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Can download up to 91%

Hi! Please try again because may be have an internet connection error when you download. If your problems can not solve, please create an account at bowthemes.com (with same email at themeforest ) and then send me your username. We will change the permission to download it at bowthemes website

Regards, Bowthemes

HI! Still can not download is complete :(

bowthemes.com ID : woshiyork

Hi, Is there any extension available at the moment for adding second language.

Hi! Joomla 3.0 support multiple language now, you no need install any extensions to do that. Regards, Bowthemes

Hi! I need an invoice which must be pursuant to our tax regulations in Turkey. Would you please arrange an invoice in the name of my company; Ceylan Med Ltd., Please kindly send the copy of it to my email address.

I need a HTML version of the template. Can you make it? I would appreciate it very much

HI! I am sorry because reply you late. I just returned back to work after summer holiday. I am so sorry but BT Metro only available for Joomla template. If you want the HTML version, you should use our web design services. PLease send email to support@bowthemes.com for more detail.



I am working with your template on an offline site.

I love it! I am having an issue though with images that are used for the each gallery not displaying within the BT content showcase modules. Could there be a caching, permission or directory issue that would cause this to happen.? The images are showing fine within each of the portfolios.

many thanks,


Hi! Could you send me your url of website to support@bowthemes.com. I will check it for you asap!


Your template is just great!

I need to ask a couple of qusestions before considering buying.

1. Is there a quickstart or something like that for installing the template?

2. I need a multilanguage site, but i cant see anywhere a module posision appropriate for the flags… flags are usually placed on the top.

The only module positions available are the ones seen?

Hi! I am sorry because reply you late. We just backed to the short summer holiday. Here are my answers : 1. Yes, you can download the quickstart package and you can easy install it to your hosting or server. 2. You can insert an module positions to top header to input language switcher module. We will help you if you purchased our template.

Regards, Bowthemes

Could you please answer the above?

Answered! I am so sorry because reply you late. We just back to short summer holiday.

I have sorted out my earlier issue… It was incorrect permissions that was causing the issue. I have another rather urgent issue. My client wants to use different images on the homepage and gallery main page and different main images at the top of each gallery detail page (where the slideshow is). Is this possible? I would imagine that this would be controlled via the modules, but cannot work out how to setup as desired. Please reply ASAP

Please provide me with an answer.

I was considering purchasing another of your templates for another project. Your lack of support/contact has now persuaded me to look elsewhere

Hi! I am sorry because reply you late. TF did not send the notification for me about your reply. If you want to change images at right side, please open BT Portfolio and change the image of items. The images will automatic change. Please create an account to bowthemes.com and submit the ticket or post the forum support. You will give the faster answer. Regards, Bowthemes

On the portfolio/gallery (#home3) main page how do I hide the reference to comments?

I have turned comments off in the BT portfolio component


Hi! I am sorry about your problems, you can not turn it off in module parameter now. Please open the file : /modules/mod_bt_contentshowcase/tmpl/themes/metro/metro.php and then remove from line 103 to 106. If you send me your ftp account to email support@bowthemes.com we will do it for you. We have released the update version to fix the errors soon. Regards, Bowthemes

ok. Great thanks

Hello, After I installed the site background can not be displayed, the program is also a problem. I ask how it happened. Please help me find Thank you. Web site address: www.luckgou.com

dose this template support RTL ?

Hi! I am sorry but BT Metro template does not support RLT. If you want to use this template with RTL, you can contact with us for customer service. Thank you so much!

I purchased the Metro theme but have had no luck getting it to show up on my site. It appears in the FTP file, but never on the Templates manager. Have tried uploading different ways and many, many times. Please help!

I just can’t wait to get started working with this template as it looks so cool.

Thank you


Hi! Thank you for purchasing our template. Could you send me your url and Joomla super user account to our support email (support@bowthemes.com)? We will check it for you asap!

Regards, Daniel


¿How can I make the search module that contains the template, let me also make the search in the bt portfolio?

Hi, I am stuck with the template. Whenever I want to install it (and I tried multiple times) I end up with a site showing only the name in a box in the upper left corner. No matter what I try to add in the backend, nothing comes up. Please advise!

Hi! Could you send me your url and Joomla super user account to our support email : support@bowthemes.com We will check it for you asap!

The template delivered by themeforest is the old version with bugs in it. Even the lightbox on the home page not working (delivers text instead of image). A new version of the template has been released back in May, but I can’t get it and can’t get a response from the developer.

Can anyone tell me how to get the working version?

It seems bad that the version delivered by themeforest today is behind the latest version by several months, with obvious known bugs in it. Am I right or have I missed something?


Please create an account at bowthemes.com and then send the account information to support@bowthemes.com. We will change permission to download the latest versions and access to our forum and ticket support! Regards,



I downloaded and installed this amazing template and worked on it locally on my laptop and everything was just perfect. When I finished the site, I uploaded to the net but I was faced with a 500 Internal server error. The error is generated when I click on the “Login” button of the joomla module with either empty fields or wrong credentials.

Please advice!

Waiting your feedback.

Best Regards, Dany BOU-BOUTROS

Hi! Could you send me your url to our email : support@bowthemes.com. We will check and fix it to you!

Regards, Daniel

galera ele é em HTML?

Hello! I am sorry but HTML versions not available at themeforest. So you can contact with us via email support@bowthemes.com for this. Regards, Daniel Nguyen

Love the theme but i need a filter on the portfolio will this be possible?

is this theme support RTL language?

Hello! I am sorry but this theme not support RTL languages!

Regards, Daniel Nguyen

Hello! After I installed this outstanding template successfully, I tried to update my Joomla to the latest version 3.2.0, and then an accident happened – there showed an error message as following and I couldn’t link to neither the site nor the control panel. Would you please help? Thanks a lot!

“Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home/engwinne/public_html/weilun.net/plugins/system/remember/remember.php on line 94”


Thank you for purchasing our template. Please give me you url and Joomla super user account (send it to email support@bowthemes.com). I will fix it for you asap!

Regards, Daniel Nguyen