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Now this is CLEAAAAN ! :D Great template :)


Nice file Kriesi

You guys must of not watched the videos. :D


Those admin options are simply amaaazing! Great job! ;)

Very nice job, K.

So I guess Cu3er is back. The features shown in the videos are just amazing. Bookmarked.

Keep it up namesake.

nice backend :) one question, can the cub3r logo be removed?

Great work Kriesi, wish you a lot of sales.

Ahhh gonna buy it, wanna dive into the code and learn something new maybe :)

And got it :)


Thanks a lot! Happy diving :D

Freakin amazing just raised the bar way high! good work!

You’ve outdone yourself this time dude! Would love to have the tablet slider, but as jquery instead of flash. Any way for that? Way to go, man! Great, great work!!

currently not, sorry. If the request keeps poping up I might consider a 2d version but the angle would probably be not the same as in the 3d version.

Impressive and way too tempting. You gotta stop this already!

does this theme fully work as a parent theme so any customizations can be made using a child theme.

is it possible to show the featured image of e.g. the latest 5 regular blog posts in the slider?


no, I didn’t but the span tag that should hold the image is still empty – I guess I should at least get an url to the image?

re-generated all thumbnails – still no images

any progress yet to show the default featured images?

can the cu3b3r be removed?

If you want to remove the Cu3er logo you must get a licence here:

The version which is used by Brightbox is the commercial pro version but doesn’t allow to remove the logo. You can buy the slider for $49 though – then replace the slider swf file (themes folder) with the one you get from

Wow, this is a nice one! But before I buy, I have a few questions:

1). Can the Cu3er logo be removed? It might be a little confusing for my visitors, they don’t know what that is.

2). The border of the submenu and megamenu is so hard and fat, is there any change that it can be made a little more subtile? Maybe a little bit thinner and with little rounded edges just like the buttons of the main navigation have? I think it now is a little bit to hard and easy, compared to the rest of the theme which is beautiful. (For example, I like the menu of Dice, and Itworks II has a real soft one).

3). When you go to a page like then none of the main navigation is ‘on’. But the whole main navigation looks a little bit unfinished then. Also, the current page in the submenu is not highlighted. I was wondering if that is easy possible? Or maybe an option for breadcrumbs would help to not loose the place you are at the moment? (although the title of the page is visible, however sometimes below an image).

4). Would it be an option to lower the top background until a little bit beneath the main navigation? Then the main navigation becomes more separated (also like the Dice theme) from the rest of the page.

Excuse me for all my questions, but I really would like to use this one. :)

1.) zweistein covered that, guess you already noticed

2+3+4) can all be done via css only. if you know at least the basics my support team will be able to guide you through the changes that you cant do yourself, although its not that hard.

The easiest way to create the menu to your likings would be to just increase the size of the blue strip at the top and then position the menu itself absolute and move it upwards. that way you wouldnt need to touch the html/php code at all :)

A breadcrumb nav is currently not available, for the time beeing you would need to use an ecternal plugin :)


Love the theme, specially the dynamic template builder, GREAT WORK !


Awesome Theme! Congrats!

Indeed the backend features are amazing. Still nr 1 :)

Looking good :) how about localization/translation?

The theme is translation ready, all html output of tempalte files is wrapped in gettext functions to work with plugins like wpml or simply a different po/mo file

hi kriesi! before buying: - need localization, is the theme .po ready? - would like to have google fonts implemented instead of cufon, possible? - child theme possible? thx cris

all output is wrapped in gettext functions for easier localization, yes.

you can simply choose not to use any of the fonts specified by me and just include the google font in your header.php file instead :)