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Hi I am having some issues. 1. The Blog sidebar is not showing on the blog page 2. The product “sort by” bar is not showing Please help! Thanks

Hello, I think you are talking about WP theme, because there is no blog page on Opencart theme. If Im right than just update WP theme, all bugs that you are talking about already fixed.


I have a trouble, i’ve configured some languages, but i need to click two times to change the language and i see than on currencies button just i click one time. What i need to do? Please help me… thanks.

My website: http://orianarodriguez.com/store/ I used: FF 21

Hello, sorry for so long time for responding. Technical troubles. Well, I can not reproduce this issue on Firefox 22.


Me again, do not understand why in my template can not see other product views. Thanks…

My website: http://orianarodriguez.com/store/ I used: FF 21

Hello, sorry for so long time for responding. Technical troubles. What do you mean, actually? How to understand “can not see other product views in template”? Which template? What is product views in template?


I can’t get this Template installed. What do you mean by:

“Extract theme file to a directory on your computer. It contains a directory named upload. You should upload its content to your server via FTP into your root directory of your OpenCart installation.” ?


What do you mean by — you can’t get this template installed? Actually, we are explaining how to install theme with that sentences.

Guys, really your support is too slow…

How can I slow down the slides. Also, I don’t want any text on the slide images but in that case, there is a translucent square in the middle of each slider, can I remove it? so where is the file I can work on to change the slide setting? thanks!

We use carouFredSel (http://caroufredsel.dev7studios.com/) as slider engine. You should open the file catalog/view/theme/breeze/js/main.js and go to line 27. There you’ll find the code responsible for the homepage slider.
To change the speed you should add auto.timeoutDuration option (e.g. auto: {timeoutDuration: 5000} — 5000 miliseconds timeout) and to change transition type you should add scroll.fx option (e.g scroll : { fx : “crossfade” } — crossfade transition effect), where the possible values are “none”, “scroll”, “directscroll”, “fade”, “crossfade”, “cover”, “cover-fade”, “uncover” or “uncover-fade”. Take a look at the following code example:
prev: '.slidprev',
next: '.slidnext',
responsive : true,
pagination : '#myController',
scroll: 1,
auto: {timeoutDuration: 5000},
scroll : { fx : "crossfade" },
items : {
visible : 1,
width : 870,
height : "46%" 
swipe: {
onMouse: true,
onTouch: true

Concerning the slider images and text. Well, it seems that you have missed something. Text is embed into the image, so there is no extra text field for the slide. Take a look at the following slider image: http://opencart.breeze.itembridge.com/image/cache/data/slid1-984x480.jpg As you can see, it is provided with the text.

I want to do a third layer at the menu but there is a problem. The third layer is overlapping the second layer. How can I put them side by side? here’s the site: http://alexfranconutrition.com/, go to recipes > raw superfood mix recipes to see what i mean.


Interesting thing. I Can’t see that you are the purchaser. Write us on support@itembridge.com

I’m building the site ok, but am finding a lot of things which were on the preview site here in Themeforest, but are not available when you purchase the site.

Yours, shows a cleaner cart with a refresh button, and a voucher tool which has multiple options… see here..http://bit.ly/18qWfY7

But on mine, I’m left with a drop down box for shipping, or radio buttons for shipping titles in a squashed box http://bit.ly/15w7M5Z


Could you help please??

To confirm, I have bought this from you.

Hi there,

Can the single product be 3 Column?

Thanks! A.

In order to improve customer support all future questions related to this subject please send to support@itembridge.com or facebook . Support requests in the item comments will not be taken into account.
Support provided during 24 hours, additional time may be required depending on the complexity of the question.

very nice theme. even logo is nice. which font did you use for the logo?

Hello, I bought this style, it’s good, clean and fresh. Thanks. I have for now only one issue. I want to put Latest products on category (or product page, doesn’t matter) page, I can show it on Top or Bottom place, in Column left, but I am unable put it to RIGHT column. I have still Latest products on left side. I think there is more problems with this, generally I am unable to put everything in right side. Can you help me with this, please? What I am doing wrong? Thanks.

Hello, support of this and other themes we provide on http://support.itembridge.com/. Thanks.

Great, thanks. I send ticket soon.

Hello, for now we decided to use sidebar in left, so now I don’t need support. When my chief changes her opinion I’ll send ticket :)

I agree with jeannemalherbe, there is a blog in this breeze theme. How does it work? How can I write articles and use the template?

If you have Questions, Fixes, Bugs, or you just need help, go to http://support.itembridge.com/. We will try soon help you. Thanks for you comment.

Hi. this theme works with


Yes, it works.

Two things:

1. I sent support ticket more than one-two week ago but so far I didn’t get any response.

2. Did you check manufacturers page? It seems broken.

Hello, I should see my ticket in “My Ticket” card, right? I don’t see there anything, so I cannot tell you number. Probably it’s lost, I don’t know what happened. OK, I’ll send a new ticket, it’s on http://support.itembridge.com/ , right?

Created. #2385. Thanks

We have received your ticket and will answer soon.

There are some bug reports. When we can expect the next release? Thanks.

Why this theme doesent have normal manufacturers page? Why i have to create this pages by myself? All desent open cart tempaltes HAVE manufacturer page but not Breeze. Why you dont warning customers that Breeze is not full functional open cart theme?

Any news? Is it fully compatible with OpenCart

Dear TaraEzoterika,
We have plans to release updated theme with fixes during this month.
Please create a ticket on our support site and provide us more information about issues, that related with OpenCart

Hello, thanks for answer. I am looking forward to new release.

Hi, Is it works fine with OpenCart

Hello, sasbit.
Sorry, but we didn’t test Breeze with OpenCart That is why we can’t guarantee you correct work of theme with it.

Breeze works with OpenCart without problems.

Dear Tara,
Thank you for feedback.