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wow… wow…. Impressive Design… I will get this today… Looks Very Flexible…

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy it :)


I would have with pleasure, the Slider under it my Last from Blog with Sidebar. Is the Theme regulated thus?

Greetings from Germany

Hi mate, sorry but I didn’t understand your question.

Best regards

Great, bookmarked.

Thanks :)

hi uni,

i’ll buy this theme in 1 or 2 days. can i have (after i bought) an XML export of your demo content to pplay a little bit with possibilities?

a great theme. i’m looking for a theme like this since few weeks. WPML ready.

best regards


Hi, the theme comes with a xml file ready to import dummy data and placeholder images.

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Sells good! :) Awesome job mate.

Thanks mate, appreciate your feedback :)

Super cool backgrounds! Great work – will be adding to my site ;) Good luck with sales.

Thanks man :)

I had already bought your html version and implemented it onto our company website and love it. I might buy this tomorrow though because I like some of the features you’ve implemented with the thumbnails and etc. As of right now I have been doing them in Photoshop ;)

Props to you on an amazing job, hope you get some sales from it.

I actually splurged and bought it tonight, and the only word that can come to my mind is WOW . Honestly you put soooooo much more time into this than I did. The wordpress controls are the best I’ve ever seen.

Buy this template…. period.

Glad you like it Nano, have fun mate

Excellent! Thanks for coding mate!

Hi mate,

Like i commented on you’re HTML version, i love you’re style. Bought the HTML version to work with, now its time for the WP version.

Would like to know some more about your theme and SEO , can i contact you for some questions?

Sure, drop me an email using my profile contact form.

Hope to hear from you soon, best regards

Great theme, but if you translate it, how u use that translated file?

Hi, I’ve updated the FAQ with your question. Please take a look at it here.

Best regards

Thanks, that works!

how can I adapt the type-size and style in the single articles?

Hi, the styles you are looking to change are in the css/screen.css file. If you want to create new styles and only want to target the single posts you can prefix the css selectors with the class .blog-post

Best regards

Bookmarked! Just awaiting feedback from my client on the Live Demo before making the purchase for them. I love it – hope they do too! Nice to see the rounded corners and shortcodes. Well done :smitten:

Thanks mate, I hope your client enjoys it!

Amazing theme, just right for my client – can’t wait to start working on it.

Have fun :)

Wow !! Amazing theme. Is it possible to adjust the height of the sliders ? I’ve a lot of work to showcase, is it possible to display more than 3 pictures in the sliders ?

Congrats and good sales !

Hi, you can display as many images as you want in the sliders and changing the sliders height only requires you to change the height defined in the css/screen.css file as well as the sliders thumbnail size that wordpress uses to automatically resize the images in /library/media.php.

If you decide to buy and have any problems with this, please email me.

Best regards

portfolio doesn’t show in explorer 7 and also the layout changer cover the design in explorer 7

Hi, thanks for your feedback, I’ve fixed it :)

There isn’t a way to set the order of the slider images is there? On the website I have a image that is the “Welcome” slide and it keeps displaying last.

Never mind, I figured out a way to fix it. I just edited the published time to make the slide I wanted to appear first the newest and the last slide the oldest, since they are being displayed by date.

Exactly, it’s just like any other post.

Best regards

also there are problems with the top menu in explorer 7

I’ve tested all pages in IE7 and they all look fine, no problems that you describe. Just take notice that some CSS3 features like rounded corners don’t work in IE 7 or 8.

If you encounter more problems please email me instead.

Best regards and thanks for your feedback :)

portfolio still in single line in explorer 7

Replied above