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Great theme!

I was wondering if this is a responsive theme; a theme that can be seen perfectly regardless of device or resolution. So the theme is adaptive (automatically resize its layout) to any browser view such as desktop, small gadgets or mobile devices etc.

Many thanks and keep up the great work!

Broadside will work on mobile and tablet devices. The theme however is not responsive.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

My theme doesnt recognize the background, it shows a blank background http://www.redvlceventos.com/dossiereventos/eventos/

i tried with my images, and your default background, what can i do?

Please visit our support forum for any questions. Your question has been answered :-):

Just bought the theme to use with my personal site :) Looks excellent, rated 5 stars!

Glad you’re enjoying the Broadside WordPress Theme. Let me know if you have any questions in the future.

Hi, I am having a problem with only the bottem half of the site showing in Internet Explorer 7 and (possibly) below.

Many Thanks.

Please visit our support forum and post a discussion. The theme works fine in IE7 , so make sure to include a link to your site and possibly a screen-shot when asking your question.


can this theme be modified to have self hosted videos? Mariel

Yeah, that should be possible. Go ahead and post this question on our support forums:


Do you think this theme will work with a shop module like wp-ecommerce?

Thanks, Rach

Yeah, the theme should work perfectly fine with wp-ecommerce. If you have any more questions in regards to the theme, feel free to join our support forums:




I followed the instructions to set up portfolio, and pages for porfolio and choose the template as portfolio thumbnail or scroll or gallery…. but it seems not working.

Is it anyway to solve this?

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

Visit the Support Forum here

How can I add widgets on this template??

Thank you!

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

Visit the Support Forum here

Hi. I really like his theme, and will probably buy it as well. But the thing is, I miss to have the opportunity to write text to the photos in the portfolio. Can I ad this to the page my selved? I have about 8-10 project I want to show on my site, and then I need the person using the site to choose which project he/she want to see. And then have some info/text about it and 5-6 different pics on each project again. Will this be possible? I´ve never made a webpage before, so this may be a simple question…

Thanks, Helene.


This is actually a feature we are going to add in the week. Feel free to purchase the theme and send me a private e-mail. I’ll let you know when this feature has been added.

Perfeckt :) I bougth the theme two seconds ago and will start playing with it during the next days.. This is a great theme, just what I was looking for :)

Is there a way to make the menu open when the mouse moves over the content background, then have the menu close when the mouse sits still for a while? I don’t like the menu open all the time and its too hard to notice if it is closed. I love your theme, though I am somewhat of a perfectionist and this is the only thing that bugs me. Maybe would be a good future update? My old theme “village” worked this way.



We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.


IE have a problem! Running slow. (IE)

We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.


The Broadside Assets section says that images are not included in the source files. What about the background images (primarily textural) and buttons? Are those included in the source files.

Yeah, the Broadside Theme includes the textures and buttons as well as Photoshop files. The only thing we are referring to that isn’t included are the portfolio images.

This is the best theme ever, especially with the updates of adding a widget area. You guys rock. Your support rocks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !

Here ( http://www.tattoocleveland.com ) is what I have morphed Broadside into so far . . .

Thanks, your review is much appreciated! By the way, the site you created looks great.


In Admin -> Pages -> Add New Page, we can select the Portfolio Type from the drop down. Even though the Portfolio Types are hierarchical like Categories, the values displayed in the drop down are flat and not hierarchical. This creates a confusion while selecting the Portfolio Type.

Can we somehow make the drop down reflect the hierarchy of the Portfolio Types like – ‘Parent, ‘Parent-child’, ‘Parent-child-child’.

Thanks, Rishi


I see your support forum question you posted. I will respond on our support forums.


I am very interested in your topic.

Nevertheless I have some questions:

- The menu can be always open?

- In the “compagny”, can we move from page to page by page slider as in “our services”?

- Can we adapt the plugin “contact from 7”?

Thank you in advance for your answers Sylvain


1) Yeah, the menu can be set to always open. Just a simple checkbox in the options panel.

2) Any page can be set to the services template and any page can be set to the “company” page. They are just examples for you. The two however work differently as the “company” page will link to pages and have no slide effect.

3) Yeah, we support the contact form 7 and have some basic styling included in our theme for the plugin.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


I have a few questions if you don’t mind. :) I have a client that contacting me about doing a wordpress page similar to was is done on the about.me website (www.about.me). I believe this theme is capable of doing it.

1. Would be possible to remove the container that holds the slider and the content and just have the content with the static image in the background?

2. Would be possible to add the social icons underneath the content or possible use my own?

3. How hard is it to remove the menu bar and the logo as well?

I hope this is not to much of a tall order lol.

Hope to hear from you.


Our theme support is available for trouble-shooting the theme, not for free development. Rules & Support Policy for our support forum:

Feel free to contact me via my profile page contact form if you are interested in hiring us for any customizations. We are always happy to help with theme modifications.

I completely understand about no free customization. I wouldn’t do that lol.

Sounds good, let me know if you have any other questions. I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.



I love the theme. Only one thing is keeping me from purchasing: The “Contact” page text area is cut off.

I’ve read through a few comments, and I believe this issue has been fixed. But the Live Preview is still showing it cut off.

So, is it fixed, just not in the demo?


This depends on the browser version and should only occur on older Firefox browser installations. You can easily adjust this via one setting if you are concerned. It would take you no time at all. Here is our support forum question and answer:

Is it possible to change the text size in the main navigation menu in this theme???


Just purchased and installed this theme.. I was wondering how did you have a few photos sliding on the main page? Because there was only an option to upload 1 photo for the main page.. Help!

Do i need to get the plug ins jquery and orbit? I actually am not that familiar with this so thats why i am a bit lost.. but I am learning..

Just give me some guidance as to how I can upload more content photo for the home page..

I read this


a bit confused.. do i install plug ins, not sure what to do pls help

Please see our documentation as it covers your question. You don’t need any 3rd party plugins. If you are still having trouble, visit our support forums. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions: