Brooklyn Indie Band - Responsive Wordpress Theme

Brooklyn Indie Band - Responsive Wordpress Theme

As you can see, the theme is modern, pretty, clean and elegant. The primary idea was to make internet presentations easier for bands and We are sure that Brooklyn Indie Band will help you with that. Its not just wp theme, this package has a lots of assets which will help you to make your band site look perfect. Take a look what you’ll be getting in the package



v 1.3.1 (26. May 2013.)

  • various minor changes

v 1.3 (23. May 2013.)

  • added a Button link location to the Hero Unit post type – an url for the download button
  • reduced the hover animation offset on the Default Hero Unit type
  • added astralBackground jQuery plugin for full size responsive background images
  • removed the fixed height on the Social Area
  • fixed the markup errors in the Boostpress admin area
  • removed the additional menu from the footer
  • [BOOSTPRESS]added the option to turn off / on the main logo animation to the Boostpress settings
  • removed the tab navigation from the shop section. added prev / next arrows
  • [BOOSTPRESS] added an option on the social section to toggle between dark and light icon set
  • fixed the background color option to actually work on the SHOP section
  • added the highlighting to visible nav items on the homepage

v 1.2 (18. Dec 2012.)

  • added language_attributes() to html tag in header.php
  • changed from static utf8 in meta charset to bloginfo(‘charset’) in header.php
  • added rel =pingback in header.php
  • added required wordpress core classes to style.css
  • fixed text domain recommendations in multiple files
  • added <?php if ( is_singular() ) wp_enqueue_script( “comment-reply” ); ?> in header.php
  • added add_theme_support(‘custom-background’) in functions.php
  • added add_theme_support( ‘automatic-feed-links’ ) in functions.php
  • added previous_comments_link() and next_comments_link() in comments.php
  • various minor changes

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