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I really like this theme, looks great! One question, my client has a logo that uses a specific color, that he would like to match. How hard is it to change the color to his and not to use one of the options you provide in the styleswitcher? Thank you for your time.

Hi again, I have one more question. Since you are using CU3ER and that is Flash, will the pages be displayed on iPad / iPhone? They do not support Flash so will I not be able to see images, or do you have a jquery version? I would really like to use this theme, but I need to know this before I purchase. Thanks for your support.

Quick question about using the theme on a network install with sub-folder sites. Is it possible to customize the theme with different styles for each sub-folder usage or do all sub-folders have to use the same styling?

if you are talking about wordpress mulitsite: each instance gets its own option set

sorry for the followup question here but is it possible to use something besides the 620×200 featured image on the blog page? In particular, is it possible to set it up through the admin panel so that the featured image is set into the excerpt as right or left aligned thumbnail?

you can modify the image sizes used in functions.php. however displaying thumbnail images left or right aligned for the blog isnt possible out of the box and would need some code modifictions

Many thanks for that but it’s too bad to hear. I was hoping it could be edited without having to worry about overwriting in future updates. If you make any updates to the theme in the near future, please take this into consideration. For traditional blogging use, the big, full width landscape featured image looks amazing, but is pretty impractical for everyday blogging use. Having the option to have a featured image that is right/left aligned to the excerpt content and in the neighborhood of 150×150 to 250×250 is much more practical.

If you do decide to update the theme, I’ll pick it up in a heartbeat.

Hi, as the contact form / page is selected in the theme options and only allows one contact page, how would I best go about creating more multilingual contact pages located in their own language subfolders. I am making a multilingual site using the WPML Plugin. Please advise?

Hi, solved the problem by using the template builder and adding page content. Thanks


This is the second theme I’ve bought off you and I love it!

I was wondering if it would be possible to enable the ‘autoplay’ feature on videos with the template builder. (This is through Vimeo)

Thanks, Dave


Does this theme come with the iPad viewer for a slideshow as shown in this page example? If so, can you embed a video in there as well?

This is your tablet slider, BTW .

Can you also make your search box- a pop up verses using all of the real estate on the top?

Thanks Keith

Hi Does this theme come with the iPad viewer for a slideshow as shown in this page example? If so, can you embed a video in there as well? This is your tablet slider, BTW . Can you also make your search box- a pop up verses using all of the real estate on the top? Thanks Keith


Do you have screens of the mega-menu features? I’m interested to see how that works. Thanks.

Hi, I love the theme! I understand that you set it up that if the Flash detection feature detects that Flash has been enabled in the browser, it automatically displays the Cu3er slider; otherwise, the jQuery fade in and out slider is used (great!). My client wants to remove the Cu3er logo. If I buy the license from cu3er and then replace the slider swf file in the themes folder as you suggested, will browsing without flash still automatically show the slideshow?

I’m having an issue with this theme:

When I create a mega menu, once I get past 16 items, no more can be saved and the last item in the menu is unclickable.

Any ideas??

If I swap back to twentyten theme, all items appear again and disappear again when I switch back to brightbox. Weird.

How do i set up the mega menu?

thanks! awesome theme!!!!

I also can’t access your support forum. When I enter the licence key and email etc, it says error.

Previous question not a huge deal now but I am wondering whether it’s possible to use the slideshow element twice on the same page, and showing different images?

Thanking you


Got menu item sorted.

For anyone else having issues with this theme, you need to increase PHP memory limit on your server to 256M and alter suhosin values to: = 0 suhosin.request.max_vars = 0

Hope this helps anyone else.

Hi kriesi. How are you ?

Thank you very much for such a great theme.

But I have few problems in its functionality.

1. when I create new template in template builder choosing “columns” element to have 5 columns as widget areas and navigate to widget area the columns for that template are not created to add widgets into those columns.

2 In menus when I create another 2nd menu and apply it, the theme still stays with menu1 or menu2 is not applied.

3. when ever I update my site with new content and settings I dont see them Immediately applied.

What can be the reason. but no. 1 problem and no.2 problems are big problems to me as they are not functioning as they should :(

I’m sorry kriesi! I did not notice I should first give a name to the widget area name and then save. That was my problem not reading the instructions in hurry!

Extremely sorry for that :(!

But the second problem i.e menus problem exists.

Thanks for theme – it rocks. Anyone have any idea why it is so SLOW TO LOAD ? At first, I thought it didn’t install properly, but after reinstalling it for a second time, STILL WAY TO LOAD TO LOAD . I have contacted my ISP and they assure me that all is well on their end.


Thanks again, Tommy

Nice theme – but lots of speed bumps in the process of getting the site online.

I have a specific PAGE defined as the Home Page, it has several Featured Images which are supposed to rotate in a slideshow (Big 3d). If I go to the site with just the domain name, the images do not appear … if I specify the page in the domain name, they do.

What can I do to get them to play when the site visitor just types instead of ?

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer!