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Why there is no update for theme and plugin ?

I do not recommend buying this product, Support is very bad

@ahmedtawfek I agree with you, support is terrible for this theme. I posted a query weeks ago and I have still not recieved a response even to date. Had to do my own trouble shooting and eventually for the cause which was, by the way, a fault in the core php for the theme.

Out of the blue my site is down and the following error is displayed: Fatal error: Class ‘RWMB_Core’ not found in /home4/jreid/public_html/wp-content/plugins/brooks_core/inc/meta-box/inc/loader.php on line 86

I’ve tried searching for help but have found no solutions. Any help is appreciated, I’m at a standstill here with no site.


I bought this theme but i want to use (Agency Creative Parallax) demo , i didn’t find it in demo import option and demo content files.

also i couldn’t import all media files.

how can i import this demo and media files?

Hi, you don’t have to have a demo files, after install Brooks Core plugin(which is required), navigate to “Theme Option”(its at the main WP Dashboard ) the tab “General” you need. Click install on Agency Creative.


ichpen Purchased

Is this theme still supported? Haven’t seen updates for close to a year and wondering if it’ll work on latest WP, Woo, PHP etc

Merhaba temayı satın aldım fakat demoların ıcınde ıstedıgım tema yok. app home temasını ıstıyorum. nasıl demosunu yukleyecegım?

app home demos does not exist? how do I install it?

Hi, thank you for your purchase. Please, use our importer. After you install and activate all plugins, there are in Theme Options -> General click install on some of them. P.S. Some hostings can thrown errors because of max_execution_time set on 60sec and other params. After install you will need to delete redundant( menu items, etc).

Hi team, Thank you for your wonderful art and tech product. I suddenly seem to have a lot of 503 errors. On consulting with the hosting, They checked the logs and claimed its because of the theme. So i need help as its leaving a bad impression on the visitors.

Hi, what PHP and WordPress version do you have? Is site available online?

yes absolutely it is available online. The site runs but I have a 2-4 hours down time of atleast 40-70 times a month. WordPress 4.9.2 is the latest one which i am running on. and PHP 5.4


I like this theme. I create a page for a client and I have 3 problems: 1.- On portfolio grid the “Load More” Button only works in debug mode on. 2.- On portfolio grid when click the first time on one category maybe some post don’t load but respect the grid space. See on evolution.evercom.es 3.- The all web page not respect css in Internet Explorer 11, this point is very serious. And surely it is a small error of load of some css file.

The site is: evolution.evercom.es

Thanks in advance for help.


Hi, thank you for choosing Brooks 1) I’ve check on http://www.evolution.evercom.es/casos-de-exito/ this page loading, and it works as I can see. What do mean debug, its javascript debug with open inspector or PHP debug like define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); ? 2)When you click on filter, the items than correspond the filter appear to top and if there are exist posts of this category, they will download to the bottom. I think you just not scroll down to see them, because there are scroll animation( I think because you are with open inspector and it make page longer so you have to scroll even more). 3) About IE there are may be trouble, we check it time to time. Sorry about that. I will check issue with portfolio when will have time for this. Best regards,—Alex

Hi please fix my website: http://asnshelters.com/home/

i purchased the theme and want to have architect-folio Complete dummy.

Please help

Credentials Are: http://asnshelters.com/wp-admin WP Username myASNadmIn WP Password txbi7Vf$tK*rTw#h3%

Thanks in Advance, Will definitely give 5 star it fixed urgently. Have a good day !

It’s stopped because it works not so smooth on some hostings, you can try to reload page with import and press import again and it will proceed. Sorry I forgot to say that before installing demo content at Theme Options-> General, you have to install revolution slider and IMPORT demo content for Revolution Slider (it goes separately). Revolution Slider should be not activated, because only we have extended licence(so we can upgrade it and distribute through our theme), and you may use it with our demo content(even without activation, it was conceived so). So after install plugins, go to Revolution slider, click “Import Slider” and choose file ‘architect-folio.zip’ at Brooks_Theme(folder you download from Theme Forest)/Demo Content/Revolution Slider, also you may import all if you want. It try to import demo content in Theme Options-> General, if stuck – reload and click again if it don’t work at all please sent mail to support@iondigi.com Regards,—Alex

Hi Alex still doesn’t work, please have a look on it, i will send the credentials to you and will gladly give 5 star for your support.

I just need http://brooks.iondigi.com/homes-pages/architect-slider/ to work

Hi please find my email from jeeten@webwiznewmedia.com, I have just sent it, please have a look, see you soon, thanks for the co ordination

Hi I have purchased the domain and hosting also now but after getting this theme also i don’t understand why Slider Revolution is giving fatal error and getting activate, please please help urgently.

Revolution Slider Should not give a fatal error. Maybe you have PHP version below than 5.6.

HELLO HELLO HELLO, my revolution slider is not activating, why id on’t know, please help asap

It was conceived so, but it should works.

I am unable to install any demo, what is this.. i have been texting but not getting any reply, i just need the demo to work properly and its just delaying my work. Why this theme has issues with rev slider. If still not willing to support then i will have create one ticket to themeforest to remove such themes from this portal if author can’t support also.

I would like to inform all users that they can raise a ticket to get refund for this theme and can put this sale under dispute. As users do pay for support also and the way a normal install should work is working at all.

My Issues : Rev Slider Didn’t activate Demo Import : Stops working after 12% WordPress Importer will give layout without images and backgrounds and without slider you can’t have the landing page as you desired to have.

Hi, I would like to setup this theme for the blog https://propertyadviser.in/blog


How do I make the menu on my site stay with the transparent background equal to the demo?

I see on my website that the menu has a background (http://mrwood.web7023.uni5.net/).

Hi, To change background color of menu to should navigate (from /wp-admin) to Theme Option -> Header (tab) -> “Header Background Color” . Change opacity slider to 0. If your want to make it stay transparent on scroll, go to “Header Nav List Background Color on Scroll or Mobile Menu” and do the same. Regards, —Alex


mcc07 Purchased

Hi, the WPBakery Visual Composer version is out of date. When do you plan the update to version 5.0.1.? Thank you.


In the portfolio view, I need to change the url from http://mrwood.web7023.uni5.net/portfolio/adega-malbec/ to http://mrwood.web7023.uni5.net/products/adega-malbec/

Where do I make this change?


That is weird. Try navigate to Settings -> Permalinks from your admin. That change “Common settings” to “Plain” save it, than get back to “Post name” save again. Maybe it’s can help.


Now it worked.

Thank you very much.


mcc07 Purchased

Last Update 8 February 2017… seriously?! I can see here that I’m not the only one asking: When?


I bought the Brooks theme, and I was wondering if it is possible if the menu/header isn’t fixed. Now it stays on the page while scrolling, but I would like to have it not fixed, and to stay top of the page.

Thank you,