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Very beautiful, very effective. lovely one!

Good luck :)

Thanks Morad!


Wow this is awesome! :-) Good luck with sales!

Much appreciated!


Good work Mike. ;)

Thank you J, great design!


i bought the flash version some time ago… now finally a version that is built without flash !! thanks ! However i regret the project gallery in full width without the info option…

good job, keep up!

Adry, thanks for the kind words. You can actually easily add captions in the full-width version of the projects/portfolio. They just won’t show/hide like the flash version of Broadside and will look different. If you would like the captions in the full width projects to work exactly like the flash version, I can help you customize that easily.


Will you launch a WORDPRESS version ? Very good work!

I will probably release a WordPress version but not for some time. I suggest purchasing the Site Template for now :-).

I still have two site templates I’m converting in the meantime before I even start on this one. Feel free to follow me or send me an e-mail to stay informed.

I just purchased this theme. Very beautifull indeed. However I don’t quite understand the role of PHP files. I want to use my own JQuery powered gallery template with MODX (CMS). Are these php files any usefull? They seem to be there for the advanced features of the themes and not the layout.

The PHP Files include the same functionality as the HTML files. So you aren’t gaining any big features or losing any by going with the PHP files. The main reason I include them is so so that there is only one header.php file and one footer.php file. This makes it easier for making updates and so on. IE. There is only one header file to edit for all of the pages. It also gives buyers the ability to add more php includes like for the navigation if they’d like. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any-more questions about the PHP files.


Looks great.

One issue we have from the demo in FF 4

When you click menu, and open 2nd level menu… if you hover mouse between main menu pane , and slide out second menu pane…

the menu collapses, which is kind of annoying, seems to be only a pixel wide.

Anyhoo, good luck with sales

I just double checked in both osX and Windows FireFox 4. Everything works fine on my multiple test machines. Also the hover on the menus have a hover-intent plugin so they won’t close quickly which would prevent this. If you have any issues with the Live Preview, feel free to e-mail me with more details.


Great work pezflash and ProgressionStudios! Amazing to see such a design with pure html/css!

Thanks Ramesh! :) PS has done a great job developing this template.

Hello ProgressionStudios,

Nice work and a beatifull template! Woot! ;-)

I would buy it but … I checked the theme on my HTC Desire Z or something like that and i found the way of ussing the menu is a lillte difficult.

I hope you understeand my issue. Is there something to fix it?

Thanks in advance!


Yeah the main thing you can do is have the menu showing at all time. That is the main issue with the touch screen devices. I have a template included that will work out better for these devices which has the menu always showing. Menu always showing example. You can either have this turned on by default or a mobile version :-).


Congrats guys! Looks great better than I could do :)

- Phoenix



Hello Mike (ProgressionStudios),

I don’t know how te reply on the conversation, so i just started a new message!

Many thanks for your quick response! I like your way of support, quick as hell and with a solution! Woot!

I just purchased and if there any problem with anything i will report me to you.

Good luck on Sales and i’m wondering about the next futered items! ;-)

Sorry for my bad english. I know, or better, i’m sure you will understeand.

Greetings, Daje

Glad you’re enjoying the Site Template. Don’t forget to rate it by going to your “Downloads” :-). And of course contact me if you have any questions in the future.


Yep, i know!

Rating added: five stars. Congrats!

The menu option while be used with the mobile version. With your profile page and contact option i will send the link of the normal and mobile version.

Greetings, Daje


I was wondering is it possible to have accent in the menu? I would like to insert a ’’é’’. I tried putting the accent html code but didnt work. Any suggestion? Thank you

ateissier, you should be able to use special characters. I checked the “Character Map” for the font BeBas Neue and the characters are available:

1. Go to the link above and select “@font-face Kit” just below the BeBas Neue text.

2. Under the heading “Choose a Subset” select “Don’t subset” and download the font-face kit.

3. Drop these new files into your “bebas-neue” folder overwriting the previous files and that should do the trick.

The regular font-face kit trims down on the special characters to reduce the file-size for faster page loads. By Selecting “Don’t subset”, you will be selecting all of the font glyphs like “é” and etc. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any trouble with that. I just checked it on my PC and made sure it works.

It worked! Thanks a lot! very glad with your template, it rocks!

How do you make the menu always stay on? Is it in a .js file? Please let me know… thanks! I see you posted a page of it always up but not sure how to find out how you did itt

To make the menu always stay on, you just need to replace one JavaScript file. The file you need to replace is the “custom.js” file in the with “custom-no-hover.js” and you’re done.

If you would like to edit the JavaScript file instead of replacing it, I have left comments in the code pointing you in the right direction in the “custom.js” file.

Thanks muzikizum!


Thank you. Great template! As far as the blog page goes: is there a way that the content of that page can display content of an actual wordpress blog with the same current styling as you designed?

Yeah, you should be able to convert the blog section to a WordPress Blog or any CMS of your choice. You just need to follow the documentation at and any tutorials online for converting the files and then you should be set. Here is a basic tutorial to get you started.


Thanks for you reply about the blog. The background for the content “container” box does not appear in the Opera 10.61 browser. Any ideas?

The site is fully functional in Opera 11 which is the current version and has been out for quite some time. I can’t support older versions of Opera, but the current version is supported of course. Feel free to e-mail me if you have anymore questions.


Thanks! Updated Opera and everything works as you said!

Hi, thanks for this awesome theme! It looks great and works well with my portfolio!

Quick question: is there any way to have the center box wallpaper transparent? I tried using .png files and .tiff files but it doesn’t seem to register. It always turns back to solid.

I’d REALLY love to have the center box like a transparent grey.

lmk, THANKS ! Again, great theme!

You won’t be able to use multiple transparent images in the slideshows. Although you should be able to use a single transparent PNG image.

If that doesn’t work out, try and give the div id=”container” the transparent background image and it should work out. Feel free to e-mail if you have anymore questions and I can help you out.


wow! thanks for the quick response!

I’ll shoot you an email now!

Sounds good, got it sorted out quickly :-). Sometimes these things don’t fit in the comments boxes.


Just wanted to say that Mike is awesome and this theme is beautiful! Quick replies and very editable template. I’ve bought quite a few templates but this one takes the cake! 5 stars!

Thanks Mike!

Thanks Eugene! Your site looks great by the way.