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I want to buy this theme. but before buying this I want to clarify some of my questions as i am completely new to the wordpress theme.

1. Do you have any hidden charges after $40?
2. Is $40 is one time charge?
3. Are you charging extra for support?
5. Can I host my website in Red Hat’s Cloud PaaS OpenShift?
6. Can I integrate AdSense in any area I want?
7. Is there any option user can follow my blog to get Newsletter for future blogs?
8. Without knowing anything about HTML can I design my articles from the Admin section?
9. I am a Java Enthusiast. So how can I write Code Snippets in my posts? Because the live demo shown in your theme is only having simple texts.

  1. No hidden fees
  2. Yes, one time charge
  3. No we’re not charging extra
  4. you skipped 4 ;)
  5. This is more of a WordPress question, not theme specific, I think you can host it on red hat, we’re using ubuntu.
  6. You can load adsense ads with the ads widget into any widget area (sidebar, footer).
  7. There is a MailChimp newsletter widget which you can use to get users to signup to your mailing list.
  8. You can use the editor in WP to design it but it’s limited to typography. However you can use our shortcodes to add a little bit more to them (see shortcodes)
  9. There is a syntax highlighting plugin included, you can wrap code into a special shortcode to make it render all nice and colorful. See the shortcode link above.

Hi! Is possible that the right arrow in the Bluth Featured Widget doesn’t works? Thanks!

We haven’t had any problems, could you be more specific?

Now it works.. i dont know why. :-)

Hi, your facebook widget, stopped feeding when viewed on a mobile phone. it shows the header and the facepile but the feed part is just white… whe viewed on a phone. just stopped working yesterday.


Is it still broken? We have no control over the functionality of this widget as it’s being fetched directly from facebook

client wasnt logged into facebook. thanks

Is there any way to easily disable the WPML ? I running into error with another plugin and I think it’s because of the WPML compatibility… Love the Theme! it’s the plugin with the issue.

I answered you on our support forum :)

I wish I could try this theme before I shelled out the 40 bux for it. Looks like it might fit my needs but then it might not be what I want. $40 isn’t a lot but it’s enough to not want to spend just to turn around and say, yeah, doesn’t work for me….

The demo should be a sufficient demonstration as to what you might expect from it, if there’s anything else you want to know you can just ask :)

hi, why doesnt the new posts show up sometimes, or takes a long time to show on the homepage?

I’m sorry but this isn’t enough information, it’s most likely a server cache or some sort of caching if it doesn’t appear instantly. This is definitely not because of the theme itself though.

it was a server cache problem, thanks!

Works great with a very clean look and easily adjustable options.

Good job, five stars. :)

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it! :)

It is possible to use some front end posting wordpress plugins on the theme?


Hi there, we haven’t discussed any way of doing this, but if a plugin is advertised with this functionality there shouldn’t be anything in the way of it achieving it’s purpose :)

Is it possible to show the Image-Description in the Gallery? So far I could not find the function … (caption or so ..)

No unfortunately there is no such functionality for the Gallery Posts, I’ll add it to our to-do list, but I can’t promise you a hasty update on that.

I’m having some issues with the quote post type. When I view the post after creating it on the home page (latest posts) the only thing visible is the featured image and quote; no blog title, author, excerpt, etc.

When I view it on a category page. It displays just fine.

Add this to your Theme Options -> Custom CSS:

.home .format-quote .entry-container{ display: block; }

That should do it :)

Worked. Thanks!

Can you show me where I can put my ads? Like you did here:

Thx. This is a prepurchase question. I can`t decide which of your themes to chose.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. You can put ads at that spot as well as below the menu, and then in between every Xth post on the front page (you can pick how many times)


Nice theme! I bought it :) I would like to change the color of the links in the theme to #45b0ee.

How can I do this?


Any news? Thanks.

Hi, sorry for the late reply, we don’t hang around here too much so for a much faster reply I suggest you use our support forum.

Try this CSS (Add to Theme Options -> Custom CSS):

.entry-content a{ color: #45b0ee!important; }


I really love this theme and I consider purchasing it for my blog. I only have one question – on a standard post page there are widgets at the side – I really like your selection of widgets so is there a way of placing them below the post area and keeping the post page full-width? (it’s a blog with a focus on photography)

I hope to hear from you soon, Anna

We could definitely figure something out, if you purchase the theme head on over to our support forum and I’ll help you out :)

Hello, please help me figure out how to configure the page layout after you click on a tag.

I’ve added the tag widget to my homepage, but cannot figure out how to edit the page that contains all tagged posts. Seems to be set up w/ a left-sidebar layout, but I’m trying to make this full screen.

This should probably work, add this to your Theme Options -> Custom CSS

body.tag #content{
   width: 100%;

Hi. I’m interested in buying your theme but I have two questions.

How easy is to setup the portfolio style? I’ve bought one theme a couple o months ago and it’s being a real pain to setup the portfolio. Besides, the the seller is not giving any support.

The second question is, do you have any contact form with this theme?


The portfolio works just like regular posts really, so if you are familiar with the WordPress environment you should be right at home. We try to make things simple of course. If you decide to purchase then head on over to our support forums and we’ll help you as soon as we possibly can :)

Also, no we don’t have a contact form, we decided to guide people to Contact Form 7 rather than making a new plugin :)

Best Regards, Arnar

Great theme – and great and quick support.

Hello I want to purchase the theme but had a couple pre purchase questions.

1. Can I use the 3 column blog display on the index? 2. Does it come with the social plugins as displayed on the column blog display? 3. I like the buttons on Particle but not on this theme. Is there any way I can get the other buttons instead?



1. Yes you can use the 3 column blog display on the index

2. Yes the social plugins are included in this theme

3. I´m sorry that´s a custom work

You make great Wordpress themes, congratulations!

We would like to purchase and install one this weekend, but I do not have very clear which themes include the following features:

  1. Sticky-header: (Breeze, Bliss, Particle..)
  2. Sticky-widget: (Vivid, Breeze…)
  3. Full-width-post (only Bliss?)
  4. Full-width-pages (all?)
  5. Social-counter: (Vivid…?)
  6. Responsive Adsense/custom-image Ads (all?)
  7. SEO Plugin support (all?)
  8. Google Analytics tracking code (Bliss…?)
  9. Comments from WP/FB/G+ (Bliss…?)

Please correct me!

Thanks in advance,

  • 10. Default share image (open graph) (Bliss…?)
  • 11. Option to deactivate individual share buttons on posts & pages (Bliss…?)
  • 12. Excerpt (Bliss…?)
  • 13. Multiple header layouts (Breeze…?)


Thank you.

1. All themes

2. Vivid and Breeze

3. All themes

4. All themes

5. Vivid and Breeze

6. Bliss,Breeze and Vivid

7. All themes

8. All themes

9. All themes have a support for Facebook comments, other comment plugins are unofficial, buut are likely to work.

10. All themes

11. All themes

12. All themes

13. Breeze,Bliss and Vivid, all have different header customisation.

Are you guys planning to add Full Width to this theme instead of static width?


Are you talking about like this ?

You can go to theme options and layout options and change the width of the layout.

sbnuman was asking 2 months ago, but I do not find the answer,

1. How can I show in the Author name in every post (next to date, category, comments)?

2. Can I remove there the “X comments” part?


Hey there,

1. You’ll have to dive a bit into the code. It’s custom work really, but you can find the code in breeze/inc/meta-top.php. Just add this line behind the last “li”. So in line ~ 20 (before “ul”) write this:
<li><?php the_author(); ?></li>

2. Since you’re already in the meta-top.php file, you can delete the whole line that says:
<li><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>#comments"><?php comments_number(); ?></a></li>

That will remove the comment count.

That was clean and worked perfectly, Thanks!

Great, no problem! :)

- Arnar