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on the main page in your DEMO, you have a large featured image, just below the HOME, Traveling, Weekly pics etc.

On the right side there are two smaller preview post’s. Is it possible to disable that?

Hi. Yes you can have a regular slider. It an option of the Billboard block.

Hi, i’m found bug in “Latest Post” block of Custom Page Builder: if parameter ‘offset’ is > 0 —> pagination breaks, because ‘offset’ rewrites ‘paded’ parameter in wp_query and we shall always see first pagination page

I fixed this in /wp-content/themes/bucket/theme-partials/acf-layouts/latest_posts.php on line 38 with this code: if ( $paged ) { $args['offset'] = $offset + ( ( (int) $paged - 1 ) * $number_of_posts ); } else { $args['offset'] = $offset; }

So, it’s only my site bug or it’s problem in ‘Bucket’ ?

Hi. We have fixed this pagination issue in version 1.3.0 (the latest). Are you using this version?

No, i was on 1.2.5 . After update to 1.3.0 problem solved.

Cool! I’m glad it’s solved. Regards

Hi there,

We just installed 1.3 and we can’t seem to get the tiled mosaic feature of Jetpack to work with Bucket. It just shows all the images in the gallery vertically in one column instead of dynamically making a mosaic. Is this by design?

Hi radbeet! That’s a problem that we’re still fighting to find a solution. Unfortunately author support didn’t helped us too much: http://bit.ly/1cz0Wzx But I will insist :) Sorry about this situation.


Like to look of your theme – but at the same time have a few questions:

1) can the menu be “sticky” / follow the user down as he scrolls? 2) Can I work with colors in the theme-settings to match corporate colors? 3) If not, how well do the theme support custom CSS / can I make a childtheme to get my own colors? 4) The review styling – can it be stars instead of a bar with numbers? Does review support schema / rich snippets for better look in Google Serps?

Is it possible to pay you to do the changes asap? If yes, what price range are we talking?

btw, there is a bug in your demo: http://screencast.com/t/m46IN1rsYvf

In Chrome (latest version on Win7) I see these white lines in the menu. FF and IE does not have them.

For Custom Work you can contact us through our contact form from our Profile. About that bug – thank you for noticing, we will try to see why it’s happening and find a fix asap.

On author.php template pages Bucket has extra whitespase at bottom of page. Problem is in ’.author’ css-class which generates in body_class() function and i think it coflicts with some class in Bucket styles

Hey and thank you for noticing us! We will fix it in the next update. Until then please try to add this Custom CSS:
body.author { margin-bottom: 0; }

Hey guys just wanted to say you guys rock and awesome support team!!! I didn’t know anything about wordpress or how to install and configure themes, the import dummy data is really easy to use, make it look like the one in the demo. Plus theme itself looks really good.

:) I recommend it to anyone, try it looks great!

Hope in the future you guys would consider incorporating buddy press or bbpress.

Thank you so much saabka! :)

Hey there, Love the theme, however I just updated to the latest Wordpress and the latest Bucket theme and now all the images on the site are missing. Is this a known issue?


Hey Nelga! I just checked your website and everything is fine. Try a few refreshes to make sure you don’t have any cache. Regards

Hi there… sorry I ended up installing a theme from a backup (so it’s not up to date) that seemed to fix most things, except the jquery masonry on the homepage appears for one second, then disappears (hence why I’ve got the list view on instead atm)

That’s strange – I recommend you to update using one of this techniques: http://bit.ly/updating-a-theme and if you still have issues please open a ticket on http://help.pixelgrade.com Regards

Hi guys, your theme looks great:) In price table column shortcode how can i open link in new window when i click on button “SHOW”?

Hey oligo! That functionality should be related to the WooCommerce plugin. I recommend you to create an account here http://www.woothemes.com/support/ and they might help you better. Regards

Hi I am looking for a theme for a client and they have specifically asked for the images to have text that hides away and pops up when you hover over the images, as per your 2 boxes over your slider. Is this feature available on other areas of this theme or is it just these 2 boxes?

Thanks. Leearna

Hi. This behavior is present in the billboard slider block and in the mega menu.

Hi, I’ve just updated theme to 1.3.0 version. Still no category filter in “Latest Posts” block. In the one of the old versions it was available, and we made it for one of ours category, to display it, with right sidebar. But we need it for other categories, to have latest posts in specific categories, as theme don’t have any other blocks with sidebar. As I’ve read the discussion, this problem is common for some users, and function is required. Are you planning to make available category filter for latest posts? Or how we can easy implement sidebar for our blocks?

Hi edvardasj – that feature was there in a version but wasn’t functionally. We’re still thinking about that – but as we explained – there is a problem to have a module “Latest posts”, which is supposed to display all the latest posts, displaying only ‘some’ posts (eg. from a category). We’re thinking to implement a new module similar with the latest posts one, with a sidebar, which can handle filtering – what do you think? (it’s just a proposal and we need to discuss it further). Regards

I understand, that latest posts module has to be for all post. So, the new module, should be fine, that could show latest posts from certain category and also with sidebar. That would be great if you could make new block.

I will keep you posted.

Hello, Theme looks great and am really wanting to make a purchase.

Just wanting to know one question before I do.

Can I set POST categories as items in the MENU?

For example I have a Travel category with sub categories of “Domestic” “Cruise” and “International”

so Can I set my menu to have “Travel” as one of its items which THEN has a drop down of the subcategories “domestic” “cruise” and “international”?

Hi. Yes you can definitely do this via the WordPress Menu Editor. It is a standard feature. We will not add those automatically. Once you have set your categories and subcategories (each must have at least a post in it) go to the Menu Editor and add the menu items as you choose.

Hi , Can you please help me with default image sizes to use within this theme i want to resize the images after changing to this theme.



You are welcome.

Hey, PixelGrade Team, Someone steal your bucket magazine theme, Please take proper action as soon as possible. His website is very popular, but I think they downloaded your theme from free premium theme providers. His Website Url: – http://www.igyaan.in Its a complete copyright violation.

Yeah Sure, When I checked igyaan.in first time, The footer is Like this – All Right Reserved to WPLocker.Com. If you didn’t find anything suspicious, Maybe I am wrong.

If they purchased your theme, I think they are also using same theme from nulled websites

Ok. I will try and contact them and ask them to give me the license they received when they purchased the theme on Theme Forest. Thank you for reporting this.


Just installed the template and imported demo data…

Now it gives me this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_detect_encoding() in /home/manager/public_html/wp-content/themes/bucket/theme-utilities/includes/vendor/simplehtmldom/simple_html_dom.php on line 1263

What to do?

H and thank you for being our client,

If you get this error, your PHP web server is lacking support for the function: mb_detect_encoding. Please ask your hosting to add support for this extension.

Thanks, George

Front page image slider does not render in Firefox, however works fine in other browsers. Tried to update to newest theme 1.3, did not solve problem…


Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com with this issue and we will help you. Thanks.

I wanted to find out if its possible to add a caption to a featured image, we would like to display a caption when the article is opened.

Hi. Right now we don’t show captions for featured images but do add it to our Forums in the Bucket > Feature Requests section.


Is there an option to hide the author name in some articles?


Hi. We don’t have a per article option for this. Cheers.

Do you have an option to remove it from all articles?

We will have an option to hide the author and date from all articles. If you want only for author you can use this Custom CSS Snippet:
.single .article__author-name { display: none; }

I hope it helps. Best

I’m trying to figure out how to change the logo hyperlink. I found what I thought was the file (site-header__branding.php) to make the change, but it’s not responding after I change it. Can someone point me to the right file?


Not sure if I understand – where would you like to link your logo ? Anyway – the markup of the logo is on that file (site-header__branding.php) on line 2 if you set up a logo image – if not you need to change the line 9, the ‘href’ attribute. I hope it helps.

Thanks. I just needed to add a trailing slash for better Google indexing.

“Hi and thank you for your suggestion! Yes – a category selector for Latest Posts module will be included in version 1.2.0 Thanks”

Has this been added?

I’m seeing that you said you would add it. You later removed it and stated that it was never functional.

I need this option or something like it. I need you to implement either: A. Latest Posts module with Category selector B. New module with category selector and right sidebar with the latest posts formatting options.

This is a necessity as the website this was used on absolutely cannot have a particular category mixed in with the rest. At the very least, I need a way to exclude one category. Please assist as soon as possible.

I was able to accomplish this with a third-party plugin which removes specified categories from the homepage. Unfortunately, it also prevents the Bucket Reviews Widget from appearing on ALL pages.

Hey Victor! An option for Latest Posts module filtering was added to the latest version which will be sent today for approval (v 1.3.1). This option will be very similar with the ones from Post Grid Cards, where you can select all the categories, except the ones that you want to exclude – sounds good? Regards

Can you check dli.ro/blog/

On article page after the article the social icons are a mess, they are all centered, should be vertical on a single line.

We are translating the theme in Romanian where to send the file to include in theme ?

Check the homepage, the Flickr has bullet style, it should be hidden by default …

Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with admin access. Also you can send the translation there. Thanks