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Nice work man, GLWS :)

Thanks mate!

Love it’s minimalist style…GLWS

Thanks, appreciate it!

Good job!Good luck!!

Amazing Theme! Good luck, dude ! :)


Nice work friend ;)

Thank you!

I buy the theme and I´m using, but I don´t know how the contacto form works. It is no necessary a php document?


Hi pelayo,

We normally don’t include the php function to send emails on the html templates. Although, we are uploading an updated version of the template by the end of this week and we’ll make sure it includes the php function as well.

If you have any other enquiries do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for your patience.

thanks a lot!!!!

Hi pelayo,

We just wanted to let you know that we have lunched an update with the Email PHP function included.

To make it work, you will have to edit the file “send.php” located inside the “php” folder to fill in the email where you want to receive the information.

If you have any other enquiries do not hesitate to contact us at for a quicker response.

All the best.

Hi there! I didn’t find a preview of the audio player.. Is there any chance to have a look at it?

Hi quietwave,

The Audio Player is located in the Blog page. If you scroll down on that page you will find it under video post.

If you have any other enquiries do not hesitate to contact us at

All the best.

Hey! Thanks a lot.. Pretty easy to find though^^ Sorry! I guess it would be a copy and paste thing to integrate the player into one of the project-web.html- level instead of the blog!(?)

best regards!

Yes, you just need to copy the audio player div wherever you need it. If you have any issues with this process, do not hesitate to contact us at

There seems to be some inconsistencies when viewing in Firefox (v26; latest at the time of writing). Especially when visiting the “Full Layout” portfolio. Are there any plans to fix these issues?


Hi pyridine, thank you for you comment. Will will definitely look into it. All the best.

Thanks @GrafAS

Just purchased. Looks great. Well balanced. Have not tested on mobile device yet, but should get to that this weekend.

Hi, just purchased. Quick question: I noted that you had upgraded to Foundation5 yet the Foundation folder names indicate Foundation3, and then, Foundation4 for IE 8. Are the contents of the CSS folders actual;ly upgraded to Foundation5, or what gives?