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Yay willkommen zurück!

All the best with the sales!

Great job, is usage similar to Avisio?

Well, there are a lot of functions that are similar, but most of the backend has improved considerably since avisio :)

The only thing that is not as powerful (yet) is the content import function :)

If you want to remove the Cu3er logo you must buy a license for $49 here:

The version which is used by Brightbox is the commercial pro version but doesn’t allow to remove the logo. You can buy the slider for $49 though – then replace the slider swf file (themes folder) with the one you get from

It’s great that you set the preview up in a way it’s about itself, it sells itself basically. You don’t throw lorem ipsum in the face of the buyers on the frontpage Only where there is really nothing else to write. High quality product as always, Kriesi.

Thanks a lot glad you like it :)

Thanks Zweistein.

It’s a really awesome theme, great showcasing of its features, there’s just one thing I dislike, and that is the quotes on the shortcodes page, they make the page scroll which is very annoying if you’re reading below the quotes, for example in the icons section.

I don’t know why I said quotes, I meant slides. The slides on the shortcodes page makes the page scroll up and down as the height of the slider content changes, wich gets annoying when reading the looking at the different icons. Anyway, awesome theme!

ah ;D got it. You can choose not to let the slider autorotate so it wont change if the user doesnt want it to change ;)

And if you set autorotation to true, once the user interacts with the slider it will also stop sliding on its own

Really cool, good to know! Thank you for the fast response, great job!

Beautiful theme! I’m interested in purchasing but I have need to make a standard page’s left column 660px and the sidebar wide enough to accommodate 300px adsense. Is this done easily or is there alot of css restructuring involved? Thanks.

not impossible but you would need to increase the overall width of the theme since its created with a maxwith of 940px in mind. Probably 20-45 minutes of css tweaking if you use firebug and then adjusting the sizes of the preview images that should be gernerated by wordpress in functions.php (+ 2 min)

Awesome work Kriesi, I think this is gonna be a new best seller around here. Very clean design, adaptable to almost anything, great job again :)

Can you add captions to the full width jquery slider on the homepage? There’s not one on the demo.

yes thats possible. both fullwidth slider support captions, as well as the small 2d slider with text beside

Thanks for your reply , The full length 2d does not seem to create the captions as you claim…you may want to give it a look as it may just be something that was overlooked :). I posted on your site’s forum as well and an administrator there confirmed that he couldn’t get it to work either. Would certainly appreciate a reply when you have time. Many thanks.

Yea was already notified about that. I will look into it :)

Hi, very nice theme. I just only wanted to know if I can use Cu3er on any page in the site. And if your answer is yes, then I have to ask if it will “degrade” to a jquery or similar solution in the internal pages too, as you already did a PERFECT job at home page (I tested on the iPhone) where although cu3er should be showing, browsing without flash let Automagically show the slideshow in safari on iOS… but I need to confirm it will work on same way using the cu3er plugin for WP inside the pages of the theme… Thanks in advance.

the answer to both questions is yes. as long as you use the slideshow manager that comes with the theme you can create a cu3er slider on every post or page, and it will degrade to jQuery if flash is not available :)

Great design. I like it. :)

@argos – the answer to both questions is yes :)

Thanks Kriesi, then I think it will all be no problem. I am now busy with implementing another theme, but the next one is yours. :)

Glad to hear that! Happy coding :)

Thanks everyone for your kind words, glad you like the theme ;)

Anyone having issues with cu3er? It freezes for me half way through loading. However, it works on the preview.

If you drop me the adress to your site I will take a look :)

I cannot setup an account on your support forum as it does not accept my transaction code. Please advise.

Hey! Sorry to hear that. if you send me the code via mail I will register an account for you.

HI kriesi. Purchased at first look :) Great work kriesi :)

Purchased your Expose theme. Would love to see this as a HTML version. Any chance you might create a HTML version (without the template builder of course)?

Unfortunatley there wont be a pure html/css version, sorry :/


Loving the theme. Is there a way to get rid of the date on the portfolio pages?

Thank you in advance

Of course: add this code into the quick css textarea located in your brightbox layout options panel: (or add it to the custom.css file in your themes css folder)

.single-portfolio .blog-meta{ display:none; }
.single-portfolio .template-blog .entry-content { width: 100%; }

Perfect. thank you for your quick response

can i get rid of the bottom(theme by Kriesi)?

sure, just open footer.php and remove either the whole copyright line or only the party you dont want to display :)