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Yes you’ll have to buy a license from cuber. If you can roll back these comment pages, you can see a comment which gives link and price to buy cuber slider :)

Thank you :)

sorry I have not noticed your comment ” how to make thick or dark border for contact form.

thank you for that, it helped me :)

Hey Kriesi

Geiles Teil – wie immer halt!

zwei Fragen vorm kauf: wie und kann man es überhaupt, am einfachsten möglich machen, bei der Boxed Version ein separates Hintergrundbild pro Seite einstellen zu können?

Kann dieses unter Umständen auch mit JS skaliert werden?

Danke für Feedback und beste Grüsse aus der Schweiz

great theme! love it!

one quick question (and this maybe a stupid one…):

if i have a page created, for example a contact us page, the page is 2 columns (75%-25%). i see the form on the left column and i see ‘Pages’ & ‘Archives’ on the right sidebar. how do i get rid of the right sidebar items and replace it with what i want?

i tried creating a dynamic content page and assign the form to that page, but the form itself does not show up.

i hope this makes sense.


Hello, is it possible to insert fade slideshow into a post with external images ( via link? ). I dont want to use category for some images. Thank you

If I wanted to use the toggle accordion script (one visible allowed) as my sidebar, instead of the tabs, is that just a matter of putting in the short code into a text widget and then put in the php script to have the recent comments and other things to show up there?

Hi Kriesi and all people here, I installed WP and Brightbox, but I can´t still get it working with the TABLET slide with cu3er as it is in the online demo here. Can anybody here send me step by step instructions to get it working ?

I like your theme, but I want to know if it is possible to have the sidebar on the left side.


Hi, since I bought I still haven´t been able to watch my site as the DEMO with the TABLET SIDE cu3er homepage but as I couldn´t find any step by step configuration to it I am asking to all of you if anybody already could get that same design working.

Another question:

This theme is translation ready and comes with a .po file??


Houston, we have a problem. I can´t find the language folder on this theme. I installed: Codestyling Localization plugin then, and it says:

“Language Folder: The translation file folder is ambiguous, please select by clicking the appropriated language file folder or ask the Author about”

So please, we need a solution to this. I didn´t asked about multilanguage on the theme, as… of course, you are on internet, and that means multilanguage is almost a MUST for an international sale of a theme, isn´t it ?

First of all, awesome theme. By far the best i’ve purchased here!

I have 2 small issues i would like to tweak, don’t know how!

1. Featured images in posts: I only want the featured image to be shown as a thumbnail (brightbox combo widget) and as a thumbnail for related posts (YARP plugin). I don’t want the images inside the post and/or on the blog page, only thumbnail. Can you tell me what part of the code to tweak?

2. Blog page: How can i make the blog page show only each posts excerpts? Not the entire blog posts.

Thanks and great job on the theme!! Frank


really like your theme, and would like to know can the porfolio have option of filtering the order based on tags, date, category, name, etc? this would be a very important feature for me to make it easier for clients to see relevant images and videos. (see this link for reference on the air theme




Forgot to ask:

1. is this html5 compatible – ie will iphone and ipad users be able to view the page

2. do you have any more social media icons besides the facebook and twitter you have at the top right hand corner? would be great to have linkedin, tumblr, myspace etc.


Really awesome dude. Love the effort you put into this. Everyone has to try this for sure.

Thanks for the great theme :)

hallo kriesi,

wie kann ich eigene cufonts einbinden? in den ordner legen alleine reicht leider nicht …

danke aus wien, robert

Any idea when an update is due?

Can I integrate a 3-4 static accordion similar to the one used in Newscast on a template?

Also… The blog pages are showing entire posts, can an update be made for excerpts as well?

Great theme!!

For some reason Lightbox is not working on my installation, I only get the full image in a new page. Can you please assist?



Great theme.

It is possible to create a menu at the footer botton, as home, privacy, terms and conditions and contact

Thanks for your reply