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Also I tried looking for a solution to my next issue..

I want to have the home page text just like the sample page you have..with different content back grounds..

I can not find the answers to both.. can you reply with the link to the documentation ?

I’ve requested you 3 times now to visit the support forums if you have questions. Please visit our support forums to post any questions:

Hello, i am interesting for this theme, but i don’t know if it is updated for tablet or mobile? and the size of photo for cover and inside? thanks for your speed answer…....... )°0°(

The theme will work fine for a tablet or mobile device. We also have a forum post with directions for targeting mobile/tablet devices styling if you want to make modifications. Here is the post:

Hello, i am interesting for this theme, but i don’t know if it is updated for tablet or mobile? and the size of photo for cover and inside? thanks for your speed answer…....... )°0°(

The theme will work fine for a tablet or mobile device. We also have a forum post with directions for targeting mobile/tablet devices styling if you want to make modifications. Here is the post:

i bayed the theme but i can’t installed in WP 3 .3.2 what can i do? when i click in send and choice the fishier zip of theme than i click to install but that is not advanced after 10min. than i sow a error page. what can i do?

The upload should only take a minute or two. Sounds like you are uploading the entire folder you downloaded from ThemeForest. You need to unzip the first folder and you will see documentation, the theme, and more files. Here is a walk through for you:

i tested your solution, but it doesn’t work, i said to me, maybe i have to delete all my WP and old theme and all my folder inside and than reinstall them, i don’t know. what you think about? or i give you my admin code than if you can upload this theme for me? so, i am in impasse…........ )°0°(

It should be very simple to install (Documentation walks you through it). Go ahead and send me a private e-mail via the contact form on the right and I’ll help you out:

hi, i would like have a transparent backgrand for my logo cub, how can i change and edit this like, /* MAIN BACKGROUND COLOUR FOR MENU AND LOGO */ .logo-menu, .navigation-menu, .sf-vertical li, .jspDrag {background-color:<?php echo of_get_option(‘menu_bg’, ”#f20a0a”); ?>;}

and if my problem resole with that because i would like make a logo with png format which i don’t need color just in logo box thanks

Your question has been answered in our support forums :-): Feel free to post any future questions in our support forums:

Hi would there be an easy way to make the main menu static (e.g. removing the drop down for the first level menu) in a way the first level is always visible and second level remaining drop down. Thanks

Yep, this is built-in to the theme. There is a simple option in our options panel to have the main menu always visible.

Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

Thanks for the superquick answer.


how can i change the font of the heading the page content, its too solid i need something softer

thank you

well i tried but i am not receiving the confirmation email!

can you please help me here?

I see you got your account confirmation e-mail and posted the question. Your question will be answered shortly by our support staff.



Is it possible to make the links a color instead of black and underlined. I want to remove the underline and make links a color. I’ve tried in the css but no success, the only thing that will change is the hover color. I’d like to change it to a color, not-underlined, in it’s original state. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Yeah, go ahead and visit our support forums and post your question there:

For some reason the dates are always off on the Blog area:

Looks like you might be running an older version of the theme. I suggest updating the theme files OR even easier just replacing the index.php and single.php files from the new files. The original files had some post date issues like yours but that was sorted out months ago.

If you have any further questions, feel free to jump into our support forums:

Hello, we have large portfolio. Can we use Wordpress’s native gallery feature to show on the portfolio templates? Thank you,

Our portfolio templates use a custom template on the portfolio index pages. It automatically builds the galleries you see so their is no need to use the gallery feature built-in to WordPress. On the post page though you can add the native WordPress gallery feature. Also, you can use the WordPress native gallery feature on any regular page instead of our pre-built portfolio templates. They have the same background options as our portfolios. Let me know if you have any other questions.

But we need to upload every image one by one on Portfolio section right? Instead of this, we want to use batch upload with native gallery feature. However when we did this, we cannot use the fancybox thumbnail template or other ajax templates.

I see, in the future please post from the account you purchased the theme with. I assumed this was a pre-purchase question. Please post any questions that in our support forums:


For some reason when I try to change anything in the “Page Options” section for any page, it just reverts back to the previous state. Is there anything you know of that may be causing this?

Thanks! Josh

I haven’t had any reports of this from any buyers. Likely just a small plugin interruption or something like that. I would try reinstalling the theme and/or disabling any 3rd party plugins.

Please post in our support forums if you have any questions in the future:

I’ve installed the theme but there seams to be something wrong with the menu, it won’t pop and some stuff look like they are in the wrong place, have a look at I’ve tried to signup at your forum but I get “your not allowed to signup at the moment”

The sign-up should be working as somebody registered a few minutes ago. It was probably just down for a few minutes. Please send me an e-mail via the form on the right of my profile page. I will set you up an account manually:

I just bought this theme and after working with it for nearly seven hours, I am extremely disappointed. I didn’t realize it has NO ABILITY to plug in all my pre-existing sidebar widgets, which I have a huge amount of time invested in. And how stupid is it that one of the few things that can be changed quickly - the main header color - reverts back to white when you select “light” font. At this point, it feels like a total waste of time and money.

The theme is ready for sidebars so you can in fact add your own plugins. I suggest posting any questions in our support forums and asking for help rather than posting a negative review after 1 day:

Please read the documentation and ask us for help before posting a negative review with no basis. I have yet to receive a support forum question or e-mail from you.

I’ve followed your video covering the creating a portfolio to the “T” and I’m having an issue. When I previewed the scrolling portfolio and clicked on the image thumbnail it only opens the page, there is no full screen image. Any ideas what’s gone wrong?

Yes this is a Theme Options, you have the option to open in the lightbox or open to the post page. Just change the option under Theme Options > Basic Tab > Portfolio: Do you want to link to the full size portfolio image?

If you have any future questions, please use our support forums:

Thanks that did the trick.

Is there any way to increase the number of thumbnails for the scrolling gallery from 4 to 8?

I see you created a support forum account, but didn’t confirm the e-mail (Sometimes the e-mails get lost). I went ahead and confirmed your account so you can post in the support forums:
Hi, a purshase theme, but don´t appear like demo view. See the link below. Can you help me?

We have documentation in the “Help Section” folder. There is a section called “Importing Live Preview Data” if you want to import the live preview data.

For any future questions, please post them in our support forums.

Would like to purchase, just have one pre-purchase questoin.

I need a standard portfolio scrolling option where people can click “next” or “previous” or arrows to scroll through a gallery of images without having to exit and reclick on another thumbnail (as in your thumbnail gallery), or click the little dots at the bottom (as in your full screen portfolio demo). I know the scrolling portofolio does this, but the images are a bit too small). It seems odd that I can’t scroll through with arrows, etc. on your demo, since I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Word Press template or slideshow where you couldn’t do that—is that just a glitch with the demo?

Yes, when you open up the lightbox there are next/previous arrows automatically. We haven’t updated the live preview since we added this functionality as it’s a bit difficult with our front-end color picker.

Here is an example of how it functions currently with the next/previous arrow on our test server:

Ah, that explains it! Thanks! And thanks for the very prompt reply.

One more pre-purchase question: is it possible to do photo blogging on this template? (Meaning larger photos dropped into the post in sequence, rather than just small ones left or right justified?) Looking at using this for a photography site.



On the blog index the left photo is a set featured size. You can’t adjust this unless you edit the theme files BUT you can always just not use this feature. On the post page itself, you can use any size image you want. WordPress lets you customize this and have full control over this. You can upload multiple sizes and align images left, right and center. It is all very easy.

That’s what I thought, just checking—thanks!

Quite happy to buy one of your themes – staying within yours because that limits the confusion! – but I am not clear about the options. Here are the requirements:

1. it is primarily to showcase professional photos of textile art – primarily jackets. 2. Everything else is secondary, but other things, e.g. a video, may be needed later. 3. A menu that is not permanently on display, but is easy to find. 4. No need to scroll down to see all the information on the home page. 5. On the minimalist end of the continuum, i.e. opposite to what some would call ‘fussy’ or cluttered. 6. I suppose I need ‘widgets’?

Regards, Ted

1) Yes, you will be able to easily show-case photos of textile art.
2) Video is possible on separate pages OR as pop-ups shown in the live-preview. They would just need a thumbnail and then when a user clicked it, the video would pop-up.
3) Yeah, the menu bar will auto-hide. You can have it be at the top or bottom as shown in either of the live previews.
4) You control the content, so you can make it so no scrolling is needed.
5) Broadside is definitely a minimal theme and should be easy to add content and manage.
6) You don’t need widget. This was added in an update a few months back for advanced buyers. It’s just an additional feature that can easily be left un-used.

Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.