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Brighten is a subtle but gorgeous interface

Providing a fading gradient to all images and captions, Brighten aims to be unintrusive, keeping the scene friendly while at the same time having a familiar Mobile User Interface.

Light and Dark for a Gorgeous Mobile Experience

Brighten supports dark mode natively, with just a tap or replacing a class, you can switch between light and dark mode, to enjoy a beautiful, stunning dark interface.

Brigthen is a Progressive Web App

Install Brighten on your mobile device and enjoy a gorgeous app like feeling. It’s simple to do and works with all major modern smartphones.

Brighten is Copy & Paste Component Built

No need to worry about pages you can’t find in the demo. Using the copy & paste components inside Brighten you can achieve the Mobile User Interface you want in minutes. It’s really that easy!

Gorgeous Pages to Complete a Stunning Design

Even though you can create your own pages with great ease, we added a tone of awesoe and easy to use pre-made pages so we can make your work easier and faster! Azures comes packed with 135 total pages and components for you to choose from!

Classic & Starter Homepages Available!

There’s no need to be stuck at a classic mobile homepage style. With Brighten the options you have a plentiful and highly customisable.
  • Background Color Homepage
  • Background Image Homepage
  • Classic Profile Homepage
  • Locked Homepage
  • Login Homepage
  • 6 Starter Splash Screen Styles
  • 6 Starter Walkthrough Styles

Copy & Paste Components

The most flexible way of creating pages. It’s going to Brighten your workflow.
  • PWA Add to Home Banners and Badges
  • Accordions with Multiple Styles
  • Action Sheets & Action Modals
  • Auto Dark Mode and Color Highlight Rentention
  • Buttons & Icons with tons of Styles
  • Back to Home Badge and Icon
  • Charts & Graphs powered by charts.js
  • Chips with Light and Dark Styles
  • Cookie Boxes and Consent Boxes
  • Cards with Gradients, Solid Colors or Background Images
  • Color Packs with Examples
  • Columns with Multiple Styles
  • Caption Boxes for any Content Design
  • Contact Form – Functional with AJAX
  • Collapse / Dropdown Elements
  • Dividers with Multiple Styles and Icons
  • Emoji with Unicode
  • File Upload – Web API integrated
  • Facebook Comments Integration
  • Geolocation – Web API Integrated
  • Images Effects on Tap
  • Link Lists with Badge and iOS/Android Switch Support
  • List Groups with Icons and Multiple Styles
  • OS Detection – show content based on iOS or Android
  • Online & Offline Detection and Banners
  • Quotes and Review Elements
  • Preloaders with multiple styles and colors
  • Pricing Tables with multiple styles insertable in Carousel/Slider
  • Reading Time Calculator – estimated time to read page
  • Snackbars & Toasts, with multiple styles and designs
  • Sliders and Carousels, powered by enhanced OwlCarousel
  • Social Sharing with automatic link adding from the page you share
  • Search System, functional with any element finding options
  • Tabs designed like iOS and Android pills
  • Tooltips for hovering to get extra info
  • Text resizer for Mobile Accessibility
  • User Lists & Groups with multiple styles
  • Working Hours – fully functional
  • Vibrate API integration for Android vibrate on tap

Media – Tap your images, feel your projects

No gallery element forgotten about, we’ve added them all! Showcase your projects and photos in style!
  • Switch view Gallery
  • Filter Category Gallery
  • Rounded & Squared Thumbnails
  • 6 Elegant Portfolio in One or Two Column Styles
  • Selected Project / Portfolio Item
  • Instant Portfolio, like Google Search results or Facebook Instant Articles

Site Pages – Esential Pages designed to feel like a Native Mobile Experience

  • About Us
  • Careers / Jobs
  • 404 Page
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Instant Articles
  • Sign In / Login
  • Sign Up / Register
  • Forgot / Reset Password
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Timeline – Center Items
  • Timeline – Left Icon Style
  • Profile Classic
  • Profile Instagram Style
  • System Status
  • Task Progress
  • Under Construction
  • Terms of Service
  • Fully functional Contact Page

AppStyled – Pages designed to feel like native app interfaces
  • 6 Starter / Splash / Walkthrough Styles
  • Sign In / Log In
  • Sign Up / Register
  • Forgot / Reset Password
  • 404 Error Page
  • Coming Soon / Under Construction
  • Calendar
  • Chat Bubbles
  • Full Screen Map


Version 3.3.1 – 8th January 2023
Have ideas for updates to Brighten? Send us your feedback via our contact form (link).

- Maintenance: Updated to Bootstrap 5.2 for better performance and stability.

Version 3.3 – 2nd March 2022

- Global - Updated Icon Library to FontAwesome 6
- Global - FontAwesome 5 will continue to be supported if you still wish to use it.

Version 3.2.4 – 6th December 2021

- Global - Bootstrap 5.x JS, CSS and SCSS updated to Latest Versions (5.1.3 Stable)
         - Fixed issue with Flex box Container Align Self Center
- Global - FontAwesome Library Updated to latest 5.15.4

Version 3.2.3 – 20th September 2021

- Global - Improvements for new iOS15 Tab Bar Safari interface
- Global - Bootstrap 5.x JS, CSS and SCSS updated to Latest Versions (5.1 Stable)
- Global - FontAwesome Library Updated to latest 5.1.3 Version

Version 3.2.2 – 14th June 2021

- Global - Bootstrap 5.x JS, CSS and SCSS updated to Latest Versions (5.0.1 Stable)
- Implemented Google API for Google Maps for new Google Standards

Version 3.2.1 – 19th April 2021

- Global - Bootstrap 5.x JS, CSS and SCSS updated to Latest Versions (5.0 Beta 3)
- Files Updated - scss/bootstrap folder, styles/bootstrap.css, scripts/bootstrap.min.js 
- Documentation - Improved Documentation files in Bootstrap 5.x Version

Version 3.2 – 25th March, 2021

Brighten now comes in Bootstrap 5.x with NO jQuery dependency.

- Global - Bootstrap 5.x - Vanilla JavaScript, no jQuery Dependency (Version 5.0 Beta 2)

Version 3.1.1 – 11th March 2021
Mobile PWA update for upcoming WebKit / Chrome standards

- Improvement - Updated _service-worker.js to new PWA standards (replace _service-worker.js)
- Improvement - In custom.js and at the very top set pwaNoCache = false;

Version 3.1 – 11th December, 2020

- Bug Fix - Fixed Media Pages where the menu would show twice.

Version 3.0 – 6th October, 2020

- Global - Brighten is now Bootstrap 4.5 Powered.
- Added - New Timelines
- Added - New Splash Screens
- Added - New Walkthrough
- Added - Offline Detection
- Added - Full PWA support for iOS And Android
- Improvement - All components rewamped
- Improvement - Bootstrap Columns & Flex Boxes
- Improvement - Headers now Support Badges
- Improvement - External Menus for easy editing
- Improvement - SCSS Files included for faster editing
- Improvement - Color Schemes are now saved in LocalStorage
- Improvement - Added Developer Mode to keep caches clear while testing

Version 2.1 – 27th May, 2020

- Improvement - PWA & Service Worker Minor Improvements.

Version 2.0.1 – 19th September, 2019

- Item - Tags and Preview Images Update.

Version 2.0 – 18th April, 2020

- Global - PWA (Progressive Web App ) Support, Brighten is now PWA ready
- Global - Remembering Dark Mode from Visit to Visit
- Component - Online / Offline Detection
- Component - Add to Home Install Prompt for PWA
- Improvement - Remember Light or Dark Mode for Future Visits.
- Improvement - All Scripts and Styles to Latest Stable Versions
- Improvement - Replaced BaguetteBox with Lightbox for better PWA Support.

Version 1.1 – 12th April, 2019

- Improvement - Menus now load externally for easier editing.

As per Envato Terms of Service, Images are not included in the main download package. If needed, we can provide a list of links for the images used.


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