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I have bought your theme, because of the product item demo, but I cannot find it within the Theme Options menu, since it only shows six demo’s.

Can you please explain how I can import the product item theme?

Thank you in advance!

Hi, if we talking about the page on this link brooks.iondigi.com, it just landing(we have only HTML version) for brooks theme. You can import pages that presented below the “DIFFERENT PIXEL-PERFECT MAIN PAGES” block. Best regards.

I have had the Brooks theme for several months now and had pretty much got to an almost complete point. I haven’t touched the site in a month and went to it today to find nothing displaying. Absolutely nothing has been touched. On the backend of the visual composer, I see everything in tact; however, it is not displaying on the actual web pages. I also seeing an issue with the visual composer plug in now stating that i need a license.

Hi, please provide you website URL with login and PW to support@iondigi.com.

Hello. I would like to buy only html version or drupal version of “Brooks WP” theme. Do you have one in html or drupal version?

Hi! Unfortunately we do not have NTML or Drupal version of Brooks Theme. Maby you will interesting at Profi Theme: https://themeforest.net/item/profi-multipurpose-corporate-html-template/14123685

Hey there,

Just purchased this great theme, and I saw the ‘Import Main Demo’ it completed the download & I see all content, but I can’t find how to load the main page of the demo.

It keeps looking like a blog..

How can I make my home page to load the same main demo page?

Hi, if you provide a sketch or PSD file of site you want we could consider if we can prepare HTML and embed it in WP.

To be honest i was inspired by wix.com. Then I found your theme with the same capabilities in the demo. If you you could utilize the theme & make something like at wix.com I would really appreciate it. Is there an email I can reply to? Add attachments?

Hi, guys. There is a problem with the widget Footer Contacts, it is not loading the information entered. Could you help me, please?

Hi, thank you for your purchase. There is a knowing bug, we will update theme soon(today-tomorrow). If you can’t wait anymore, write to support@iondigi.com and I will sent you file to replace.

Hi, thank you all for your help with getting my site to display again. However, now I’m finding that my home page is not responsive to mobile.

Wrote on email.

.po file translation doesnt work. Why? :)

Did you put both mo and po files?

yeap i did. I sent ftp details from contact form.

Why i cant see contact page? maps, places, contact info and contact form. Did i miss something?

What is link on your site?

i sent yesterday with ftp/cpanel info.

Did you sent it on support@iondigi.com. Because I don’t see anything like ftp/cpanel info.

Hi Again,

How can i change “building” to “projeler” like this,

skylifehomes.com.tr/building/house-template skylifehomes.com.tr/projeler/house-template

It’s required changes in core plugin. Please go to your ftp with theme and follow by next path:

.../wp-content/plugins/brooks_core/inc/profi_cpt.php. Open it with some text editor. For building: In 41 line

‘rewrite’ => true, should be

‘rewrite’ => array( ‘slug’ => ‘yournameforbuilding’ ),

hi how can i do like this goo.gl/vJTGv0 or can i get demo xml for this page http://brooks.iondigi.com/ thanks

hey ???

Hi, thank you for your purchase, and sorry for waiting. Main Landing page is not included in WordPress Theme, only HTML version. It state at https://themeforest.net/item/brooks-wp-creative-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/15939582. But you still can do something similar to this page( except of horizontal parallax (waves)and last parallax with mountains). For any help with parallax you can ask here, also if you don’t understand how to adjust parallax, it will be better to write on support@iondigi.com.


When importing all the demo data, the main menu is all messed up and all the pages look nothing like any of the demos.

I used theme options > Import Demo Content > Main Demo

Gets to 100% and says its complete.

Can you please help!

Hi, thank you for your purchase, please sent login and PW to support@iondigi.com and we check it.


hi 1- how can i get portfolio category filter above portfolio 2- i have +200 item i need add it at portfolio page ” why the number pages not appear ” 3- can you add timeline for Vocational or educational journey at next update 3-load more button not worked http://ahmed-tawfek.com/portfolio/ thanks

hi, 1- you should add all taxonomies(categories) when you open “Portfolio Grid” shortcode at VC, click tab “Data Settings” and just write all your categories in the field called taxonomies. 2- we don’t have pagination(number pages). if you have 200 items try to make as much categories as you can. Also, you are able to uncheck “Enable button” so it will work on the scroll. 3- At first look, there is a little bug, but I think we could handle it. Please navigate to wordpress/wp-content/themes/brooks/js/custom/filter.js open file and search “return count” (use search for this and without ””) then replace it with return 0. So delete count and write 0 (zero). Regards.

what about 3- can you add timeline for Vocational or educational journey at next update. thank you

No, we haven’t such plan.


jkano8 Purchased

good afternoon, How can I insert these SoundCloud links into the DIGITAL STUDIO template? Thank you

SoundCloud’s at http://brooks.iondigi.com/homes-pages/digital-studio/ are audio posts. So go to Posts-> All Posts in your wp-admin panel and find these audio posts, there is a link field. Regards

Really bad i cannot get demo aparence on this theme Other work fast and easy…this one is not for beginners and you dont explain it

I regret, you have used our importer at Theme Option-> General and it’s stuck, isn’t? If so just reload page and click import again so it will continue import.

hi, you did try to upload vimeo video? Please explain how to get this picture and We will try to help you.


jkano8 Purchased

On my cover there is no video vimeo, it is only an image with texts. I use Slider Revolution

Hi. How do I get the same Footer on all pages? For sure its a simple task, but I just can´t find it.

Hi, the Footer is the same on all pages by default. You should do anything.


jkano8 Purchased

Hello, How can i change the boot image load? thanks


jkano8 Purchased

Good afternoon, I sent several emails in reference to this question, as you comment, but no one answers. I would appreciate if you could attend, thanks

Send email.


jkano8 Purchased

perfect, thanks. regards

Hi there. Great theme. How can I make the individual portfolio page layout different?

The top image is massive, I would like a two column page, image and then the text on the right.



Hi, thank you for your purchase.

How can I make the individual portfolio page layout different ?

This post page(as any other) can’t be changed in layouts at much. You are able to choose from the options are provided at Admin Panel at every post.



Short question: I would like to rename search test (CHOOSE COUNTRY and so on). Can’t find it?!

I would like to rename search test (CHOOSE COUNTRY and so on). Can’t find it?!

The changing text like inside button or other functional elements on the site are required using Poedit. At the brooks/languages/ you can find a pot file. Open it with Poedit, make translate of that words you need, then generate po and mo files, after that those files put into wordpress/wp-content/languages/theme like profi-lang_COUNTRY.mo/po To read https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/functionality/localization/#using-localizations

It was the right way how to change some text or make an internationalization. If you have only one language(English). And you don’t want to bother with Poedit, you can directly change this at /wordpress/wp-content/themes/brooks/includes/shortcodes/vc_building_search.php. After you done this the pot file will be not actual anymore(so in the future you will not able to make a multilanguage site, unless you generate new pot file. )




rowenrg Purchased

Just bought this theme, went through the intense “one button” demo install, now their is no main image like shown on the business demo, how do I remedy this?

Hi, to better understand your question please provide your link where we be able to see the problem.