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Finally, I can use this for a client who wants WP. :)


Yeah, I’m glad to finally release this WordPress version. Happy Purchasing!

really nice theme.

just a little bug on my resolution. contact form textarea is bit cut at the right.

good luck :)

Yeah, the text area was just 1 column too wide in FireFox. It has been fixed. Thanks for pointing that one out atinder.

I love this theme! A few questions before I purchase (I apologize i’m not too familiar with wordpress or websites in general, haha)

1. Can I change the font? 2. I understand that the colors can be changed but would I be able to upload a pattern to use for the main background? 3. How user-friendly is this design for people like me who have very little experience?

Thank you for your time. I’m sorry I purchased a few themes already that say they are “user-friendly, easy etc” but have been very difficult or just a hassle to contact the designer.

Glad you are interested in the theme. I’ve uploaded a screenshot from the options panel to give you a preview of that.
1. Sadly, changing the font is not possible through the Options Panel. The theme already has so many options built-in, we decided to leave this one out. It would still be easy to make though via some custom css and I’d be happy to send you directions on how to do so.
2. Also, the background is automatically resized to fit, so a pattern won’t work unless you made customizations. Neither of the

We have recorded 15 videos walking buyers through the theme and included an XML file with demo content to get your started. The Demo content should help you out with anything you need to get started and easily replicate the Live Previews.

Nice development Michael. ;) Wish you many sales again with this version.

Thanks J!



Much Appreciated!


Great theme!

Can you have multiple thumbnail galleries?

For example, I’d like to setup a “scrolling portfolio” and then have those items linked to a thumbnail gallery page to showcase 4-8 images for each scrolling portfolio item.

Is this possible?

Thanks so much!



Yes, you can have your setup of a scrolling portfolio that leads to a thumbnail gallery of 4-8 additional images or any other variant. We made sure buyers can add multiple portfolio pages using the same OR different portfolio items by using portfolio categories. You can also mix and match the templates as well, like you have described. It’s all very simple and built-into the theme :-)

Wow…I am VERY impressed. You certainly thought this theme through very thoroughly. KUDOS !

I’ll be purchasing soon :)

Abolutely beautiful theme! What is the maximum number of slider images? Thanks!

You can have an unlimited number of slider images. The only limit would be if you added so many slides it slowed down the loading of your site. This would only occur if you had a large number of slides and a slow hosting provider.


Thanks for the quick response.

wow, this is pretty impressive.. this is the closest i’ve seen to a flash site design using wordpress… amazing.

Thanks! That was the overall goal of the project and we are very happy with the results. it’s amazing what a bit of jQuery and creativity can do.

Amazing theme…...

Question….I wanted to add more than just a title & short description to the portfolio items. I wanted to use this theme as a product showcase. I need the user to be able to click on the product/portfolio item and the next page would load/show the image, with title and a few paragraphs about the product…is that possible with your theme?

Currently the Portfolio only opens the Portfolio items in the lightbox to display the image or a video. However, you could customize the theme to add what you need if you are proficient in WordPress. It would just be a matter of you creating a custom-post-type-single file that had the required content you wanted. Feel free to e-mail through my profile page and I can describe this in further detail.


Can we use our own background picture for the website? Thanks!

Yeah, of course. You can easily add your own background images for the website. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Michael, where is the css file located? I would like to edit some styling elements to fonts and colours….


The css is located in the /css folder of the theme files. All of the main styles are located in the “standard.css” file. If you want, you can add styling in the “Custom CSS ” box under the “Tools” tab in the options panel or you can make changes directly to the css file.


Hi ! nice theme ! does this template have any audio player ? or can it handle any plugins for that ? on every page or just a few ? thanks !!

There is no audio player in the theme. Yes, you can add plugins to the theme if you wish like an audio player although it would be up to you to find the plugin you needed. Yeah the plugin would work on every page. Let me know if you have any other questions.


With the ‘Custom CSS ’ box in the tools tab, it says ‘without scripts’ tags….what does that mean? Im trying to use @font-face from Font squirrel….I’ve tried to imitate what you have done with the font that the theme came with….. with no luck….any suggestions?

Its the src: url part that im getting stuck at….I’ve placed the font folder downloaded from font squirrel in the same directory as ‘bebas-neue’ but still having problems

Haha send me an e-mail. It’s just too hard to have a discussion in these comments like this. There just isn’t room.


I’ve kinda of figured the @font-face thing out, I’ve put all the fonts and files into a ‘type’ folder. I’ve place the ‘type’ folder in the Broadside directory, but when I open the ‘Standard’ css file and paste the font-face css… this is the sample I pasted….

} @font-face { font-family: ‘DeliciousRoman’; src: url(‘delicious-roman-webfont.eot’); src: url(‘delicious-roman-webfont.eot?#iefix’) format(‘embedded-opentype’), url(‘delicious-roman-webfont.woff’) format(‘woff’), url(‘delicious-roman-webfont.ttf’) format(‘truetype’), url(‘delicious-roman-webfont.svg#DeliciousRoman’) format(‘svg’); font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; }

what is the correct src: url? do I put the full url of the font .i.e.

src: url(‘XXXX/delicious-roman-webfont.eot’) or src: url(…

Help! :)

Send me an e-mail :-)

Guys…I highly recommend purchasing this theme….not only is this a beautiful theme, the support documentation is great and easy to follow.

...Also in my time at themeforest, I have never received such quick support. :) The developer has been really helpful and patient with all the questions I have thrown at him!

I wish ProgressionStudios at the best luck with sales… guys deserve it!

Thanks for the recommendation!

Feel free to e-mail us if you have any support questions again in the future.

I am considering using this template for a high profile client. Is it possible to specify that the video be on the home page so that it would start playing as soon as the load is done?


Yep, you could have a video be on the home page that auto-plays. It would just be matter of using the Video Template on the home page. If you have any trouble doing this, feel free to e-mail me for more detailed directions.


Hi Progresion Studios, I just found this theme and it worksfor a project we are developing, we just have a question, it is possible to have the menu fixed as a horizontal bar? not to expand verticaly as the demo but to have the categories allways visible as a horizontal bar from side to side?

Thank you!

You can have a fixed menu so that the menu items are always visible instead of hiding after hover. There is a simple checkbox in the options panel to do this. However you cannot have the menu horizontal by default. This would require quite a bit of custom css since the theme was designed for a vertical navigation bar. Let me know if you have any other questions.

I am having a problem setting up the slider on the homepage. And there is no video or tutuorial on how to do that.

There are many ways you can achieve this along with multiple video tutorials on this. The easiest way would be by just adding more than one Background Image to your homepage (See “Page Options Walk Through Video Tutorial, 37 seconds in” which shows you how to add Background images). The slider is automatically built when you have more than one background image added.

Also see the text documentation “Adding a Background Image(s)” under “WordPress Theme Install, Theme Panel, and Settings” heading.

Feel free to e-mail me as well if you are still having trouble.


awesome Mike thank you so much!

So it seems you are able to add a video to the homepage slider, is that correct?

Is it also possible to have the logo disappear when playing a video?

Yep, you can have a video playing on the homepage. By Default you can only have one video playing, instead of multiple Slides. There is a work-around to getting multiple slides playing if you wanted. You can e-mail me for directions and an example if you’d like.

As for the logo hiding behind the video, that would be matter of adding some custom CSS . By default the Logo and Menu will always appear on top of the video.

Let me know if you have any other questions.