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Great theme

Thanks a lot bro :) Appreciate your great comment.

Hello, Please, the website can’t load sub menu on IE8, in other browsers that’s ok, the problem is only IE8, you can help me?

Probably you have js errors on your page and that`s why you have a problem. We checked on our demo and everything works fine. Please send us url to your site and we`ll take a look on it.

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We already checked your page on IE8 on 3 different computers and everything works fine. Please make sure you use current version of IE8 – make update if don`t and then check. Because we really don`t see any errors. Please also check your page on IE8 on other computer as well.

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Hey mate. I have worked on numerous WP themes but never on a Woo Commerce one. I was wondering it was possible to have a dummy demo to have a look at the back end and it’s features.

Thanks. Razz

Of course we have xml file but without WooCommerce. To get WooCommerce you must download package from and with this downloaded package you will get whole xml for WooCommerce so you can recreate your page just like our demo.

Thanks, great theme!

But I need to translate the website into another language though. Is your theme (Bretheon) compatible with any multiple languages plugin? I installed the WPML, however, the Slider Offer disappears when I do that. Is there a way to launch my website using your theme in multiple languages? Looking forward for your help!

P.S. (+ info from WPML support team about Bretheon theme

Please send us pm with more details like access to admin panel and ftp and describe what exactly does not work and we`ll fix it of course. But we need to know more details about your problem. Please send us pm via contact form on our profile’s page (right bottom corner) and we`ll help you with everything.

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I think this theme really looks great, bookmarked it for future use. One question, the icon used in the offer page Where can I buy them?


Thanks for fast answer!

You’re welcome.

Will this come with instructions on how to correctly set up WooCommerce into the theme?

I was asking about what pages would go into the top navigation dropdown.

But it appears you are just using the side bar.

Is this correct ?

We are not sure what you mean, but all you need to do is add shop link to menu and it can be done in Menus section – nothing special – just the same thing when you create custom menu. In sidebar we use just widgets for shop, which are available in Appearance > Widgets section. That`s it. If you mean something else then please describe it better what exactly.

Hi! One question please: How can i change the color of the top line where shows the mail, and social networks in the home page? I can’t see the options on the menu of theme.


Hi pacific83,

this line which you are looking for is an image and is placed in css/skins/blue/images/header_addons.png and if you want to change it, you must replace existing one on ftp with your one.

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Ok!!! Perfect! Thanks for the quick response!

No problem and you’re welcome :)

Great theme, I’m really excited about using it!

Thanks a lot Jdclark18. We’re really glad you like it :)

Do you have a solution to be sliders of feature image in project page? Sample:

Of course we have this option also with our theme what you can see on our demo and it is easier to make than you think :)

Thanks a lot.

You’re welcome :)

Dear How can I set a new 404 page, instead of using default page. What I am trying to achieve is to make a new page and have that displayed every time a 404 page is requested.

Please help Thank YOu

If you mean change link for error404 page, then it is probably not possible because all links like you already have are generated by WordPress default files. All we did was style this page and nothing else.

Ok, I think I wasn’t able to make it clear. Basically currently default 404 page appears whenever a request for non available page is made. Every time a broken link is found, default page 404 appears – which is fantastic.

Now, Instead of default 404 page, How can I have this 404 page re-route to specific page. This means that every time 404 page is requested, instead of default 404 page, other page of choice should appear.

Is there any link i need to add in 404.php file as you mentioned above? Thank you

So sorry but it is not possible. WordPress is not redirecting to page, but only shows right template with 404 error so it is not possible to make redirect from 404 to your own page. Built-in WordPress functions is responsible for that behavior and theme is not related with that at all.

So as we mentioned above, all you can do is change content for 404.php file and nothing else can`t be done.

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Great theme.

is it possible to use the article box in a page with a sidebar? because it messes up the layout.

Thanks a lot man.

Sorry but because of responsive version, too many files should be changed to make it work on page with sidebar and at this moment it is not possible.

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I am interested but I need to know some details? 1. How easy is to translate to anoher language? 2. Is it compatible with woocommerce? 3. How easy is to customize colors, etc?

Hi rlueneberg and thanks a lot for your interest. Below you will find all answears on your questions:

1. This is easier than you can imagine :) You have few different ways to translate. The first one is built-in translator. All you need to do is go to Theme options > Translate section and you can translate each available element on page. It looks like on the following screen

Second way is use .mo/.po files to translate. This option is described in documentation included into theme. The third way is WPML (for multilingual websites). Theme is 100% compatible with this plugin.

So as you can see you can use few different ways to translate, but if you want translate to just one language, then the easiest and fastest is built-in translator.

2) Yes, theme is 100% compatible with WooCommerce.

3) Customize colors is also easier than you can think. All you need to do is open options panel with section for colors, and choose color for nearly each element with color picker. Just take a look on the following screen

We hope everything is clear now and we answeared on all your questions :)

Hi Great theme ;) Please How Can I disable update for theme? Thanks

You probably talk about Updates Notifier which is on the left side in menu :) You can do it in functions.php file. Just delete/comment below line from this file:

require_once ( get_template_directory()  . '/functions/theme-update-notifier.php' );

And after that you won`t see that option never again.

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Hi! Just need to Know how I can edit Breadcrumb in here Look at the menu: “Inicio > Portfolio Item >Gabriel Olivares” I need to delete “Portfolio Item” Each time it appears. See: http://unaboda/? http://unabodafeliz.esportfolio=juan-solo As you can see, the menu “Portfolio Item” in the bread crumb, appears on each portfolio item and it links I do not Know how to delete this. Could you help me. Where could I edit this breadcrumb menu? Also I can not go to the forum because I can not find the certificate licence I got. So, It is very important to get a solution as soon as it would be posible Sorry about my english! Thanks C.

It looks like that, because you set it up wrong. Please go to Theme options > Getting started > Portfolio section and you should set up right page for portfolio. As you can see on our demo everything looks and works great

However if you would like to get your license certificate, you can get it from your user panel on Themeforest. Please just take a look on the following topic and you can see image and explanation how to get “license certificate”. You can read this topic without access to forum.

Hi! YouTube link for demo content does not work, the video is not avaliable

When you get this file onto your computer, you can import it into your wordpress (please import this file only after installing Bretheon theme). This video ( will show you how to import this file properly.

Did you pasted just VIDEO ID? Next to field where you put url, you have info that should be pasted just ID, not whole link. So you should paste only 0fTHYWEGhAc instead of whole url.

However as we see this video is not available. It means video was deleted or something else happened with that. You should contact with Youtube support and ask about that.

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Support forum

This video appears in the documentation of the theme, page 70. Pdf (documentation-bretheon). As part of the support I imagine it should work.

You should contact with Youtube support and ask about that.

Ohh you mean video about XML import into theme. We forget to update documentation, but new/fresh video for that you can find on our support forum

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I received the updates to the theme, but have not downloaded it yet. What has changed? How will it effect my site? How do I make the updates without messing up what I have so far? Please help. Thanks

Please read the following topic to understand how updates works. Also full list of changes you can find on

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How can i use separated footer or footer in boxed layout with custom inage in BG?

We are not sure what you exactly mean… If you mean how to set up separated footer for your page, then please go to Theme options > Layout > Footer section and there is option for Footer Layout. To set up image for background, please go to Theme options > Layout > General section and here you have Background image uploader.

We hope this is what are you looking for :)

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No child theme huh? Bummer.

We do not have included child theme but you can create one yourself. Theme is fully compatible with child themes. More info about that you can find on

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This is my absolute favourite theme out of all the ones ive bought.. I have just one suggestion which I am sure many others wouldve requested as well.. In CONTENT BUILDER, I dont see option to duplicate elements.. This is really useful when developing a complex layout. I hope you can add thsi in near future. Regards

Especially for that we did additional input – label. This input is only visible from admin panel so it is easier to know which element is for what. If you don`t have this option, it means you use old version of theme and you should update to the newest one.

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Thanks for the reply.. I will update it right away :)

We hope you will love this feature – it is really helpful to build websites with lots of content builder items :)

Awesome theme. I am trying to work with a custom background image. However, when I choose the “cover” option it seems to disappear instead of stretching to fit the background area.

Thank you in advance.

Yes, there is no way to stretch background in safari. And also there is no css for that because safari does not totally work with this kind of option. We tried with many css tricks and nothing helped.

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I won’t pretend to be a coding genius but can you tell me where the background image is defined. I would like to try the css employed on this page: as it appears to do the trick.

We do not suggest to modify theme files, because after update you will lose everything. What we recommend to do is use custom.css file to create your custom code or you can do the same in Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS section. Right class/id for background image you can get via Firebug for example.

However if you really want to know where this background image is placed in files, it is in bretheon/style.php?ver=2.0.2 file but at first you must add background image in Theme options > Layout > General section.

Please let us know when you will do something and it will work in Safari (if you will find, then we`ll check if this code won`t destroy something else what is more important).