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Best magazine theme ever ;)

We’re glad you like it :chuckle:

Excellent magazine my friend!!!!!! Awesome work!!!! ;)

Thank you :delicious:

fantastic job pixelgrade! 8)

Thank you 8)

Awesome work! Congrats ;)

Thank you :superbashfulcute:

nice. is there a normal blog view possible?

Hi Mac! If you want the articles to be displayed in one column you can do that with 1 line of custom css. We can help you if it’s needed. Thanks

Ok, Thanks. Bookmarked!

Hi Mac! As I promised, the normal blog view option is already implemented. Here is an example: http://bit.ly/blog-classic Thanks

We’re glad you like it :chuckle:

Love it, you guys are WordPress Wizards :)

Thank you Tommus – I’m glad you like this one too :chuckle:

Look really good. GLWTS ;)

Thank you :superbashfulcute:

:) Yep, we like it too.

:shocked: Fantastic work , good luck!

Kind Regards,

Thank you Bedros! :shocked:

Looking awesome!

How much colour control is availability – as the dark base colour is a bit heavy for what I would have in mind?

Hi marlnet!

The header is available in two versions: light and dark – which might help you. But for the rest of the elements you can change only the main accent color (as seen here http://bit.ly/1j1OzhR).

Let me know if you have other questions. Thanks

Thanks for the reply… Hmmm… I feel the lack of colour control is limiting – we are looking to build a bright and breezy site, but with your theme I am seeing basically only one base colour and worse still only one accent colour (having different colours for different topics/categories is wonderful and helps visitors understand where on a site they are).

I really, really like what you’ve done with the layout, menu options and general professional look and feel; but it’s very gloomy and restrictive – it’s like you’re forcing your styling tastes on us.


Will definitely bookmark, but would love to see an injection of colour for those of us who need it…

But nevertheless, GLWTS – you deserve to do well as it’s certainly one of the best magazine themes I’ve seen…

You might be right, but in the same time too much freedom for the colors might hurt the entire design system. Anyway – thank you for you kind words and we noted your suggestion. Cheers :)

Pre-purchase question: Does this theme support a blog view format? One column that is for the latest posts? Thanks.

As we promised, we already implemented a Classic Blog Posts layout. Here is an example page that using this option: http://bit.ly/blog-classic I hope you like it :)

Good theme!Best luck! :)


If only changing 1 line of CSS creates a “classic blog” look then I would like the classic blog look be included as a feature in the template. I would like to see it before I consider purchasing. I think many bloggers would want the same. Looks great. :)

As I promised, we already implemented a Classic Blog Posts layout. Here is an example page that using this option: http://bit.ly/blog-classic I hope you like it :)

Great. Can I just have the latest featured posts and classic blog on homepage with sidebar? Also, I need to have Bucket play well with Disqus Comments. Does it work well with Disqus? Thanks – Greg

On homepage the “Latest Posts (classic) + Sidebar” is a module. You can place before or after as many modules as you want – check out this video to see how the homepage is created: http://bit.ly/1fBe2PB

About Disqus – I just tested on local server and it’s working perfectly. Thanks

Very interesting theme! Is woocommerce support already on your to-do list? Would love to feature products instead of posts :)

Woocommerce support is in our Backlog and if things are going well will be available in a few weeks. Thanks

Can I define my own scores without having review criteria with individual scores? All I want is to be able to set whatever score I want (1-10).

Hi. Right now we don’t have this option but that is a good idea. We will do it so that when you enter just a single score, we will not show the breakdown.

Done and will be included in the next update :)

Pre-purchase question:

Of the “modules” that can be on the front page, do any allow for pagination? Particularly the 2 column masonry.

Hi and thank you for your interest! Yes – it allows – as seen on the Homepage 3 example, where is the same module but without sidebar: http://bit.ly/1bBhmYg Thanks

Awesome theme! ;)

Thank you

Great theme man! Good luck..