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Hello, I’m really having problems with the contact form. It doesn’t work. I asked for support a couple of times and no useful suggestions. Could you please help me? Seriously would like the support!

written at the bottom

Do you have an e-mail?

How can I remove the preloader?

Hello! Write to support you and answer all your questions.


When I press the play in the SHOW REEL section it doesn’t play the video and I can’t press the play button.

I need to publish my website this week so I need to solve that mistake. Can you please upload the same project with all the images? Like in the preview. I think that it could be the easier solution.



I will respond to the email, you wrote the same thing. Thanks

Brizzz having problems with the contact form. It does not work. can you please tell me how it’s work ? url is –

Hello, if you still need our help, please write to our forum Thank You.

Hi there, in the portfolio section when you zoom into an image – is there any way to give that zoomed image an external href link? It would seem to be a simple thing, but the image already has href for pretty photo, and I can’t seem to make the image clickable to an external link… hope this makes sense!!

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you Traci

Hello, you can change href to the your custom href ex – href=”” Thank You