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Before I purchase this theme, I’d like to know if there is a way to resize the full width slider? I don’t want it to be that size—I need it to be pretty small.

Hi Carrie,

Yes, you may resize the sider using some basic CSS. Feel free to submit a support request after your purchase and I’ll do my best to help out.

- Eric

Is there an easy way to show social media icons on top of the page(hardcoded link) and FB share links next to selected pages/posts? Can I add my contact info phone # to the right from the last top menu item? Is there a simple way to integrate a calendar? (i.e. show google calendar or show Facebook event page?)

below page does not show FB icon. Is there a problem with the short code?

Hi I sent you a request via your profile page seeking some help with the slider timing which is not responding to the setting is the Slider options in the panel. Any help will be appreciated.

Any support available?

Hello! Support for all of our themes is conducted through the Two2Twelve support desk. Feel free to signup and post your inquiry there. I look forward to helping you out!

Visit the Support Forums

- Eric

Hi there, Iit’s a strange request but I want the homepage to list services in a certain category – I need to change the following query in template-home.php;

$query->query(‘post_type=t2t_services&posts_per_page=’ . get_option(‘bam_homepage_services_count’));

How could I get it to select the services from a specific service category? Any help would be greatly appreciaited!

Thanks in advance,


Hello Peadar,

Thanks so much for purchasing Brick & Mortar! Support for all of our themes is conducted through the Two2Twelve support desk. Feel free to signup and post your inquiry there. I look forward to helping you out!

Visit the Support Forums

Thanks again!
- Eric

I’m having trouble with the Yoast plugin with this theme, once Yoast SEO is activated I can’t access any page, the header shows but the content doesn’t load, any idea why?

Yoast exhibits a conflict with this theme, best to try another plugin such as WordPress SEO pack.

Hi, Im looking to purchase this theme, but can i have more than three bloggs on the homepage? I would like another row please. :).

Regards, Paul

Brick & Mortar is designed to feature only 3 featured blog posts, however if you would like to have this theme customized to feature more you can contact our customization shop to request a quote.


Hello !

Nice theme ! What is the font used in the logo “Brick & Mortar” ?

Hey thanks! That would be a Google font called Philosopher

Buenos días.

Existe un bug, cuando intento cambiar de color los links del website en el panel de control del template. Todo el template se desabilita y sale que no se puede mostrar la pagina.

Tengo que limpiar el historial dejarlo como esta.


It sounds like there is a problem with your installation. Please visit our support desk and we will try to help you. We are only able to offer support in English.


Any updates on the responsive layout? I really buy this, but I want to be able to cheaply and easily upgrade to the responsive layout when you offer it.

Hi there,

At the moment we have no plans to make this theme responsive, but I have added this request to our possible feature list. You can follow us on here or signup for our newsletter to keep updated on future plans for this and other updates.

Hiya, Bought your theme and very nice to work with.. I like to use a large image in height for the slider… how can i change the height from 345px to XXXpx..

Cheers. Paul

Hey Paul, glad to hear it :) Hop on over to our support desk so our tech can help you out with that.



I liked your website very much. I need to buy it. But i really don’t know anything much about Web Development. Could you HELP me in making some small changes to your theme…?

Changes which i would be needing :

1. In Gallery section – I need multiple galleries. 2. In Services Page, i would be needing Nivo Slider which is coming on HomePage And below that slider i would be needing Services section, which is coming on Home Page. Just that and other than that everything will be removed from the Services Page. 3. And i also need a page like this [Link :] Would that possible…?

And just 1 or 2 more changes, which i would be needing, will only get to know, once i start working on this.

If you could really HELP me, then i would definitely like to buy your theme by tomorrow. And i need to buy Wordpress Theme.

Thank You

Hi there, customization of this extent are not covered under our complimentart support. if you would like to have these done, please feel free to contact our customization shop for a quote.


Sorry. Can’t able to send your through Customization form. As soon as i sent that form. The loader just loads it, and keeps on loading and nothing else happens. What to do …?

Hi there,

The customization form seems to be working fine. Can you try it again please –


Is there any further update on making this theme responsive? it is perfect for us, but we really need it to be responsive.

hi, My “Brick and Mortar” settings show blank for - Homepage Options - Slider Options - Typography Option - .. list goes on.

How to fix this. PS i tried to use your forum but i didn’t fine my Purchase CODE.

please reply. thanks.


Any chance you guys could add support to WPML? I really need multiple languages for the home page and I really like your theme.


Hi there Jean, although we are not able to accommodate that plugin at this time. I’ve added it to the future feature request list. Hopefully it’s one that we can add to the next update. I’ll reply to this comment if/when that becomes available.


Thanks. Also, I manage a webpage for a friend of minie which since yesterday started showing some problems using Brick and Mortar theme. All of a sudden, all pages are showing blank content.

Any ideas what could be happening? Heres an examlple: (yes, on the admin area the page shows all the contents with no problem. This started yesterday).

thank you

Hey there,

Have you stopped by our support desk yet? If not feel free to open a ticket there so our reps can take a look for you.


The support for this theme is slow. I have had an outstanding issue since July 30th, 2013. The theme does not work with NextGen Galleries, or TablePress. Support deactivated TablePress without my approval and rendered my client’s site unusable. Luckily, I was able to restore it. They also stated there was an update available through ThemeForest, but there is not an update available through ThemeForest. The changelot.txt file states the last update to the theme was December 2012. I would not have purchased this theme had I known that the support was not very responsive to tickets.

This is the response I got back from support: “suggestions… well, ummm learn to code tables? lol”... Thanks! Maria

Not very professional nor helpful. I will not buy any themes from two2twelve. She also failed to read the changelog.txt file that stated I had the most recent version of the theme running.

Hey there, I’m very sorry you were not appropriately taken care of in our support desk!! I will be checking into the matter. Unfortunately, as stated in our support policy we do not provide support for third party plugins. For any other questions related to bugs or installation issues we will most certainly get you sorted in a timely manner. Please ask for Elizabeth if you encounter any such issues.


Hi there,

Lovely looking theme! One question before I buy. Is there any chance that you will be updating the site to be responsive in the future at all?


Hi Ralph, Thanks for the compliment. I’m afraid we do not have any immediate plans to release a responsive version. But I will add your request it to our update list and notify you if it becomes available.


Hi. Is there a way I can add a captcha for the contact form?

Regards, Paul

Hi Paul, afraid that’s not a built in feature. But you could try a plugin such as Contact Form 7