

Hi, I’ll make an option to do this in an update :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Awesome. Thanks!

Hey Arnar – great theme :)

Is it possible to have pages appear in full without space for any widgets on the left or the right and yet still keep the layout of the blogs to include widgets on the sides?

Hi, thanks! :)

Yeah, you can alter the blog layout in Theme Options -> Blog Settings, you can also alter all the other layouts (Pages/Posts) in the Posts & Pages section.

Best Regards, Arnar

Thanks Arnar. Another question for you – when embedding ted/youtube videos into posts, they some up very small, is it possible to change this? Below is an example of what I mean.

Thanks in advance.

Hmm, I’ll definitely take a look at this, thanks for pointing this out! I’ll try and put a fix for this in the next update.

Best Regards, Arnar

Its beautiful but that sidebar at the end get stuck (Sticky) which is annoying.

Hi, the sticky sidebar is completely optional, you can just put widgets in the normal one if you don’t want it to stick :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Oh okis. thanks

Will you be updating this to make it compatible with WordPress 3.8?

Yes, that update is actually next up, I’m trying to finish it right now and put it up on WordPress :)

Great! I was optimistic that you would and went ahead and purchased the theme!

Great, glad to have you on board, if you have any suggestions, please head on over to our support forum and send us a line! :)

Best Regards, Arnar


When you size the browser for mobile and you scroll down – the side bar appears half way down and covers most of the screen.

Why is this?

Ah, that’s simply because there isn’t a window size listener in our javascript, if you refresh the page while your screen is smaller then this won’t happen, also it’ll show up fine in mobile devices, it’s the sticky sidebar that still thinks the window is larger, I’ll put in a javascript listener for those who shrink the screen, thanks for pointing it out :)

Hey guys. I’m having issues and I don’t have time to wait around for a fix. I still can’t get menus to work. Even after the recent update. Can I just get a refund? (Envato is dodging the refund) I’ll even post links to screenshots if it’s requested.

Hey there, ThemeForest doesn’t offer refunds for items that have been downloaded, for the menu, we’re working on an update right now but in the meantime you can just rename your menu ‘primary’ and it’ll show up in the header :)

Best Regards, Arnar

It took me six installations before “primary” would work and then it only appeared to work sporadically. I actually requested a refund sameday as my purchase shortly after I discovered that menus didn’t work through WordPress and since I need this site out for the first of the year this hasn’t been the most pleasent of installs.

Sorry to hear that, the menu problem has been fixed with the latest update though, hope you have a pleasant experience from now on, please let us know if you notice anything else and we’ll try and fix it as soon as we can :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Some features do not work. Background patterns stays gray no matter which patterns I select.

That’s odd, are you using the new v1.1 ?

Best Regards, Arnar

Ever consider having a theme with login/registration integration. I would for sure purchase it.

We have been looking into how we would best integrate this feature with our themes, we are still searching for the best way to do this, I’ll try and put it higher on our to-do list and see if I can’t find a good solution :)

I’m so excited for that theme! As just a suggestion, you could put it on a menu a little but away from the rest of the menus and have it link to a popup.

Hi! I really like this theme. Two questions: 1) Are the sharing buttons done with AddThis? 2) Is it possible/easy to make the header not be fixed position (and not do the shrinking thing when you scroll down)? Thanks!

Hi there, thank you for your interest in Breeze first of all :)

1) No it’s custom code from us, we will add Pinterest to the sharing buttons in the next update as well, but you can disable them all individually if you don’t want some of them.

2) Yes, there’s a simple checkbox to turn the sticky header off :)

Best Regards, Arnar

is this template, seo ready? :) or it would be better to use a seo plugin after purchase?

i will use this theme just for a blog & is this template easy to chance via css? :)

and i maybe need a little costum work on the theme after purchase, would u be avaiable for that? would love to get a answer :) best regards


The theme has basic SEO functionality like meta tags (open graph and regular), semantic HTML and stuff like that.

We do recommend you use an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO. You can dig a lot deeper into SEO with your blog and configure exactly how your posts display on search engines and social media sites.

It’s easy to customize, there are a bunch of options in the theme options that you can play with to add different colors, font etc.

You can put in custom CSS in there as well so it will work even after you update the theme. If you want to do extensive modifications I suggest you use the child theme for that.

We are not available for custom work at the moment, we are working on updates for our themes and answering support tickets full time. You can drop us a ticket on our forum and I might be able to help you with it if I have time but more serious request like bug fixes get priority.

Is there a way to limit a widget element to only showing up on one page instead of all the pages that have a sidebar enabled? I’d like to be able to show additional information specific to the page but I don’t want it showing up on all my pages. Thanks.

Unfortunately there’s no such feature present in Breeze, there are widget areas for posts/pages/portfolio etc. but none for specific pages, maybe you can find a plugin that does this, although I’m not familiar with one.

Best Regards, Arnar


Great theme. Just one question before buying: Live preview slider does not work on demo site until I click next or previous. It shows a blank space. Is this a known bug? I am using latest Chrome on OS X Mountain Lion.

The first slider on this page does not show up as well:

Hmm, that’s interesting, we can’t seem to manifest this problem. I’m going to have to look into this with a different computer than my own. Thanks for pointing this out, we will definitely look into this

Best Regards, Arnar

Hi! Is there a quick way I can add an archive to my site?

Hmm.. currently there isn’t support for an archive page but I’ll make some adds to the next update of Breeze and put this is. I’ll add it to my to-do list :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Hi Arnar!

The last two updates still haven’t had an archive template. Do you have an ETA?


It’s still on my to-do list actually, I’ll push it up to the top for you and release it in the next one :)

Very nice template first of all. I really like it. But i can’t get the quote format, and fb/twitter/google+ format to work. If i create a post with those formats i won’t show up on the page as intended. Quote: I filled in the title and quote text, but no quote source. A little help would be appreciated. :-)

Thnx for your quick response. I will try it tonight and let you know. I didn’t use a featured image.

I got it working now, with a featured image. Thnx for the support.

Ok great, no problem :)

Is it possible to have a personal header image (bigger, with a illustration) between the menu and before the posts body? Is much complicated to add a code for this? Thank you very much.

Yes there’s an advertising area above the content, but you can add whatever you want (HTML, shortcode). So it’s no problem :)

A few questions before purchase

1. Is there any gallery/portfolio page? 2. On the post pages, can I disable “You might also like” ? 3. Also on the post pages, can I disable the comment annotations in the image? 4. Also on the post pages, is it possible to use the jetpack commenting system? Or potentially allow facebook credentials for comments, etc?


Hey there lurkk

1. Yes there is a portfolio page, we haven’t gotten round to adding it to the demo because of the holidays. I’ll add them as soon as we’re back to work 2. Yes you can disable the related posts box 3 & 4. You can use any commenting plugin you want, we have not run in to any trouble with comment plugins, there’s also a built in feature which enables facebook comments, and you can also disable the default one in Theme Options.

Hope that helps :)

Best Regards, Arnar

hi! is it possible to add a category filter for the portfolio page? How can i edit the portfolio slug from “blu-portfolio” to “portfolio”?

Hey Anders, the category filter would be a feature for an update, I’ll put it on our to-do list, we’ll be updating the portfolio a bunch in the next updates so thanks for the tip.

Could you elaborate on the blu-portfolio? Why do you want to change it?

Best Regards, Arnar

Hello, thx for an awesome theme… just a question, for quote posts with a featured image and a long text, the text flows over into other parts of the theme, would it be possible to fix this? Thx a lot!


Hello there, here is an example: Thx for your help!

Ah, large text string with a small image, this is a problem indeed. I’m going to have to fix this in an update :)

Super, thx

Hello, I would like to translate my blog in different language. What is the easier way to do that with this plugin ? Thanks.

There are instructions in the documentation on how to achieve this :)

Ok thanks. I’ll read this.


your Breeze theme is crash on iPhone & iPad.

when I open my wordpress web site ( on my iphone (safari or chrome), browser shutdown…

can you help me about this problem?


I’m currently looking into this problem with Apple products, I’ll fix it as soon as I find the culprit :)

I’ll wait your update :)