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How can I change masonry from 4 columns to 3 columns? I’m having a hard time making the adjustment. I can adjust the size of each column but not the number of columns.

PS: Love the Theme!!

Open this file: britanews/js/custom.js
Find this code: itemWidth: 264, // Optional, the width of a grid item
Change to itemWidth: 364, // Optional, the width of a grid item

something wrong with your preview.

We are sorry, few days ago our server had crash.
Please check again.
Now, our demo website is being normal.

how can i align my logo at the center of the page?

Sorry, in the Britanews theme option, this feature is not available.
But, if you want to align your logo, our team will help to code the css file for you.
Please give us the wp-login information.

Sorry alebaici,
We think you use britanews wp version.
Britanews html version doesn’t have adaptive feature so you can’t align your logo to the center of the page.

Could you give your email address?
Our team have provide index.html where the logo has been aligned to the center of the page.
if you don’t mind, we will send it to you.

Hello but what grid system are you using? It is not bootstrap. Is this a made up grid system? I did not see documentation for your grid system.

Hi there, the grid system built on our own grid system. The column class is .grid_1, .grid_2, .grid_3, .grid_4, .grid_5, .grid_6, .grid_7, .grid_8, .grid_9, .grid_10, .grid_11, .grid_11.

If you are familiar with bootstrap, then you will understand.

Is it like bootstrap 2 or 3? Bootstrap 3 is more mobile. We want this to look good on all screen sizes even if we do some custom layouts with this template.

Yes… that’s kinda like bootstrap, already responsive… and will looks good on mobile devices… but if you got some problem, just let us know

hello , I like the web , I’m thinking of buying it . Just one question , as the blog work? is there any control panel to enter the news?

Of course,
The blog is working.
Absolutelly simply for insert news and show your style with theme option.

You can show an example of the control panel of the blog?

Hi, sorry this is html version.
Please check our wordpress version:

Blog in HTML = blog in wordpress ? both work the same way ?

Hello is it possible to have the masonary grid twice on one page? I tried but I saw the parent container had and id=”container”. Is that needed? Can it be a class? Also where is the script called I can’t find it in the custom.js or plugins.js files. Its not called from the page either?

Please let me know about this…I am waiting on you to move forward…thanks in advance.

”#tiles” is purposely to check if the images inside the ”#item” is already loaded…

so if i wanted to have the mansonary twice on one page how is it possible…you can’t have the same id twice?

hello there i purchased this website cause i liked the design and the mobile version i also checked some of the guys above website and how it looked like and it kind of encouraged me to buy it however i am having a big problem at the moment…. somehow is not installing the theme…

http://prntscr.com/5lns09 this is what it shows there a ccc file missing or i am doing something wrong???

[Edit] never mind i found the answer http://prntscr.com/5lnyjo ill let you know if i have any other problem??? and also one more thing that encouraged me to buy this theme was also because your kind to answer questions… thank you for that…. not all answer and help like this :) hope everything goes smoothly talk to you soon cause i gotta leave a review my site will be about talking and reviewing stuff so ill definitely give you credits ;D


I sent you a message but you did not reply.

In the demo you can set the background pattern when using a boxed theme. How can I set a background background pattern or a large image?


If you could answer the above question that would be great! Also the Hot news ticker and the 3 image sliders do not work on chrome – do you have a fix?

Hi, sorry for late replay.

If you want to set background pattern, please open index.html & edit body style like this: <body style="background: url(http://html.envalabs.biz/britanews/images/patterns/2.png);"> And if you want to set background image, please open index.html & edit body style like this: <body style="background: url(https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1445964047600-cdbdb873673d?ixlib=rb-0.3.5&q=80&fm=jpg&w=1080&fit=max&s=4095108ad20979bc2f6522caa3c9eaab) no-repeat fixed;background-size: 100%;">

Please change the file URL with yours.

before I by just want to check – Is this still supported?

Sure we still support this theme :)