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HI there… FAB theme. How can I remove the DATE from a portfolio item?



How can I remove the DATE from a portfolio item?

Go to your FTP and find a root of brooks theme. There navigate to the following file: /templates/portfolio/content.php At this file remove all lines (included) from 33 till 38.




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When I install and activate this theme (brooks.zip) , all i get is a black page with ‘hello world’. How do I get the pre-made theme layout ?


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Hi, When I try to change the logo ( customize>site identity/header image) I can upload my own logo but nothing changes and the Brooks logo remains visible. How do I update my logo? thanks.

Hello, you must change the logo at Theme options->Header -> Main Logo


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AHA! Excellent. Thank you.


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Hi, I bought the theme few months ago and I love it! Just a little thing missing, the last version of Visual Composer 5.0.1 When do you expect to have it available? Thx!

hi, I can’t say specifically, I think when we handle the update of new Woocommerce’s major version if you need it urgently, please write on support@iondigi.com and I will send you VC. Regards, —Alex

Is Portfolio category sorting available?

Hi, no that kind of features are not available.

Hi!I kindly would like to know If the Gallery of Brooks can be made just simple 4 columns one row with the option of later scroll for see other images of the gallery….(with and without option of zoom)something like your bottom product page http://brooks.iondigi.com/building/product-page/ but with the option of slide…. Is a quite simple thing but I don’t see this options on your demo

hi, If I understood your right the answer is not. Building page can’t be changed at all. P.S.”later scroll” is as I guess lazy loading.

How can I add the Demo Content? I get an 500 error all the time

Hi, Did you activate the theme’s required plugin? and if you did this you went to Theme options -> General and clicked import btn, and suddenly at javascript’s console, you have seen 500 error, haven’t you? If so just reload the page and click again download, the progress will be saved.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. I go to Import, try to import de Demo Content xml and I ger the 500 error. If I reload the page doesn’t happen anything.

You have to install plugins( Brooks Core essentially), after that at /wp-admin you will find Theme options( like tab at the left side), there are General tab, and this is the place where you should click install because we implement out own importer, because on our demo data standard WP importer doesn’t word. But this one not ideal too, if it hang, just reload the page and click again download, the progress will be saved.

I have noted that sub menus do not show in the mobile menu. Is there a way to show the sub menu there?

Hi, can you give me a sample with it bug also with a browser you are used?


I have been trying to install the brooks theme and i have been unable to do so. Directly from wordpress: The page times out after 100% upload

Installation via cPanel: After upload and extraction, the theme segment shows “Stylesheet is missing” error

Could you please help me?

Hi, Can you try to install the theme through FTP directly, just copy brooks folder at wordpress/wp-content/themes. The problem with cPanel: 1) not enough free space, 2) you have not right to do it 3) you installed not suitable zip (should be brooks.zip)

Hey there!

When I try to install the theme on my WordPress i get this message and everything breaks down…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_add_params() in /www/htdocs/w00eb103/kundo/wp-content/themes/brooks/includes/shortcodes/extend_vc.php on line 100

Please help me to fix it.

Thanks, koteamwear

Yes, I did. Everything that’s inside the theme folder I downloaded here. I tried it on another Wordpress-Testing-Site where it works just fine. Now I want to transform my real website to the new Brooks Template. And then this error occurs… Maybe it struggles with another Template that also uses Visual Composer? Because that’s the template I currently run on my website.

Thanks T

Now I’m getting this inside the Wordpress Dashboard: ww/htdocs/w00eb103/kundo/wp-content/themes/brooks/includes/shortcodes/extend_vc.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/htdocs/w00eb103/kundo/wp-content/themes/brooks/includes/shortcodes/init.php on line 17

Warning: include_once(): Failed opening ’/www/htdocs/w00eb103/kundo/wp-content/themes/brooks/includes/shortcodes/extend_vc.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:..’) in /www/htdocs/w00eb103/kundo/wp-content/themes/brooks/includes/shortcodes/init.php on line 17

What is you version of PHP, should be > 5.4, but not 7.x.x.


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We are using your BRKS template & it looks nice. However , we can’t install a multi lingual plugin to work properly with it.

Can you instruct on how to achieve multi lingual with your template?

Kind regards

Hi, we suppose you will use qtranslateX.(https://wordpress.org/plugins/qtranslate-x/) We’ve tested it, and it works properly. Best Regards, —Alex


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Thank you Alex – we’ll try that & let you know how did it go..


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According to woo commerce numerous templates (for example brooks/woocommerce/cart/cart.php) are not according to the latest woo commerce  version. Please update them soon.


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In the building view, is there a way to adjust the height of the main image?

In the building view, is there a way to adjust the height of the main image? 1)If we are talking about page like this http://brooks.iondigi.com/building/brooks-office-center/, you can change the height of to block with CSS and add

.buil__main { height: 50vh !important; }

It’s in viewport units(vh), but you can put there px also. P.S there is really build without d, it’s mistake in our template, so above is correct code.

In the project gallery thumb images are blury. How can I fix this? 2) They are blurry because of small dimensions of images, I think. Would you like to share a link for better understanding a problem in future?

Best regards,—Alex


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Thank you very much Alex. That link example is bad but I will assume we are on the same page. Here is the link for the image resolution issue. I am using the VC Gallery that generates the thumbs. They show bad in the grid view especially considering that it is being pulled from a much larger image. http://www.nebulacompany.com/Clients/doba/projects/


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Thanks Alex! That CSS did the trick.