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Hello, the mailchimp newsletter signup is not working on my site, I created an account, an api key, and list, but still doesn’t work. Live example here:

I’m currently debugging this with a few of our customers on our support forum, I’ll add this in the update as soon as I know the issue :)

So sorry for the inconvenience

Ok thx :-)

Hi! One question before purchase, is this theme HTML5 and CSS3 built?


Yes it’s HTML5 and CSS3 :)

Can I add a custom social media link to the widget “Bluth Socialbox”? I would like to add a soundcloud button.

Thanks a lot

I’ll add that for you.

Great theme…. quick question…how do I change the default media size…mine is set at 1mb….

We don’t set file size anywhere only height/width. If your images are heavy try using a plugin like this one to optimize them.

thanks for your quick response.. I actually figured it out..

Hello, my wordpress admin area wont let me select a custom colour? it wont click any ideas? :)

Make sure you are using the latest version of Breeze and disable all your plugins and see if that fixes it. It’s probably a plug-in that’s causing this (looks like a javascript error)

Thanks, it’s still a little weird but i guess i’ll just leave it as the default theme…

Do you know how i can add a custom avatar instead of using gravatar as it’s not grabbing my gravatar image?

and also on the author page this weird box appears when hovering over a popular post

We currently don’t support other avatars then the ones on Gravatar (we are using wordpress’s default functionality).

The second one is probably because of Jetpack, could that be?

Is there a way to lightbox the gallery posts?

Hmm, there should be a button that opens up the image in a lightbox but it doesn’t seem to be there, I’ll put this on my to-do list, thanks for pointing this out


Which slider du you recommend for the template?

I’ll do my best, I highly doubt I will be able to implement a category filter for the portfolio just yet, maybe in a later update though. I’ll put it on the to-do list :)

I looks like the theme also have a bug with portfolio slider (if more than 1 image) i IE. Do u have the same problem?

Is it IE8?

Hello, How do more tag look in blog layout?

With a simple “Continue Reading” link, I will demonstrate it as soon as I can :)

I have just purchased this template and I can’t get the background to change. I’ve tried using some of your preset options and also uploaded a file but it just stays the same. Disappointing and means I can’t use it till this is sorted out.

I actually just submitted the update which fixes this, it’ll probably be live in a few moments :)

Got it – thanks Arnar. Very impressed with the support!

No problem, we’d love a five star rating in return! ;)

I like the look of your theme, but when I visit your demo page on my phone (Chrome on Android) it is unusably slow. It takes a long time to load and when it does, the image slider at the top doesn’t seem to respond at all. Can you explain this?

Hmm.. that could be the case, we do have a plugin that loads some of the components after all the images are loaded (so the gallery and the image tagging functions 100%). What type of phone are you using? I would like to get to the bottom of this :/

A Galaxy S2, Android 4.1.2; not state of the art anymore, but I never have issues browsing any website.

My friend uses that exact phone, I’m going to debug it and see if I can’t find the source of the problem :) Thank you so much for letting us know about this

Best Regards, Arnar

Nice theme. Is it Buddypress compatible?

No, sorry we haven’t tested it with Buddypress at all


Great theme! When I add my logo to your theme it comes out really small. Is there any way to get the logo to be a reasonable size? It works well for your demo logo because its literally text but what if you have an image as a logo?


Hey Ezeikel, could you be more specific and provide a link to your website? Please do direct these kind of questions to our support forum, as you’ll get a much better responsive time and a more detailed answer there :)

Thanks for the quick response. Will have a look on the support forum.

Hi, nice theme!

I have two issues, 1) will be it possible to view third level menu items in this theme? 2) will be it possible to view category’s description at the top of the category pages? It is very important for SEO reasons. is there any way to add by myself? in which file?


We actually just released an update so it probably won’t be for a while now, we’ll be updating Bliss first and then we’ll get right on updating Breeze ;)

waiting impatiently for an update with these changes!

Hi again, we are doing our best updating our themes, we are just two developers and have very limited time to update them but we are working on this update rest assured.

Hi, I like this a lot but the font in the demo looks very low res and hard to read. Is this the best resolution that can be achieved?

Hmm, I can’t seem to notice this, try exiting the top header and see if that fixes it. Are you using Chrome by any chance?

Hi, i really like this! I need to know if this wp theme has page builder, demo content, and translator. Thanks a lot! regards!

We don’t have a page builder, it’s unnecessary for the purpose Breeze. Demo content is included and we have information on how to translate the theme in the documentation :)

Best Regards, Arnar


It seems Header Background Option doesn’t work.

Color Theme in “color options” doesn’t work..

Do you have the Custom Color checkbox checked?

Yes, it´s checked

I just tested this on my end and it all works fine. Could you send me temporary login information so I can check this out for myself? You can send it to

Is it possible to add other social links to the Social widget? Github, and Foursquare for example?

That would be custom work, you can find the files in breeze/inc/widgets/bl_socialbox.php if you want to try it out yourself :)


Any time :)

PHP Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument in E:\home\weicker\\Web\wp-content\themes\breeze\inc\widgets\bl_tabs.php on line 63

what should i do now? tnks!

Hmm, I’ve had reports of this problem before but I can’t seem to reproduce it, I’ll try and fix this in an update, in the meantime you can go to breeze/inc/widgets/bl_tabs.php and change line ~ 30 from this:

$cat_posts                 = empty($instance['cat_posts']) ? '' : $instance['cat_posts'];

to this:

$cat_posts                 = empty($instance['cat_posts']) ? array() : $instance['cat_posts'];

Let me know if that works.

Hi there! I bought Bliss but then I came across this theme. What exactly is the difference between the two? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for purchasing Bliss, we appreciate it.

Breeze ha more features like a portfolio, Image tagging, a sticky widget, touch enabled image slider, improved widgets and more.

It’s build from the foundations of Bliss so it has tried and tested code base and is basically a better version of Bliss with a new functionality and design.

I like it slick presales questions 1. How big can the image be in the header before it looks insane? 2. Ok to use this on an adult entertainment type blog?


Hey there!

1. I’m not sure what you mean, you can have it as large as you’d like, we can also help you with some basic CSS styling on our support forum if you decide to purchase.

2. Yes of course, we already noticed there’s one adult webcam star using it :)