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I love this theme but I’ve got some issues. I imported the Live Preview xml file just to have a starting point but the homepage isn’t loading anything. a broken image icon appears in the top left. See site here:

Please advise.



Please see our support forum:

The discussion above will help you out. It should only take a few minutes to sort out. If you have any further questions, feel free to start up a discussion in the support forum.

After some initial loading issues, I’ve begun building pages, however now, in creating the menu pages per the video, I’m getting “404 Page not found” and on ABOUT I ’m getting “CATEGORY ARCHIVES : UNCATEGORIZED”. I preview the page and it exists somewhere, but when I click back to the menu under ABOUT , I get the above message. I trashed everything and started over, but same message. Any thoughts on what I might be doing incorrectly?

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

Visit the Support Forum here →

Make sure to include a link to the site and the problematic pages.

Hi there. I’m about to purchase this template, in wordpress style theme. Just curious how this functions with Smartphone mobile devices (BB, iPhones, iPads, etc.)

Great file, been looking at it for awhile now.


It works on mobile devices. The only issue that can arise is the vertical centering that can sometimes be cut-off on the smaller devices with the lower resolution.

If you purchase the theme and want directions on how to override this setting so the mobile devices render perfect, see discussion:

Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

Awesome theme! Im using the scrolling portfolio:

Can i make each project have multiple featured images to scroll through in lightbox?

For ex: can i click on a project and instead of 1 (the featured image) pop up can i have 2-3?


Great job with the theme, I love the updates you’ve made.

I actually had that question the other day on our support forum. You can see the solution here:


I am thinking to purchase this theme, but just one quick question re the menu. Can you have it appearing all the time and not appearing only when hovering?

Thank you for your reply,


Yeah, that’s a simple checkbox in the options panel. You can set the menu to always appear.


was on here last week and saw in the upper left hand corner the drop down with options for a dditional pages.. cant find it now when I open it up..just shows 4 pages .. showing up one after another.. i pointed my mouse up at top left and nothing happened to see anything other than the four pages

I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question. Please contact me via e-mail from the account you purchased. Send me an e-mail via my profile page (Contact form on bottom right).:

any chance you add the music player on the next version?

We probably won’t add an audio player because there are so many great plugins that already do this:
CodeCanyon Plugins
WordPress Free Plugins

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey! Great theme!

Just curious on how to make the menu stay static/open, rather than hovering to view it?

Your thoughts?

Thanks again.

There is an option in the Opens Panel under – Appearance. You can just select yes under ‘Static Menu’ at the bottom.

Love the theme, but when we post to our blog – the publish date is getting all funky. For example “November 40, 2011” or “September 56, 2011”.

We have other word press blogs on the same server, with the correct dates on those, so we know it’s not the server. Thoughts?


Hey there, make sure you are using the latest files (You can re-download them from the profile you purchased the theme with). If that isn’t it, check out our support forum and post a link to your site:


Nice theme!

Does your theme have a custom css panel or will I need to edit the stylesheet.css?

Thank you

Yeah, we have an options panel that will control all of the site options. You won’t have to edit the stylesheet.css. (Preview in screenshots)


I’m finding it impossible to create bulleted lists. Using the shortcodes for checklists works fine in the page template “Default Template” but they don’t work in the page template “Slider Content” – in the Slider Content pages it creates huge ares of space between the arrows of about 10 lines. Is there a fix for the slider content page so the checklists will work properly?

Go ahead and start a discussion on our support forum (I sent you this link when you e-mailed me as well):

I made an account on the forum at but can’t post anything because I still haven’t received the email to confirm my account I created hours ago, and see nowhere that provides an option to reissue the email notification for verification.

I manually allowed you to post discussions. You should be able to post a discussion now. The confirmation e-mail must have been caught in your spam filter. Let me know if you need your password reset.

Is there a way to add transparency to the menue? It appears black in the template and it would be great if this would become a little transparent, is that possible? Please tell me how to add this code into custom css. Thanks

Yeah, that is very easy to do. Check out this support thread:

Feel free to ask any additional questions on our support forum.

Sorry I did not find it in the style.css – did you mean the navigation css? Where is the line for changing the menues transparency? Im confused :)

Yeah, those where directions for the Site Template (Sorry about that). Go ahead and post on our forums and I’ll provide accurate directions for the WordPress Theme.

In your DEMO , the one on the left, the title of the HOME page is HOME in the menu but that doesnt come up on the text of the home page.. how do u do that? Thanks Great theme BTW

Go ahead and visit our support forum for any questions after purchase:

I noticed that on the demo site mouse scrolling doesn’t work (I’m using Firefox on a a Mac). Is there a way to make that work if I purchase? Thanks!

It’s a limitation of the jQuery scroller. Note: It works on all modern browsers, chrome, and safari. Try updating your browser or clearing your cache. In IE it only works over bodies of text. You can add an arrow to click for scrolling if you wish as well.

I’m confused. I’m using the latest version of Firefox (10.0.1), and my mouse won’t scroll on any of the pages unless I physically drag the scroll bar. It did however scroll just fine in Safari. Can you clarify if it does or doesn’t work in Firefox 10?

Thanks for pointing this out. There was an update to our jScroll scroll-bar. I updated the files and this is fixed now :-)

Let me know if you have any other questions.

On the portfolio scrolling template page, how do I get each lightbox to open 3-4 pictures for each individual portfolio post?

i.e. when clicking on a portfolio item it opens lightbox photo that has 3-4 specific photos for each portfolio item only. Then the next portfolio item has its own 3-4 photos to scroll through. In a sense the initial page will be photo albums you pull up.

Thanks!!! My client is super happy with this awesome theme!

Glad at the client is happy so far with the theme. Unfortunately you can’t open 3-4 pictures in a lightbox. It’s just one featured image per post. You could swap out the link to the lightbox image and link to a post page if you wish and add more images there. Also, you can add next/previous arrows to the lightbox as another option. Feel free to post in our support forum and I’ll help you out with code examples and etc.

I have a client who is interested in using your Broadside theme but wants to customise with round corners on opposite corners. How easy is that to customise?

That shouldn’t be difficult with some CSS3 styles. The background is just a simple slider and div. Feel free to make a discussion in our support forum if you need any help after purchasing.

Hi, thinking to buy this template. Maybe it’s a dumb question, but I lack of knowledge in web templates. Is it possible to place vimeo videos instead of pictures? Thanks.

You can place vimeo and youtube videos in the lightbox pop-ups and as a background as shown in the live preview demo. The portfolio pages don’t support embedded videos unfortunately, jus the lightbox pop-up.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

okay, I have to see, thank you.

We’ll see how it works ;)

Awesome, feel free to ask me any questions in our support forum now that you’ve purchased the theme: