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Unbelievable stuff with very progressive functionality, flexibility and usability. Awesome!. Good luck! :)

hallo kriesi,

ich möchte das datum und comment aus dem blog nehmen, wie muss ich vorgehen?

danke aus wien, robert

Add this code into the quick css textarea located in your brightbox layout options panel: (or add it to the custom.css file in your themes css folder)

This will remove the date and comment count from the single blog page only:
.single-post .blog-meta{ display:none; }
.single-post .template-blog .entry-content { width: 100%; }
This will remove the date and comment count from the whole site (blog overview, blog & portfolio)
.template-blog .blog-meta{ display:none; }
#top .template-blog .entry-content { width: 100%; }

Just use the one that suits your needs :)

hallo kriesi,

ich möchte die primary color von der link farbe trennen und unabhängig vergeben, wie muss ich vorgehen?

danke, robert

Add this code into the quick css textarea located in your brightbox layout options panel: (or add it to the custom.css file in your themes css folder) to set a unique link color:

#top #wrap_all a {
    color: #123456;

#top #wrap_all a:hover {
    color: #567890;

Hi Kriesi, when I import the dummy data, I get this error. “Importing didnt work! You might want to try reloading the page and then try again.” Thanks.

Hi Kriesi

Contact form’s fields are not clearly visible. I think little big of border darkening or field color change is suggestive :)

add this either to your custom.css file or in your admin panel at brightbox->layout at the quick css field for a darker border:

.text_input, textarea, select, #commentform input {
    border: 1px solid #CCCCCC;

Hi Kriesi I don’t understand some thing, I’m experiencing the delay in taking update after any thing edited or added in this theme. For example after editing footer.php, it took an hour to see the change and when I add a widget in the side bar, I don’t see the update immediately. It takes some time to see the changes that is made to the theme. It’s some thing like waiting for approval kind of delay.

LIke this what ever the changes in layout or any, it takes some time to see the updated change.

Thank you very much kriesi

Please lemme know what can be the problem. I

Hi Kriesi :)

It literally takes big time to see a change, when the footer columns are replaced with widgets. What’s really happening?

explanation :

I’m trying to placed widget in every footer columns but to see the change or to see the widget in that appropriate footer column, it’s taking big time.

Is any body facing same problem as I”m?

Are you sure that this is a theme issues. to em it sounds like either you are running a caching plugin or your webserver is trying to save performance by serving cached files instead of new ones.

Does the problem also occur if you change to the default wordpress theme?

Hi kriesi :)

I use wp cache plugin, which is my cpannels quick wordpress default installation plugin. But I’ve not faced the delay using the default theme and also if its the hosting server that is causing this delay, I’m using the same hosting account to host another domain with different theme, no issues with that even. How ever let me recheck if i’ve same problem using the default theme.

thank you kriesi :)

hi kriesi :)

I don’t experience any noticeable delay using other themes. Meaning Every thing seems to be real time when default or other themes used.

I think some one should tell, if they have this same problem.

Thank you very much :)

Hey! if you send me your login data via my contact form I will check it myself :)

@ hi kriesi :)

Please can you tell me

1. How did you get those icons over the videos in your demo. 2. How can I place those icon boxes as you did in demo. 3. when I use some other page as front page, I want that front page to be named as “Home”, doing so i may have two pages with the name ” Home”. So how can I just have any one page. I think the default cannot be disabled?

Hi Kriesi-

Thanks for a wonderful theme. Actually stopped my project at 80% done to switch to this theme I loved it so much.

Im sure Ill have lots of questions, but here is the first -

How can I change the background color of the header without affecting the footer color using the light.css layout?

Basically, I’d like my logo to be displayed in color and with a colored background in the header, I cant. But love the way the footer looks.

How did I just miss this. This is an awesome theme! You rock!

Love the template! Just a question before I buy. I want to use the template for commercial purposes. Does the template or licensing allow me to turn off the cu3er logo option? I just wanted to know if I would have to buy a license over at cu3er to do that. Sorry if this was explained somewhere already.

Thank you,


hi kriesi

Ok I’ll send my login details for sure :)

Thank you kriesi :)

hallo kriesi,

wie kann ich “Comments are closed.” ausblenden?

@kriesi hi login details sent :)

Can I make the overall width of the entire site larger? If so where do I do that?

Hi! Is it possible to insert more than 1 slideshow in one post with shortcode or anyway ?


hi artdenye

yes its psble :)

Cheers :)!