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Hi! The design is nice and clean, very nice java efect, but it has a lot of faults, for example the “contact” mails goes directly to spam folder, the css is wrong in many ways, but anyway i can change that ;) if you can fix that things it will be a really nice template.

If you had any issues, you should have e-mailed me for support. I can assure you that there are no issues with the code. We have over 600 sales between the Site Template and WordPress version and both are rated 5/5 stars. The spam folder e-mail is an issue with your e-mail account, not the contact form. You should be able to easily mark all e-mails with the subject line as not junk mail and start receiving them without a problem.

Go ahead and send me an e-mail if you are having any problems with the site template. I’d be happy to help you out.


I can’t seem to be able to work on this theme. I created the drop down menu but when I click on the rest of the menu items such as contact, blog, etc.nothing shows….just a page from bluehost…which is my web host provider. you can go to

I tried all of the videos and still haven't been able to figure that out.

I will really appreciate if you can help me with this issue.

Thank you,



Send me an e-mail. The Menu system is the regular WordPress Menu’s. Also, I can’t view your website so make sure to send me a login if necessary to view it in the e-mail.


Also, you are posting a question in the Site Template area. I assume you purchased the WordPress version.

Ok…I will send you an e-mail with the information. I did buy the template…

Thank you for your prompt reply.


Hi! We purchased this theme and we have a problem with the link “iframe-popup” in contact.php page… When we click on it, fancybox opens but doesn’t display the map. If we try to open this page from “Live preview” on the problem is the same… Thanks a lot!

The javascript works fine of course, it was just the link to the page that is broken. Google Maps updated the embed url’s when revamping the site so the link broke. I just had to update the link and that was it. You can insert a link to any page and the iframe-popup will work.


Hi Mike

Thanks alot Lisa

You can see PHP code if you are viewing this on your local machine. Just upload it to your server and everything will work fine.

If this is in fact online, then send me an e-mail with a link to your site and I’ll check it out.

Thanks Mike,

Amazingly quick response, I changed the comment, sorry for the dumb question. Ill email you once its live if I have another question

Great work!

Thanks Lisa

Hi i have just downloaded this site and noticed this issue in the browser window

’ . ”\r\n” . ‘Reply-To: ’ . $email; mail($emailTo, ‘Your Website Subject’, $body, $headers); //Replace Your Website Subject $emailSent = true; } } ?>

Please check if you’ve filled all the fields with valid information. Thank you.

please could you tell me how i can get rid of this.


I assume this is because you are looking at the site files on your computer. The PHP code that generates the contact form will only render if you have it uploaded to your server. I have a note in the documentation about this. There is no issue, you just can’t view the PHP code locally on your machine.


Hi Mike great template, any chance to insert a mp3 player that remains in all the pages? Thanks. Ezequiel =)

Yeah, check out some scripts over at codecanyon. You can add anything to the Site Template :-). The Audio Player can be added anywhere via CSS positioning. I suggest adding the audio-player code around the social networking icons, under the main content. You can use CSS positioning to position wherever you would like.


Btw cant find the property of videolightbox in any of the css, I want to fix the videolightbox to be the same in size as the image lightbox. Thanks

You can adjust any of the lighbox properties in the /js folder in the file called “custom.js”. You will adjust the size via javascript, not css (/css/fancybox.css). There is additional documentation for this online here:

Feel free to send me an e-mail if you need additional help with this.

Hi Mike – how suitable would this template be as the basis for a site that is intended to work on computers as well as mobile devices including iphones? I tested the sample on an iphone 3GS and it seems to be functional but slow and small. With some tweaks, I could see it working out – do you see this as realistic, and could you offer assistance? I would like the site to detect mobile devices, and if so it would: - Disable menu animations - Turn off the slideshow by default - Make the menu bigger - Allow the menu to be operated by taps (as opposed to hover) - Allow the scroll bar to be functional (e.g. blog page)

Thanks, Steve

PS I also noticed that the slideshow hourglass animation does not appear on IE9 – just an FYI :)


The site should run on an iPhone as we’ve tested this. The menu itself can be always visible instead of shown on hover. This is built-in to the site template, just a simple javascript option. If you wanted to develop the site more specifically for your mobile device, you would have to do so on your own. I cannot provide support for customizations that go beyond the site template itself.

CSS tweaks are very simple to make based on the mobile browser using code like this:
@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {


Hi, Before I purchase this I wanted to know if the portfolio can be used as a video portfolio rather than a photo one. This is a little new to me so sorry for what is probably a basic question. Dan

Yeah, you can use the portfolio for videos or photos. It should bey easy to use either one. Feel free to e-mail me after your purchase if you have any trouble.


Hi men, this is for wordpress or html page?

This version of for HTML but we offer a WordPress version here. Note the price difference.

I am sure this is easy but I just learned to change some HTML code with this template (It is so straightforward, you did a great job!!) I am trying to add a Facebook “like” button to the page and got the code from Facebook but can’t get it to work. Where exactly are you supposed to put it and do I need to change it around at all? Thanks for the great template it is amazing!

The Facebook “like” button can go anywhere on the site (Just like any website). I suggest visiting the Facebook Developer API as this feature solely depends on FaceBook and the like feature.


How do I code the fancybox so that when it pops up upon clicking on an image in the “portfolio-thumbnails” page i can scroll through multiple images? I can’t seem to find a way so that it’s a slideshow of multiple images rather than just one image.

Yeah, that should be easy to do. Go ahead and create a discussion on our support forum and I will provide help.

Visit the Support Forum here →

I am very interested in buying this theme, but what is the difference between the wordpress and the regular version? Is the wordpress easier to set up and update?

The site template requires you to edit HTML /CSS. We always recommend the WordPress version as no coding is required. WordPress can handle creating pages and uploading images all from the WordPress Dashboard.


Thank you ikee great help

Hi there,

we’ve been using your theme for one of our websites, and all goes well, except for one thing:

when a page loads, the “container”background flashes black just before loading the content. Obviously the backgroundcolor is black, but we would like it to be either transparant or white. Is there a way to customise this?

Hope you can help,

best regards Scubarious

Check out our support forums. It’s actually the javascript pre-loader that you are seeing. It’s just a flash since your site must be loading quickly. Here is discussion on how to customize this in our Support Forum:


Hi There! One question: I need to type two words in some menu items. Everything is fine but … when you hover this new item the second word goes down to a second line. Where can I change the width of the menu item? to fix everything in a single line? Thanks in advance


Thanks for starting a thread in the support forum, your question will be answered shortly:
Visit the Support Forum here ?

Hi. Before of buying this template I would like to know how much use of PHP there is here, because I have to port it to ASP .NET (especially the contact form). I’m a quite expertt ASP .NET developer.

Thank you :)

We include both HTML and PHP files for this. You can choose whichever set to edit. The only file that requires PHP is the contact form. It is very simple PHP though and it sounds like you should be able to port it to ASP .Net if you choose. All other files are just simple HTML .

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello, Awesome template, very nice.

It’s possible to show the entire menu always? My client want the cascade menu.


Yeah, it should be simple to display the menu always. Can you post the question on our support forum, I’ll answer it promptly with directions.

Can’t you answer me here? I’m already register on your forum but the confirmation email never arrives, I resend the email but nothing, I check my email account and it’s ok.

Please it’s very urgent to me, to know the way to show the menu permanently.


By default in the header, the template uses the custom.js file (This controls the hover on menu). Use the js/custom-no-hover.js file instead and the menu will always display. You can either copy/paste the contents into the custom.js file or you can call to the new file in the header area of the site.

PS. I manually approved your account on the support forum so you can post any questions in the future.

Thanks, thanks a lot, awesome support.