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How do I add another Cufon font to the Breeze Admin Panel dropdown?

Because Breeze allows you to select between different Cufon fonts, it uses Cufon in a very specific way.

Normally you would generate a Cufon font script, upload the script file to your server, reference it in the scripts area and you’ll be set.

In Breeze you need to take extra steps:

- first you need to generate another cufon font script for your desired font (instruction on how to generate are on the cufon website).

- start by generating a script including your Regular and Bold font sizes and make sure to input “Cufon” as the font family (see screenshot).

- now you need to generate a script including your Light font size (if the font you are using does not support a Light weight use the Regular weight in this step) and make sure to input “Cufon Light” as the font family (see screenshot).

- the next step is to integrate both files in one so open up the last file you generated, copy its content and paste it in the bottom of the first script file you generated so that in the same file there are two scripts with the font family “Cufon” (Regular and Bold) and one script with the font family “Cufon Light” (Light).

In this tutorial let’s assume we have generated a cufon font script for Helvetica and the script file name is Helvetica.font.js.

Now that you’ve got a new font script ready to be used in Breeze, you have to copy it to the folder /js/fonts.

Next edit the file /library/scripts.php and add the following code next to the existing font script references:

if ( $unisphere_options['font'] == 'Helvetica' ) { wp_enqueue_script( 'tertre', UNISPHERE_JS . '/fonts/Helvetica.font.js', array( 'jquery' ) ); } // Helvetica Font

Now edit the file /library/admin/panel.php and add the font name to the font select array (note: the name of the font has to be the same used in the previous code in /library/scripts.php)

array( "name" => "Cufon Font",
    "desc" => "Select the Cufon Font you want for the site, or disable it.",
    "id" => "font",
    "type" => "select",
    "options" => array ("Sansation", "Museo", "Diavlo", "Vegur", "Fertigo Pro", "Comfortaa", "Tertre", "Helvetica", "Disable Cufon"),
    "std" => ""),

Now you’ll have a new option in the Font dropdown in the admin panel and if you followed all the steps the new font should appear on the site’s frontend.