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Theme look awesome, however when I try the demo on both iPhone 4 & 5 + iPad 2 & 3 the site crashes. Tested on two different networks with the Safari browser, I really want to use this theme for one of my sites

Have you tried without the top demo bar ? Try to go directly to http://pixelgrade.com/demos/bucket/

thanks, it worked :)

Im having a different problem after installing the theme though, the main menu doesnt show, just the black rectangle. Menu show when I select it as everything else (top, footer etc)

Please open a ticket on http://help.pixelgrade.com and give us admin access so we can take a look. Thanks

great, thanks, opened a ticket now

Hello, first of congraturation for this theme: it’s very intuitive and easy to set. I hope you can help me in fixing this issues: When i’m logged in as admin, the edit wordpress bar doesn’t appear when clicking on the preview page. Thi happens only with your theme on 3.8 wp version.

I guess if you need some help with the italian translation of the page builder item: some boxes have incomprehensible translation.

I also guess which is the fastest way to get tickets solved, beacuse i didn’t get any answer to a ticket on your support forum. Do you feel more confortable using envato forum?

Thanks Antonio

Hi Antonio and thank you for being our client!

Please send all the Italian translation issues through a ticket on our helpdesk – we will include them in the next update.

For first issue please open a ticket here: http://bit.ly/new-ticket – this is where we can provide the best support.


Good morning, I recently bought your “Bucket” template. It seemed to work perfectly and it looked compatible with every browser on my computer, but many users of my website reported several malfunctioning. I checked myself with different computers, and it’s true, the website has several issues: 1) Homepage slider doesn’t work 2) Boxes in homepage look too big 3) Article’s slider doesn’t work, especially if there is a caption 4) Website has a below average speed I noticed this problems just now, due to the complaints of my users. I really like this template but it is affected by serious bugs, so I would have back my money. Best regards, Marco Crupi

Hi Marco and thank you for being our client! You should give us more details about your friends computer – OS, browser, etc.

About site speed I can guarantee you that we did our best to improve it but there are other factors that can influence it – here is an article that we wrote and might help you better understand http://bit.ly/Kp2CEr

About money back – unfortunately that’s outside of our power, as we don’t handle any of the financial aspects. That is Envato’s (the company behind ThemeForest) job and only they can offer a refund. I wish I could help you but my hands are tied. You can see this article in their knowledge base: http://bit.ly/Kp3gSj



Am trying to add the adsense code in the middle of the home page where we have a 728×90 Ad image on the preview but it doesn’t show up when i view my website. I have tried pasting the html code (Text/Image Block) into the “edit HTML Source” but still doesn’t work. Please tell me how i shall paste my adsense code for advertising on this block. Thanks

The color problem is that you set a color to the category which overwrite the main accent color. For the Counter we’re using the Arqam premium plugin which is included in the latest versions of the theme. Thanks

Thanks for the help in all my issues, my website is now back up and running thanks to your support and your very amazing theme. You can take a look at my site,its a very cool one; http://techpurge.com/ I will definitely give you a 5 star rating. Keep it up!!

Very cool indeed! Congratulations and thank you for the rating

Is there a way to demo the custom page builder? I’d like to try it out before we potentially purchase.


Unfortunately not – you can view this video to find out how the demo homepage is built http://bit.ly/Kp3KYB Thanks

Solid theme but would like to add a feature request. Ability to add to the share button box below posts and the ability to place that box above or below posts ( or in both spots ). For longer posts the share box can be WAY down the page and you can lose valuable share clicks from visitors for one reason or another don’t go to the bottom of the page.

Nice that it has Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and google plus and I’m not a fan of loading 15 different options in there. Some will argue needs to be a way to add reddit or stumbleupon which would be nice but imo HAVE to have a way to add a general share button ( that’s the third most used button after twitter and facebook). No option to select another share site and most importantly no way to email post to a friend from within the content.

Keep up the great work guys!

Hi and thank you for your suggestion!

There are plugins that can help you to have those features right now. For example a sticky social bar outside of the content that is visible all the time: http://wordpress.org/plugins/digg-digg/


Hello, first of all great theme! On the post, author and date time strings are posted (for ex.: Author on 21 December, 2013 at 14:21), then the new post are entered. How to translate and/or change date and time format (for ex.: Author 2013-12-21, 14:21)? I searched for answer in this comment section, but didn’t find answer, only how to turn it off, but I need the date to be shown. Also, is it possible, to show only date, without the author?

Thanks for fast reply. Ok, with author is clear. So how about date? The option would be great, but what is the best way to change the display of the date at this moment?

Dig into theme files and refer to the get_the_time() function (eg. in theme-partials/post-templates/single-title.php ). More about it here http://bit.ly/1ldbElI Thanks

Thanks for great support!

This is an absolutely remarkable theme. It is the easiest I have ever used – was so simple to set up with the import option. Absolutely sleek and beautiful. I love every aspect of it and can’t thank you enough. Well done.

Thank you so much for these kind words

Really in love with this theme! And the customer support has been awesome so far. Thanks for helping me create the website I’ve always wanted. Keep up the great work :)

Quick question for you- Is there any way to embed audio after written content? When I use the audio post format, it automatically places the music player above all the writing. I tried using the default post format and pasting the embed code after the writing but just the code appears. Is there any way to work around this?

ah never mind! installed the soundcloud plug in and it works like a charm :)

Great Theme!

I will soon publish my site. But I have a question.

I’ve created a Page with the template ‘Custom Page Composer’. To this page I’ve added ‘Latest Posts’ block. Now I want to display Pages instead of posts from a Category in this block in masonry style. Do you have any way to do this easier? A code? Or have I missed it in the settings? Or did I just go fully retarded xD?

Not sure if I understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Have you use a Page Builder module to add href links ? You can use the Title/Heading Block and add a link to your desired pages. Thanks

Yes i’ve tried, the thing is that i want to use your “latest posts block” with masonry look. Build a static page and change the href links from a category page to a regular page.

So you want to change the links of each article to a page? Well that would mean some code editing. You need to look to /bucket/theme-partials/acf-layouts/latest_posts.php.

Hi – this theme looks great, as does the feedback on support. Prior to purchase, I need to find out if the customization I need to do, and my current plugins and features are compatible with this theme:

1 – With typical CSS or custom theme options, can I upload a custom background for the full width, and also a custom transparent background for the section that scrolls with text? I’m planning to put in a dark carbon fibre texture for the full-width, but need to add a transparent colour behind the text so it can still be readable

2 – Is is possible to have both a right and left sidebar in the single posts page? -Understanding that the post width would have to decrease (My posts would decrease to 520 width)

3 – Plugin compatible with Yoast SEO, are you Human, and Ecwid shopping cart, Facebook comments and Related Posts?

4 – Are there built-in-them options for Related posts and Facebook comments?


Also, with the homepage example 4, is the main feature wigetized so that I could easily change the feature to a parallex layerslider? If no, do you foresee any compatibility issues if I were to widgetize that feature to the slider manually?

Hi and thank you for your interest,
  1. Sure – with some custom CSS you can change the background. Also there is even an option to upload an image for the “full-width” background.
  2. There isn’t such an option – you would need to edit the theme files in order to achive that.
  3. We didn’t tested those plugins but should be compatible. As for e-commerce solution, Bucket is supporting WooCommerce.
  4. Not – you can use very easy to install plugins (like Facebook Comments and YARPP)

I hope it helps.


Hello pixelgrade, I have on more issue with Firefox browser. I saw in the discussion on earlier pages, that someone had some issues with Firefox. For me, in the Firefox browser there those two issues: http://i.imgur.com/haKbhVD.jpg The search and social buttons are overlapped. And the archive in the bottom shows incorrect then 0 post are in the month. While in other browsers (checked on chrome, IE 11 on PC and safari and Doplhin on iPad) shows correctly: http://i.imgur.com/7pTR3uy.jpg The problem is the same on different PC with windows 7 or windows 8. I use Wordpress 3.8 and Bucket 1.2.1 version.

Hello edvardasj and thank you for noticing! Those errors will be fixed in the next update. I will keep you posted. Thanks


Great works, when you will be finish RTL implementation


Hi and thank you for your interest! Unfortunately I cannot give you an estimate now – I hope to be done until the end of this month. Thanks

This Theme shows horrible on IE 9, is there any way to fix it. I can send you photos of what it looks like.

Hi Chris! Please open a ticket on http://help.pixelgrade.com and send us all the details – please refer to our demo too. Thanks

Hello, great theme! Any idea on timeline to add search bar for mobile rendering?

Hi! The sidebar feature on mobile should be implemented in less than 2 weeks. Thanks

Hey guys,

thanks for the awesome theme. Still I have some questions:

- How do I change the sidebar from left instead of right? I know it needs some coding. What do I have to do? - I recently opened a ticket for that: your demo and my site crash in safari on an iPad mini when opening the homepage. Why? - I am sorry to ask such a n00b-question, but how do I use the templates? Where do I put the links for the Video in the header, where do I put the audio-link, how to build a gallery-slider with video as you did in your demo? Can’t find anythin in the documention. I am really lost. - How do I remove the author in articles (NOT the date)? - What do the user defined fields in articles do? (credits_0_full_url etc…) How do I use them?

Thank you!


  1. Moving sidebar location – this involve some custom and unfortunately it’s outside of our support scope. More about our Support policy here
  2. Make sure you access the website using the absolute URL: http://pixelgrade.com/demos/bucket (without the topbar).
  3. What kind of templates?
  4. Use Post Formats to create a Video, Audio or Gallery Slider post.
  5. To remove the author from single articles you have an option in Theme Option – Articles – Show Author Info Box – OFF
  6. Credits fields are useful to credit the author from where you have taken the info (eg. a photo).

For other issues please use our helpdesk: http://help.pixelgrade.com



to 3.) I don’t know how to use the post formats (which I referred to as “templates”). I know where to choose in which format my article is supposed to be (I found the dropdown menu ;-) ), but I dont know where to put e.g. the youtube-link in a video post to display the video on top, how to create the gallery slider or where to drop the mp3-link in a audio post.

to 5.) Yeah, I found the author box, but I want to remove the author name from the meta data right below the headline. I used { display: none; } for the article__author-name in the child theme now. It worked.

Thanks for your support!


3. When you create a post you just need to check the desired post format. New boxes will appear below the text editor that will give you more details about how to use it.


Hi there,

I found a bug in the blockquote-Class. If you have two or more paragraphs, the first paragragh gets automatically quotation marks on the beginning but not at the end. the second paragraph also starts with quotation marks and has quotation marks at the end. so it looks like this:



How can I change that in style.css?


Thank you for reporting. To fix it please go to Theme Options – Custom Code – CSS and paste this snippet:
blockquote p:before {
blockquote p:first-of-type:before {
content: "\201C";
content: open-quote;
blockquote p:last-of-type:after {
content: "\201D";

That should do the trick.


Thanks, it worked! :-)

Sorry, two more questions concerning the page builder:

- what does the “Offset”-field on the template for the billboard slider do? - is it possible to skip the first e.g. 3 postings in the “latest post”-block when the slider is set to billboard the latest 3 postings of all categories so there won’t be duplicates on the Page?


Hm, that’s really disappointing. Why didn’t you integrate the offset feature in all the other modules but the “last post”-module? Is there a technical reason for that I can’t think of?

It doesn’t make so much sense when you say “Latest Posts” but in fact it starts with few posts back – anyway, I noted your suggestion and it’s possible to get implemented soon. Thanks

That’s true if you understand that module as “Very latest Posts”. Thing is that this is the only module that is 2 colums wide and can be used with the sidebar on the homepage. Hero module and the post grid cards are 3 columns wide so the sidebar is disabled. I use the grid cards now and disclaim the sidebar and it also looks quite nice, but having the possibilty to build the page with a sidebar and the big slider on top without having posts showing up twice would be really cool. Thanks for implementing that! :-)

This is the most elegant theme I have ever purchased with a professional look. Instructions are provided plus the most reliable Support(thanks George). I purchased the theme and have not been disappointed. Lots of customization options to make the theme your own. Lots of fonts play around with. I would highly recommend giving it a try.

Wow! Thank you so much for such a review jowait! Cheers