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Hi there. Just installed your theme – so far I like it! I am trying to find a way to tile my background? I have an image that is 1370×1370 and it just expands the image. I tried with a version of my image 1/3 this size but it just expanded that one and made it blurry (obviously). I have a pattern I’d like to use (seamless) is there a way to tile it or have at least the whole image show? Thank you!

Hey there, could you give me a link to your website so I can give you some CSS?

Just installed this new theme and I get a blank white page (empty content). I turned on debugging and I see the following error message :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’*’, expecting T_FUNCTION in /<...>/wp-content/themes/breeze/inc/widgets/bl_flickr.php on line 59

which refer to a block of commented code :

<div class="swiper-wrapper">
    <?php/* foreach ($posts->data as $post) { ?>
        <div class="swiper-slide"> 
            <a href="<?php echo $post->link ?>" style="background-image: url('<?php echo $post->images->low_resolution->url ?>')">
            <div class="flickr-interactions">
<?php }*/ ?>

For now I just removed the block since it is commented out anyway.
Could you please issue a correction or let me know why I get this error.



Yeah I’m aware of this issue, just delete it and it will be fine, I’m fixing this in the next update as well :)

Hi, do you plan include related content to posts into your theme?

Sorry, i didn’t see…

hello! Like this theme, Was just putting together a list of good theme options for my clients new project, and I can’t include yours because the preview doesnt seem to be working. The first page has a lot of blank white space that seems to be where a post should be, and the gallery post page doesnt link to a gallery post at all. Thought you should know something is acting glitchy (at least for me) on mac firefox and chrome.

Yeah this was actually something we were fixing at the time, it’s been fixed now though :) Just a human error (doh!)

Hello, First of all, the theme look gorgeous! Congratz for the great work! Im just havong some trouble with the buttons, when i put some button it does not look like the ones in the shortcodes page os the live preview, it shows a diferent style, looking 3D and with collor filling. What can be happening? Thanks in advance

Hi there, are you still having this problem? Could you give me a link to your website?

For a quicker responce, I recommend you sign up for our support forums

Hello. I have a multisite where users create their resume using a drag and drop builder. Can I network enable your theme? User blogs have the structure and users can’t upgrade to their own domain name.

I’m sorry, I’m unfamiliar with that particular feature, we haven’t tested it but if it’s a built in WordPress function then I don’t see why the theme shouldn’t support it, we are cautious to use all the implemented wordpress functions

Hey, first of all the good side: I really love your theme, it’s the only one that has necessary functions for me and looks great!

However, there are 2 problems: 1. Even the demo on your own site is loading really slow on mobile devices (Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 and a Tablet with Android 4.0.4), I suspect that this might have to do either with the sticky bar on the top or the Swiper Slider atop of the posts. Is that correct and are there other demo sites without the sticky bar to get an impression of the actual loading times?

2. On Windows Phone (Lumia 920), the menu cannot be accessed. Everything works fine except for that there simply is no icon for the menu to click on. Also, when I try the small screen view on Google Chrome and scroll down, the menu icon in the header is directly on the bottom line of the header. I could provide you with screenshots for those two problems, if that helps for understanding.

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t gotten any response yet, did you receive the files?

Yeah I got them, I’ve been trying to get a hold of a Nokia actually to be able to debug this, I’m on my way to a friend of mine who actually owns one and I’ll be able to check it out! :) Thanks for the email and feedback, it’s really appreciated!

Great! I’m really looking forward to your results as this is the only things that keeps me from purchasing this theme!

Does this theme support a blog shortcode? I like the way the blog displays in columns, but would like to have the 1st blog show up as full width and then the 2nd post, 3rd post, 4th post, etc show up beneath in the columns. Is that possible?

Unfortunately that’s not possible with breeze, you’d have to do some custom development to achieve this

My Google+ badge which i created as per the instructions does not center within the Bluth Google+ Widget. Not sure why. I have set width to 360.

Hi, I answered this question in our support forum

Thanks, your solution worked perfectly!


How do I add a menu item that displays the blog page? I tried creating a page called “blog” but there are no blog templates listed

I answered this question on our support forum :)

Hi there.

I would like to know if there is a way to lock the content’s volume of the posts showed in the 4 columns layout.


I’m sorry I don’t understand, the content’s volume? You can turn on the “excerpt” so that the post only shows the preview of each post if that’s what you mean.


I want to change the text of the subscribe to my newsletter button from the green default to the orange in my logo. And also the text above that to be black so that it stands out more. Where can i find this in the .css?



Also, getting my <title> duplicated – the text repeated twice in the browser window, after setting it once. Have tried deleting and setting the title in the wordpress setting and in your theme options. Still getting the same problem.

I answered your first question on our support forum, for your second question: Go to Theme Options -> Theme Options and check the “SEO plugin support” option and that should remove all the SEO options from us and give your plugin more room to add it’s own

Thanks that solved the issue!

Hello, everything works fine in desktop, but in mobile (nexus 4, chrome) I can’t read any text, only the images. I change the default fonts to Arial and I can read everything but not the excerpt (and the content of the post, inside the post page). I added in the Custom CSS .entry-content{opacity:1;} and it works (even if is already with that value), but I can not see the share buttons (and they are there because I can press on them).

And by the way, can I eliminate the CSS in the middle of the HTML? and the styles directly written in the elements? Is not so cool! Thank you a lot, best!

I think it’s problem of my mobile… because it works fine with iPhone. And now, 3 hours later it works on my mobile, doing nothing. Weird… If you know someone else that happened the same, I’d appreciate some info! Anyway, I’d like to know if I can remove all the CSS in the middle of the code. And would be good to change to HTML5! Thank you.

I’m sorry I really don’t understand what you mean by removing all the CSS in the middle? You can alter the source files as you please but you’ll have problems when updating the theme. We also do write in HTML5 & CSS3 but we have to think of older browsers that don’t support the newest features.

I am getting blank, white space with Google Ads after setting up the advertising information in the theme options and then inserting a widget on the sidebar.

The box is loading and the javascript looks like it’s doing everything right, are you sure everything is working on Google’s end?

I tried through the Breeze widget and options and I also tried simply copying the script into an html widget. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with Google, but I will look into it more.

If the HTML straight from Google isn’t working then it’s definitely something on Googles end :)

Hi, I am interested in this theme but I’m not a big fan of the shifting size of the sticky navigation. Is there a way to get it to sit still as you scroll down? It also looks like the content on the bar runs over a bit when on mobile…is there a way to turn the sticky nav off for mobile but keep it on (and in a consistent size) otherwise?

A lot to ask, I know, but figured I’d check.


Yes you can add a simple css rule to force the menu to stay like it is and not shrink.

You can turn off the sticky menu via the theme options.

Did you try viewing the demo on a mobile device or did you re-size the window of the browser?

If your using the browser make sure to reload the page once you re-sized down to mobile width, you will then see how it actually looks on mobile.

Thanks—reloading it helped, my mistake there.

Hi. Thinking about purchasing this theme for a podcast website. The only thing I don’t see in the demo is photo captions. Photos that are uploaded directly into WP, then posted inside a blog post. Is it possible to caption those in Breeze? Thanks! -Crystal

I added it in the demo for you to see here :)

SO awesome. Thank you so much! We’ll be purchasing for the podcast.

Great, love how it looks! :D

Hi, I bought this theme. I really like it. But when I upload it, I dont have an author image. I dont know how to make it visible. I checked the box and uploaded an image but it doesnt show on the sidebar

Please help


I also dont have the subscribe button on the bottom or any tags on the footer… How do i go about adding this? I thought when i uploaded the xml file, all that stuff would be there already..

Nevermind, I got it Thanks for great theme!

Great, no problem! :)

After purchasing several different theme templates I’ve gotta say I am more than impressed with this one. Not only is it a gorgeous layout, but it is also easy to use behind the scenes too! I can honestly say I LOVE the theme.

I do have one minor problem though. I can’t seem to get the instagram feed to update automatically? Is there a way to do that, or do I have to manually clear the cached items each time? I have tried reinstalling the widget and it still doesn’t work.

Again, only a minor problem on a great template, but any help would be appreciated!

First of all thank you so much for your kind words, they always brighten our day! And we are thrilled that you are satisfied with it!

Regarding the Instagram widget. It’s actually always caching because of performance, but I guess I could add a checkbox to turn that feature off, I’ll add that on to the to-do list and try and release that feature in the next update. That’s actually a great idea, thanks!

How can I log out and log in again in mailchimp account from the widget Bluth Newsletter? I have this error: Error: API Key can not be blank. I have refilled and checked the API key and it continues not working. Thank you.

Try deleting the widget and putting it back in the widget area

It continues not working. I deleted the widget of all areas, I created a new API, and it doesn’t work. How can I log out from the widget and log in again? Am I the only one with this problem? Thank you.

Yes, you seem to be the only one, I have never heard of this problem before. Deleting the plugin should suffice, do you have any caching plugins active that might be storing the information?

In Section “YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE”, If the post doesn’t have Featured Image, Is it possible to view the first image inside the post, like featured image in circle?


This will be available in the next update :)

Many thanks!