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Great work. Fresh design. All the very best :)

Thanks Designova ;)

Good job David! Wish you many many more sales. This is really clean and well organized template. :)

Thank you for your kind words Luka :),

Good job, GLWS ;)

Thank you :)

some css issue see images

.expertise { background: transparent url(../img/expertise/expertise.jpg) no-repeat fixed 0 0; padding: 30px 0 60px; background-size: 100%; //add this }

Thanks i’ll adjust the background-size: 100%;

This looks great man :)

Thanks dude :)


Excellent theme but there’s one thing that’s bugging me.

On the middle section “This is what we do” the background image doesn’t stretch to the full width of the browser window making it look incomplete.

Is there a CSS issue with this?

Thanks Sandeep

Glad you liked it,
Easy fix : background-size: 100%;
I’ve fixed that, thanks.

Hi I’m really enjoying the theme but I’m wondering if there are different icons I can use in the expertise section or can I make my ones and add them. Thank you Lizzie

Hi Lizzie, yes you can use other icons, i’m using Ico Moon to generate the icons , if you would like to create your owns you can too, this tool allows you to create font-icons from svg files.


Thanks very much, that’s great, I’ve changed them already.

Good evening from California. I am evaluating several themes at the request of a client. To that end, I have a few quick questions that I hope you can answer for me:

  1. Single page scrolling templates are great for story telling segments but not for a whole site of this size. Is mixing story-style pages (single page, parallax) with standard single-page sections (page.php) supported?
  2. Is it possible to create multiple parallax sections or is that a home page only feature?
  3. Are bulky JS files conditionally called on a page? Loading up the entire JS and CSS library for a slider on a single-post blog page is a waste of processing power.
  4. Does the theme use a hook/action model for child themeing or is it a get_template_part() model? Or is the code all inline in a few large files?

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Without access to the theme code, it can be difficult to evaluate the flexibility and quality of a commercial product before purchasing it.

Best Regards, Ian Armstrong / Imperative Ideas

Huh, I probably should have spotted that. My apologies, I was given a ton of stuff to review. Thanks for the fast reply!

No problem :)

Hi! I downloaded the template but not found in the archive “portfolio-4c.html” file. He exists? Or is it a mistake? Thank you!

Hi Aleximagine, the file it’s included, contact me over email, so i can send it out the file. ( moosethemes (at) gmail (dot) com ).
Regards, Moosethemes

Hi! I love your work but I’m just wondering if this template would support video playing instead of static pictures just as good. Thank You!

Hi jart21, the template does support videos on the slider / and outside of it, vimeo, youtube.
Regards, Moosethemes

Moose, what is the gallery session for? is it a blog? Thank you

I’ve replied to your email. Thank you for your business.

Yes. Thanks


I just have a one query. When I load my home page the images in Latest Work don’t appear on the first load, only when I go back to the page. This happens on my Mac, iPhone & iPad. My site is diycharters(dot)co(dot)uk Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

Thanks very much Lizzie

I spent an hour last night looking for a difference but have yet to find one. Today I viewed the site on Internet Explorer the pictures loaded first time?

I spent an hour last night looking for a difference but have yet to find one. Today I viewed the site on Internet Explorer the pictures loaded first time?

It’s a weird bug, will find some time today to tested it out.

Hi Does this template support youtube, vimeo and soundcloud? Thanks

See reply above.

Hi Does this template support youtube, vimeo and soundcloud? Thanks

Yes, Any template support Youtube / Vimeo / Soundcloud, you copy the share link ( vimeo ) paste the content inside of a div.

Regards, Moosethemes

great theme but the portfolio page is missing from the zip!

Mmm weird, send me an email moosethemes at gmail dot com, happy to send it your way. Regards.

Hi, I’d like to remove the search option off of the navigation bar but when I do this it effects the formatting, e.g. the index page layer slider doesn’t work, on the portfolio page the photo slider also doesn’t load. could you advise me how I can do this? Thanks very much, kind regards

I have removed only the code you said and I still have a formatting issue. See Thank you is exactly the same but with that bit of code

Hi, did you have a chance to look into this again for me? I’ve still not found a way round it. Thank you

Liked it. Good job!;