Brewed - Premium Coming Soon template

Brewed - Premium Coming Soon template

About Brewed

Brewed is a very cute and inspiring creative coming soon template to mask the preparations for your website! By changing just one parameter, you can change the percentage complete, and the animation of the template.

Also comes with working subscribe form with Ajax, php AND DNS validation! All in valid xHTML, and well commented, documented code.

Main Features

  • Works perfectly on all browsers (Internet Explorer 8 included)
  • xHTML 1.0 Strict compliant
  • Smooth, clean animation via jQuery
  • AJAX, php and DNS email validation
  • Clean and cute design
  • Clean, well-commented code
  • Extensive documentation
  • Fast, and full support via my profile page
  • Easily customizable
  • .PSD files included
  • Working PHP subcribe script
  • And much more!



  1. jQuery — The Do more, write less library; absolutely essential.
  2. Tipsy — Very useful and lightweight tooltip jQuery plugin.
  3. jQuery Easing — Adds extra easing options to jQuery.
  4. Animate Background plugin — Fantastic plugin for background animation.


  1. tipsy.css — The bundled Tipsy CSS for proper display.
  2. reset.css — Yahoo reset CSS file for universal appearance.
  3. skeleton.css — The fantastic Skeleton grid layout this theme is based on.


  1. 60 Mono Social Icons — 60 Mono, sleek social icons.


  1. Bebas — Headers text font.

PHP files

  1. Modified Email List — Modified Email list script by