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two2twelve does not currently provide support for this item.

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According to Envato there is a widespread security vulnerability with wordpress themes and plugins.

Could you verify it does not affect this theme?

See the message regarding the security issue: http://marketblog.envato.com/news/wordpress-item-security-vulnerability/

Not to worry, this does not affect Brick & Mortar theme.

With Wordpress 4.2.2. the template “contact” is sending empty emails to the recipient. Can You please check this?

Hi! I would like to use your theme, I love the design but I dont need the shop and as far as I know this make the website heavier, is there the possibility to dont instal that part do It loads faster, because where I am internet speed is no good and this is important.

Hi there, the shop is custom built into the theme just like a blog post it is extrememly slim and so it is not like woocommerce or other external shops that causes slowness. You can simply choose to not enable the shop and then it will not load any content. Either way you should have very fast load times with this theme.


Good! and if I like to change the color of the buttoms from orange to light blue, is this easy to customize?

And one more question please… does it support video files ?

Hello! I need help with this theme. I already opened up two tickets for different issues and there hasn’t been any reaction for 63 Days. Now I am having heavy problems with the theme and just opened up a new ticket. I really hope I will receive any of the 6 months of support I paid for. Please at least respond to Ticket #7292. Thanks.

1. Your Live Preview doesn’t work. 2. Are you using the event calendar? if so where is the front-end to post courses?

Is this compatible with WP 4.5 (or 4.4!) Doesn’t look like it has been updated since 2013. Is that accurate?

Any plans to make this theme mobile friendly?

As soon as I acitvate the theme, the screen is just littered with PHP errors