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Nice animation! :)

Love it! nice to see something different rather than the same old same old….!

good job

Very nice job. Will be buying.

Nice ideas, and they are bulletproof.
Good luck, nice work :)

Can we use this awesome effect on Wordpress Blogs? If you help me, I can buy it ;)

If you want to integrate this effect with your design, then you need to use jquery plugin within the package (it is documented). If you want the whole page, then, I suppose, you need to replace wordpress 404 page with it. If you need more detailed help, you are welcome to ask, but my Wordpress skills are rather poor :(

is it possible to change the text both in and around the menu?

Of course, you can change all the text in html file. There are only 2 text images – logo and error text in static version (I tried to make zero look bended), but you can change them by editing psd files or replace them with plain text.

Moreover, all elements are interactive and you can make links and search form work or even try to use your real menu.

First look at the 404 error I fell in love with it and I knew I had to buy it :) Here is my version of it http://www.alladvisers.com/err.

Thx again and good luck

Thank you!

This is one is great ! Can someone tell me how to integrate this in wordpress, want to buy this.

Thanx a lot

Love it! Can I use this on an opencart website?

Thank you.

I have never used OpenCart, but this is HTML template and it should work with any CMS. However, to integrate the search form and the links, you will have to edit HTML a bit.

i cant get it to work, uploaded it to a website and viewed the page and its not animated and the same if i open the page locally

Email me the link to your page via my profile page, please.

Dear tigerforce,

Thank You! for such amazing Peace of Art. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would come handy anytime soon and it did! Thank you very much for This! I’m very glad I bought it. Thank You! ;)

I really would like to capture e-mail addresses with this Search box though. The thing is that I wish I could simply “embbed” an E-mail Form without harming its design while adding a “Submit-kind-of Button right next to it.

Do you think you can give me a hand with this? I’m such an Amateur, but I’m having an amazing time editing your creation and giving it a real good perspective. Any kind of help would be really appreciated because I’m having a hard time trying to make it work as a Convertion Landing Page.

tigerforce, Thank you for Your Time and efforts! You’re really welcome!

Best Regards, Take care!